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Perfection is all around -- Dyfonish

If you can imagine covering up the windows in your vehicles and trying to navigate down the highway you could probably make it but it would be very slow methodical and sometimes quite frustrating. This is basically what it is like running your physical vehicle without a clear picture in front of you.

To move out of the slower frequency one must allow the original creation to have a functional role, not allowing the unconscious emotions to control the decisions that you make throughout your life. A decision should be made with a creative purpose and goal of spiritual recognition that can only be obtained by clarity from the heart, which means of course without self in the way. When we say "make a decision for the greatest good of all" this is exactly what this means.

By letting any emotion or any of the senses be in charge of your everyday life experience is allowing the lowest part of creation to be in control of your life. Since you're here to rise above this whole system, you will become depressed until you push through this noncreative vibrational pattern and take charge of your own stuff.

There are so many roads that are taken in life with absolutely no purpose when you're trying to accomplish any feat. You make a decision not by allowing the emotions or logic to be in charge of what your goal is. Make the decision by what spiritual gain you will receive from this, not what makes the emotions, feelings and senses happy.

Shift your attention over to the real purpose of why you're in a physical body, which is learning to take charge of these different controlling processes that you have purposely introduced into your system. So you can experience life without these different processes controlling you and this is where your strength comes from. It comes from taking your point of power over the controlling factor of these systems.

Remember: you would not be in physical form on this earth plane if you were a weenie, only the toughest and the most advanced beings are able to interact in this most radical symbiotic condition of life force.

This is it! Think about this: what you are experiencing in this dimension on this earth plane cannot be duplicated anywhere in universal consciousness or beyond. You think the situations you're dealing with in this dimension are miserable and unfair. What it is, is just the opposite.

There's nowhere in creation where you can advance in understanding how physical induction into your life force allows you this experience with any more clarity. As soon as you switch your thought pattern into how grateful you are to be in this condition instead of how miserable you are, this is when you will take charge in your point of power. Which only means your emotions, feelings and senses are no longer in control (remember unconditional love isn't and emotion but an understanding, utilizing emotional, spiritual, creative and mental viewpoints). It's ok to have these but your ultimate goal is to not be controlled by anything except what you want to learn and experience.

This is the true free will, being freed from all the controlling factors that your physical being has been designed in its new device of clarity. Now I have seen where you have been exposed to the understanding that the only reason you are in physical form and I mean the only reason is to experience emotions, feelings and senses to a point where they are not in control of you. This is when you are able to rise above the third dimensional interlock of comparisons and see the true form of life experiences without all this control in your way. That direct line of consciousness is understanding the reason you have these blocks and be excited that you have this opportunity to understand and release these process. This is true growth in physical form in this dimension, in time and space, not the attitude of why is everything in chaos and what is the matter with this insane world? Nothing is insane except your view of reality.

Once you reprogram yourself to the real reality of a connected life form of stability, physical life will become complacent in its form and your whole physical system will relax into this new form and you will lose your combatant formula that you have been using for eons.-------------- once you realize that you're overcoming your challenges and this is the entire reason you are in physical form in this dimension and nothing else. The money, the food, the sex and the many amenities that are put in place have nothing to do with the real reason your in this form. So, why not focus on these points understand them and be in control, not letting them be in control of you. Once you reach this demise you have completed and accomplish the reason you have entered into a physical condition of this magnitude. This allows you to go along without any restraints, what a hell of a relief.

Living in a condition where perfection is always part of your reality completely changes your physiological and mental structure to where it starts operating in a manner it was designed to. Tremendous cellular shifts start restructuring and clarity becomes almost unbelievable, because the expediency on how this takes place.

When the first shift starts and the new cells start replacing themselves in group alliance with many multiple factions of awareness that allows mental and visual transformation into a vibrational pattern that has never been experienced in a vaulnated force of cell reproduction as long as human form was put into a creative process. In other words you are crossing over from the thought combination, to a physical compliance of true living physical anatomy. Because you changed your entire thought process, allowing the universal creative force to do its thing without you trying to change anything, turns the creative force that you have always had but it was in dormancy because of the lack of knowing how to use it.

If you are constantly seeing everything as a condition that is not in a creative alliance with the manifestation of the original thought pattern that was introduced from the beginning, your physical body has no place to transpire into so it ceases to exist. You return to your original state in a spiritual realm and then in most cases you try again. Now you have the chance to accelerate out of this condition and into the new vibrational patterns that are being introduced in the magnetosphere of the new higher frequencies.

This is why some of you are having some extended relapse of these new vibrational patterns with your physical body. Your emotions can be at some unrest until the complete new DNA has been tied together, understand trying to keep calm at this time is not an easy task to undertake. I suggest as you are feeling this strange and reactive feeling traveling throughout your body understand this can reattach much more eloquently if it is kept in a calm and quiet state.

One thing I suggest you keep your chacras in alignment. This will help carry you through each segment of attachments and some of you have been spending years experiencing these new DNA attachments. If you just keep patient for a little longer this will soon be in completion. This is the information I'm leaving you with until I can help again.

Thank you,


At 11:22, Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you sooo much for sharing this knowledge.I easily relate to the process of understanding the third dimension. My soul is not going to "try again later"...the time is NOW! Looking forward to hearing from you again soon :)


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