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2011 Forecast - Cosmic Awareness

CAC Reading, December 1, 2010
Will Berlinghof, Interpreter
Joan Mills, Questioner & Energizer


Questioner: Would Awareness please give the forecast for 2011?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness is indeed prepared at this time to present a forecast for the year of 2011. This Awareness suggests that it will be an active year in all directions. There will be much occurring that is both of a very strong and positive nature as well as events that could be seen as very detrimental and negative. What marks the year for each and every individual is not the events that may occur during the forthcoming year but how they are received, and how much energy is placed on the events that are unfolding by those observing the events, either observing them in close proximity or from great distances.

This will be a year for many to finely hone their abilities to detach from the energies being experienced on the planet at this time, especially detaching from the more negative experiences and events that will unfold rather than to be swallowed up in them. It must be always remembered that part of what makes an event real is the individual's acceptance of that reality. The goal of many of those in power is to overwhelm the masses with hopelessness and fear that they have no power to change the events of their lives and that a steamroller will simply roll them over and make their lives a misery. This is simply the way of things in terms of the power structure and the intent and plans of those who are the Elite who are in power and have a hidden agenda.

The Powers That Be Plan Many Events to Occur

Many of the events that may unfold in 2011 are planned events in accordance to the advanced planning of those Powers That Be, those Elite, that cabal of forces that have long had dominion on this planet. This is why this Awareness is speaking to this issue at this time before It goes into Its forecasts for the year ahead to prepare one and all for these manipulations, the carrying out of the long planned events, for the Powers That Be realize and recognize as well that they too are approaching that crucial turning point, and that they too must get their act together for the final push, the final shove into that which is the energy of Ascension, that which is the energy of change and transformation that will occur in 2012.

Groups will develop who question authority

2011 will be a very crucial year for not only the Powers That Be who are attempting to consolidate their power over the masses, and to cement into place the stratified and solid conceptualization of reality as it is presented to the masses, but it is also a time for the masses to break free from this bonded attitude, this attitude of restricted limited thinking, and many will begin to do this. Many have started the process already but 2011 will see this continue and one of the factors that this Awareness is stating as possible for 2011 is the development of groups who are questioning the authorities, who are standing up and voicing their derision, their doubts, and their lack of acceptance of what is being told to them, and what is being presented to them.

In 2011 expect to see new groups emerging that are speaking out for common sense and for the release from a mentality of oppression and controlled thinking that is becoming quite commonplace. It is a movement that will gain ground in 2011, especially in countries such as the United States and other advanced nations, such as Canada, Australia, Great Britain, the European nations and many more. There are many who are poised now to speak out against the regimes that have held power for so long; this of course being the hidden regimes, not those that seem to be the elected officials, but the powers behind the governments, behind the United States government, behind the British government, and behind the European Union.

There is an energy of rebellion that will start to make itself felt in 2011 and this will help those who have advanced knowledge of what is actually occurring realize that they are starting to tune in very strongly to the alternative reality that will very much be possible for them as they shift out of the accepted realities that they have been part of for so long. This Awareness has often spoken of the need to realize that one's attitudes, thoughts and beliefs will bring the reality they are focused on into play, and into reality.

As these groups start to emerge, as a common attitude of rejection of what has been told to them for so long is accepted by more and more people, and as more of the masses start to question the rules and regulations that have been coming down over the last several years -- this will begin to confirm to many who have already been exposed to thinking that suggests that one's attitudes and beliefs will bring that reality into focus.

By seeing many starting to question, they will understand that they are truly part of the new front, the new wave, the new reality that will move away from that scenario this Awareness has labeled as the Planet B scenario and more solidly into the timeline-streams of consciousness that will take them into the Planet A scenario. This is all part of the unfolding of 2011 in terms of viewing and observing many starting to question what is and starting to turn to what may be.

The Political Situation in the U.S.

In terms of a more concrete forecast for 2011, expect the situation politically in the United States to continue to deteriorate. The president, Barack Obama, is now that which could be understood as a lame duck president. He has been successfully undermined both in his own party as well as in the opposition to his presidency from the Republican Party. It is seen that politics in the United States in 2011 will continue to fracture, and continue to break apart. The classic two-party system has now already begun the fracturing process, first through the development of an alternative ultraconservative attitude and group through that which is known as the Tea Party as well as in the Democratic Party, where the schism is more hidden.

The Two Party System is Starting to Break Apart

The two-party system is starting to break apart, which is not necessarily bad for the people of the United States who have been directed into this limited political reality over the last several decades. The fracturing of the political parties in 2011 will at first seem a radical thing that may not be beneficial, but this Awareness sees that it will open the door to a much freer democratic society, where others have a greater chance of moving into leadership roles, those who would truly be leaders for the people at this time. While this is still in its infancy, 2011 will see this move into a more adolescent state of affairs as more become aware of the need to question the political structure that has been in play for so long. This too is part of the rebellious attitude this Awareness has spoken to at the beginning of this forecast.

More and more will demand a true change in 2011

The rebellion will extend into the political arena seeing itself being played out as more and more question the way of things, the ineffective manner by which the nation is governed. There is a genuine need by the people to see effective government restored, a government that condones and supports the needs of the average man and average woman versus the very specialized needs of industry and corporations. This will continue in 2011 as more and more become politicized in their attitude that change must occur, true change and not simply the empty slogans of politicians who speak of change and yet only deliver the status quo.

President Obama has lost his "spark"

President Barack Obama most definitely won his presidency on the promise of change and yet in his term in office to date he has not delivered change, he has continued to support the status quo. It is seen that he would like to create a new reality in the nation but is shackled by those who are his Masters at the expense of his life and the life of his family if he were to digress from the path already assigned him. It can be seen in his demeanor that he has suffered quite a great deal already on a psychological and emotional level. He no longer quite carries that spark that he once had before he was elected president.

He has also been verbally warned many times of the consequences of any actions on his part to go against his own power Masters, his own handlers and he understands this only too well. Do not expect from this man any great acts of courage unless other events occur first that will give him greater latitude in which to act. Other than this, he will simply do what he is told at this time and this will continue into 2011. It is not seen, as this Awareness has already said, that he will make any greater strides forward because of his restriction of power, his lame duck presidency.

Hard Times will continue in America in 2011

In terms of economics for the United States of America, it is seen that the continuance of hard times is very much still present in 2011. That which is presented on TV and in the media of the successful return from the recession is simply rhetoric, as most people know in their personal lives. Many lives are still being compromised by the situation in the United States, especially around work and welfare. The welfare system will continue to struggle as it is trying to cope with limited resources and funds.

A more localized economy in 2011

Much that was for the Social Security system has been absconded, this being monies that were meant for the Social Security system; the old-age pension and other social services has been pilfered by those in power, especially through the Bush regime from their time in office. This has made it a difficult situation since then and it is seen that this will continue in 2011. What this will foster is a more localized economy, where people start to focus on their own regions of domicile versus a more international and national trade. It will be seen that many will start to resort back into local economies, support local businesses, local agricultural farms and workings, so that they can buy locally.

This will actually be beneficial in the long run, for as there are seen to be some major Earth changes coming, this will prepare people to survive at the local region versus having to have dependency on food crops that come from hundreds, even thousands of miles away. This is seen to be in preparation for even more radical changes in 2012, but it is not seen at this time as something that will be hugely detrimental. It is simply seen as a shifting in conscious attitude away from the way things have been and towards that which will be a more consistent, viable economic option to the local regions and areas where one lives.

Canada will fare better than the U.S.

In terms of world economy, it is seen that the G-8 nations will continue to struggle as they have been struggling for the last three years, with some nations doing better than others. It is seen that the nation to the north of the United States, that being Canada, will fare better than their southern neighbor but much of their woes will still be tied into the actual situation in the United States, which is their greatest trading partner. It is seen also a challenge to the government of Stephen Harper later in the year of 2011, with the possible defeat of the government at a time when there is a lack of support for the man and for the Conservative Party. It is seen that the Canadian people themselves are starting to feel frustrated by the lack of compassion from the Conservative Party for the needs of the individual in the country of Canada. Many will start to not appreciate the conservative government that is in power at this time, and 2011 holds an energy of opposition and rebellion against the government.

The European Union will continue to struggle

The European Union will also continue to struggle tremendously as various poor nations are declaring themselves financially bankrupt. This strain will work against the European Union and there will begin to be many who suggest that the experiment of the European Union is a failed experiment. This attitude of rebellion that this Awareness has sensed for 2011 will exhibit itself in nations such as France, Germany and Great Britain and there may be a call to disconnect from the poorer nations that are dragging down the richer nations of the European Union.

It is also seen that there will be economic stresses on the European Union as they see their currency deflated because of the unstable economic situation generated by having to support poorer nations that they were only too glad to absorb into the fabric of the European Union several years back. This will come back to haunt them now, for many thought at the time that this uncontrolled advancement, this unbridled lust for a strong collective of nations that would create a powerful European Union was not the right way to go and this will prove to be so in 2011 as the addition of the weaker nations will prove to be the Achilles' heel for the European Union. This will create even more difficulty in the year ahead.

China will continue to grow toward world dominance
(It may try to call in the debt owed to them by the U.S.)

The other regions of the world, such as the Asian countries or the southern Pacific regions with Australia and New Zealand, for example, that they will continue along the lines of that which has been the case for 2010. It is seen that China will continue to grow in its power towards world dominance in 2011. It is also seen that there may be attempts by China to call in the debt owed to them from the United States, that it will flex its muscles and this may cause some great international tensions between the United States and China in 2011. The true reason for the tension which would be the calling in of the debt owed that China took over from the United States may not be publicly divulged, and it may be presented as a military struggle, a military tension.

Problems between North and South Korea are manufactured

North Korea may even be used somewhat as an instigator of this tension. The problems seen recently between North Korea and South Korea are manufactured so that the tension between the United States and China can start to come forward, but this will all be played out with subterfuge. Do not fall for the reports that will come out in 2011, understand rather that this is all part of the old regime, the Powers That Be resisting that which is outside of their control, for it is seen that the authority and leadership of China is not under the control of the Powers That Be, the Elite at this time, and it is seen that this in 2011 may indeed come to a crisis situation, although it is not seen by this Awareness that it will lead to war. It is more a case of saber rattling, and the United States and China may be testing each other's mettle without the intent at this time to go to war. Thus, it is not seen that there is a situation of military conflict in 2011 between China and its allies and the United States and its allies.

Earth Changes Seen

In the realm of the Earth changes, this Awareness sees continuance of that which has been launched several years previously, primarily in weather situations, climatic change as well as the continuance of earthquakes and volcanic activities. It is seen that there will be at least two, perhaps three major Earth events in 2011 that will cause the death of thousands and the dislocations of millions. This is seen in areas of third world status more than in the United States at this time, but this Awareness still sees, as It has over the last several years, the build up of pressures in the seismic regions along the West Coast and also along the fault line that is known as the New Madrid fault line through the middle region of the United States of America.

Disastrous Oil spill in Gulf has Created Great Problems

It is also seen that certain situations due to the oil spill in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico will come to the surface. Much of the oil that came out was treated and did sink to the bottom, but this will create new problems and this will come into focus more in 2011, as areas of the Gulf are dead and will cause and create subsequent actions in climate, as well as the destruction of certain fishing industries, such as the shrimp industry, which has been very heavily affected by the oil spills. Much of this, of course, was hidden. Expect information to be released about the actual result of the oil spill, what really happened, how there were cover-ups to prevent the public from truly knowing what took place and how disastrous the oil spill was to occur, to come out in 2011.

New Technology and a Back to Nature Trend

In the region of technological advancement, 2011 will mark a turning point for many who have seen technology as the ultimate future. By turning point, it is meant that there will be those who will see that what has been is simply a precursor of much more in 2011, and it will be a turning point, a turning of the corner for many who see technology as the way forward. And yet for others this may prove to be the opposite, as there are many who are starting to turn away from technology. There will be those who try to return back to nature, back to a simpler time. It is seen, due to the rebellious energies of 2011, that there may be a new Luddite type movement of many who are trying to return back to simpler times, simpler more natural ways, connecting to the planet in more holistic ways than is the case now. This is also seen as part of the energy movement for 2011.

State of Health in the U.S.

In terms of medication and medical discoveries, and the state of health in the United States, it is seen that there is still much opposition to the health plans that have been presented by President Barack Obama. His health plans may well be held up, and may even be challenged in 2011. It is not seen by this Awareness at this time that they will be completely blocked, but do plan to see the opposition against the health plan that was passed recently. This seems to be part of the oppositional energies of the Tea Party and the new right wing element of the Republican conservative energies that are swelling up at this time and will continue to do so in 2011. This is also part of the energies against Barack Obama, the opposition against him, which is in some ways unfair to the man himself, for he is only doing that which he is being commanded to do, and yet it is part of the groundswell of opposition and rebellion that will make itself felt more thoroughly in 2011.

Third and Final Wave of Mummy Energies from Ra-Ta Experiment to be Released around March 21st, 2011 will Create Optimism

The year itself will also see the release of the third and final wave of consciousness from the Ra-Ta experiment in ancient Egypt, which is very much part of the reason why many will start to awaken, many will start to question, and many will start to review not only their personal lives but the status of the nation and the planet as well. This is seen to be available in the period of March around the period March 21st, around the time of the spring equinox. This could well herald in spring of 2011 a whole new optimism and hopefulness for the summer ahead and the year ahead. This will be very strong in the United States and many will feel very optimistic and uplifted, despite what has happened in the preceding months and what may still happen.

Powers That Be Are Losing—May Create New Terrorism

This is to be encouraged, to remember that the oppositional energies against the Powers That Be are starting to move forward, are starting to push at this final, crucial stage and that those Powers That Be understand and know that the opposition they are starting to face may start to become stronger and stronger in 2011, which is why they are attempting so strongly at this time to assert as much control as possible. It is even seen that in this effort to create the negative energies, there may be attempts to create another sensational terrorist experience, such as the bombings of the world trade building and the Pentagon.

More Intervention From the Galactic Federation

There is also seen that the energies of opposition from the Galactic Federation will intervene and thus, although there may be attempts at major acts of terrorism by those who are the true terrorists, it is not seen by this Awareness that they will be highly successful in their efforts, although they may still, even without success, promote further restrictions in the freedoms of the American people and the peoples of the world. This is all part of that movement in 2011, where many will rise up and say "Enough is enough!" and it is this energy that most signals 2011's energy as being energies of rebellion and opposition, as being energies of those many starting to wake up and starting to question what is the status quo. This is all available in the year 2011.

Rapid Personal Growth for Individuals who Think Positively

This Awareness says that the year itself for the majority of individuals may well prove to be a highly eventful year on many levels. It sees that the energies can be very conducive to personal growth and development if one is not swept into the vortex of negativity that the spin doctors of the current regimes are trying to spin. If one can stay outside of the energies of negativity, one may have a much better chance at seeing how powerful the year is for personal growth and development and how the planet itself is moving into the last critical stage before the final push to that which is the year of Ascension.

Don't get Sucked Into Extreme Energies in 2011

2011 will be a monumental year in many ways, but that this Awareness does ask for one and all to stay in a place of moderation and balance, avoiding extremes, although the year may well be a year of extremes. Do not be sucked into the extreme energies but to allow the positive flow to always assist and guide one forward in the journey of one's life. This completes at this moment this Awareness' forecast for 2011. It now stands open for questions from the Energizer.

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