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Cosmic Cycles -- The Founders

Sal Rachele
The Role and Function of ETs and Ascended Beings during the Changes

Read the Introduction and First message here.

Specific Prophecies

As for specific prophecies, other than the ones given above in the sections on sociology, economics and politics, we will not give these because they are largely a function of your free will. We will stick to the more universal cycles and describe how we see you as humans coping with the changes. We will spell out the most likely scenarios, but keep in mind that your free will prevents us from being able to predict with complete accuracy all of the intricate details of a particular situation.

You are gods in training, and we cannot paint the picture for you, although we can instruct you on how to hold the brush, what to do with the canvas, etc. We can show you beautiful paintings made by others who walked the path before you. We can give you ideas on how to make even more beautiful paintings in the future. But it is your hand that holds the brush. It is your mind that decides what to paint.

We can certainly look at what you have painted so far and from that, predict fairly accurately what you will paint in the future. Within the variations of free will, we can anticipate what you will most likely do next, based on your current level of awareness. We can say with relative certainty that about three-fourths of you will likely leave this planet and reincarnate on another world, while about one-fourth of you will “inherit” the Earth. A still smaller group of you will move directly into your etheric crystal light body forms.

We can say with certainty that your Earth will attempt to restore her balance, and in so doing will go through many changes, some of which you are already seeing. As the magnetic poles shift, the energy points and vortexes will shift as well. Your climate will go through many changes, partly due to the changes in your sun as it approaches the Galactic Shift. Although the burning of fossil fuels contributes to climate change, it is not the primary cause. It only aggravates the existing conditions. Nevertheless, there are many human-caused events that will trigger a correction response from Earth herself. For example, deforestation will be counteracted by things starting to grow in places where they were previously unable.

More and more souls will continue to awaken on Earth and this will stimulate even more change. The world will always reflect the composite state of consciousness of the beings upon her, in accordance with the law of cause and effect. Those that believe they are being punished will experience themselves being at the mercy of an angry Mother Earth, although in reality Mother Earth is merely restoring herself to balance. A lot of karma will come and go during this time, more rapidly than ever before. Souls will work through lifetimes of karma in a few years. Most humans will be forced to deal with whatever they have suppressed and denied. This is as it should be. It is part of the Divine Plan. All will be revealed in the twinkling of an eye.

To those that understand what is taking place, it will be a marvel to behold. To those in fear and ignorance, it will seem as though the comforts and securities of life are being pulled out from underneath them. That is okay also. Ultimately, every soul will get what he or she truly wants, but it might come at a price for those that refuse to see what is right in front of them. Whether or not decisions are made with awareness or in ignorance, they are decisions nevertheless. Very few souls will consciously choose to exit the Earth plane through illness, war, famine, pestilence, etc., but those who do leave in this manner will be manifesting the choices they have made on some level of their being.

The Re-Uniting of Soul Families

As you ascend, your relationships will change. Most of you came here as part of a soul group, or soul family. You have an immediate soul group that usually consists of 12 individuals, half of which are typically on the Earth plane at the same time. You have a larger group of 144 souls, approximately 72 of which are usually on the Earth at the same time. As you grow and evolve, you will complete more and more of your karmic lessons and have less and less need to keep creating karmic relationships.

As you complete your karmic relationships, they will either evolve into what this channel calls “co-creative” relationships, or they will dissolve. As they dissolve, members of your soul family will be drawn to you and your superficial relationships will be replaced with deep soul communions.

You will find that with almost everyone in your life, you have a deep soul connection. Some of you will form extended family living arrangements as a precursor to joining enlightened self-sufficient spiritual communities. If you are on the path of ascension, you might live among fourth density soul family members that are not ready to move into fifth density just yet, or you might live with other fifth density souls in small healing or educational centers, including ashrams and retreats.

It is likely that you will form joint partnerships and group cooperatives, both in terms of purchasing land and real estate, and in terms of sharing physical resources.

As the need for physical resources decreases, you will simply focus on sharing energy and ideas. Most likely you and your fellow fifth density soul members will be instructing fourth density humans in the ways of enlightened living.

Most of you will be in contact with your soul family members in the higher realms. If you have soul family members in the fifth dimension, then there will be a joyous reunion as you reach fifth density, because you will be able to relate directly with each other instead of in a spirit guide/human relationship. Your soul family members beyond fifth density will still be your primary spirit guides, but the connection will become more and more solid. Some of your soul family members will visit you in spaceships, if their vibratory rates are compatible with Earth. As mentioned earlier, ETs will come and go from the enlightened communities on Earth.

Those of you that are vibrating at fifth density will likely be the ambassadors for the fourth density communities of Light. You will have the privilege of traveling the stars with some of the visiting ETs, as most of the fourth density humans probably will be unable to sustain the vibration necessary to go aboard the ships and visit distant planets.

Many of you in fifth density will lead mystery schools and temples of wisdom in different parts of the Earth. You will likely travel between the various centers of Light frequently, sharing information and knowledge and helping link the various centers to one another.

When you are no longer needed on Earth, you will have the choice to go with your soul family members in spaceships to other planets in other star systems, or remain to enjoy Earth for a while longer. Eventually you will ascend into sixth density and your Merkabah light vehicle will become sufficiently developed to render the need for spaceships unnecessary. Then, finally, you will return to your seventh density “home,” and your return will be complete.

As you know, from studying the first e-book, that is not the end of the story. Once you reach 7th density, you will begin moving on an entirely different spiral of evolution until you reach 12th density. But that is another discussion for another time.


This e-book will be distributed immediately to those who are ready to hear the messages contained within it. Very soon, this e-book will be combined with the previous one and made into a hardopy publication. There will be a lot more information coming through this channel and others in the days to come, so this is by no means a complete picture of what is happening.

You are the true authors of the book of life, and the life you are creating is indeed miraculous and inspiring. It is our great pleasure to be working with you. We thank you deeply for your attention to our lessons, and we know these lessons will continue to impact you in the years to come.

We love you and your world very much, and we look forward to the day when you will take your rightful place among the Creator Gods of this universe. Only a tiny, tiny fraction of your potential has been reached so far, beloved Creators, and the learning process goes on forever, even at our level of being. Once you graduate from this universe, you will enter a larger and even more wondrous universe. You will never reach the end of God's Creation, for it extends into Infinity.

In the meantime, there is much to be accomplished on Earth. You live in a very difficult and dangerous time, yet you have God consciousness within you that will take you safely through the storm. Let us be your shelter in the storm, your rock and your fortress as you shape and create your future.

We hope this description of what is to come will stimulate you and help move you forward into a greater awareness.

The future is in your hands, dear Creators.

We are the Founders, with you always in the Light of the One.


This is the second e-book of material from the Founders. It was channeled during the fall of 2007. All of the material presented in these e-books will be compiled into a hardcopy publication to be released in late 2007 or early 2008. However, due to the urgency of the time period in which we live, my guides have instructed me to get this material out as quickly as possible to as many people as possible. In order to raise the funds necessary for a hardcopy publication, I will continue to ask ten dollars for each e-book. If you would like to make copies and give them to your friends and family, or forward the attached e-book, you have my permission to do that, but I would graciously ask you to make an extra donation for each soul receiving it.

For those of you that have not yet read the first e-book from the Founders, you can order it from my website (

At several junctures in the following material, the Founders refer to their earlier messages (compiled in the first e-book). In particular, they refer to the section on the history of the Earth (from their perspective). It is important to read “The History of the Earth.” In addition to the first e-book, the Earth history series of messages is available in standalone format in the “channeled messages” section of my website (

If you are not already familiar with the Founders, let me give them a proper introduction. Several years ago during meditation I began to be visited by huge blue-white beings of pure light. They are not humanoid, but resemble stars or balls of light. They informed me that they only come to Earth during the transition period just prior to and following the major cosmic cycles. In these messages, they go into great detail regarding the cycles – when they occur, how they occur and even why they occur. They state that the purpose of this material is to help humanity prepare for the times that are rapidly approaching. As you know by looking around and feeling the changes happening within you, we are already in the times that have been prophesied.

The first of the major cycles discussed in these messages, documented in the Mayan calendar and other places, is the precessional alignment of December 21, 2012. However, as discussed in detail in the following material, there is a much larger cycle that is affecting not only our planet, but the entire solar system.

The Founders use what is commonly called “telepathic transmission” in order to download their ideas into my higher mind. They state that they lower the vibration of a tiny part of themselves in order to be able to communicate in this manner. The information streams into my higher mind and is then decoded and translated into the languages of Earth in order that it may be understood by the conscious minds of humans.

The Founders frequently remind the reader that this is not an easy process. The ideas and concepts presented here are difficult to explain using the limited vocabulary of Earth's languages. Much of this material can be absorbed on an energetic level even if the mind is having a hard time grasping it. As you read these messages, pay attention to the energetic level of your body and notice what impressions you are receiving “between the lines.”

You can contact the channel at srachele2004 at with your comments and feedback on the material, or to schedule a private reading or healing session. For more information on the channel's services, please go to his website, and read the many articles and messages there.

Note: All years given herein are AD (anno domini) unless otherwise indicated.

Enjoy the wisdom and enlightenment of the Founders.
Many blessings,
Sal Rachele
October 2007

Read the Introduction and First message here.
[Full book by Sal Rachele:
Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders]

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