Thursday, August 31, 2006

Being in the Now -- Brotherhood of Light

We would like to offer you one last idea to chew on, to work out and make your own. Why do we, and many other metaphysical sources, focus so much on "being in the Now"? There are so many levels to each concept, dear ones. Superficially, you are asked to keep your awareness focused on what is going on around you. That is so you may keep all of your energies converged on a point of focus, rather than scattered as people normally are. Those mental loops that capture your attention, old fights and frustrations, current worries and future fears, all take so much energy that you cannot be in the Now until you break those negative mind habits. Those loops take you from your conscious mind into the subconscious, where all your faulty belief systems are programmed. Yes, you can be driving down the road and replaying an old argument in your head with so-and-so. Or you can drive and be enjoying the trip, the weather, the flowers, and looking forward to where you are going.

All of those negative loops cause your body chemistry to shift into a less effective state. Get angry at your mother-in-law, though she died five years ago, and your body chemistry will be adversely affected for six hours. Find a happy focus for your awareness, and you boost that same body chemistry into higher function for six hours. Until you have created better mental habits, you will constantly see-saw back and forth emotionally. This will not allow you to access and sustain a higher physical vibration!

So, a simple phrase like "being in the Now" has many layers of meaning. Yes, you could even assign it physical, emotional, mental and spiritual meanings! (Chuckles.)

At the physical level, it means keeping your conscious awareness and all of your senses focused on the current moment. At the emotional level, it means a conscious choice that you make to pick lighter, brighter, happier feelings, and disallow negative feelings to take control. At the mental level, it means both training your awareness to remain present, (rather thandwelling on past or future) and choosing a higher perspective from which to view all that is happening around you. At the spiritual level, it means appreciating all that is around you as being perfect, a second-by-second gift of life from Creator Source.

--Brotherhood of Light



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