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Nature of Creation --The Founders

Messages from the Founders
Earth Changes and 2012
Received by Sal Rachele

Introductory material for the second ebook, received October 2007.

The Nature of Creation

Greetings, beloved Creators, we are the Founders. The events taking place upon your world over the next several years will have a profound impact on all life forms residing there. In these messages, we will detail many of the changes and explain them from several vantage points in order that you may more thoroughly understand what is to come. We will start with a look at the Creator's perspective.

In effect, this introductory message regarding the Earth changes will answer the question, “Why?”

The Infinite Creator created ALL THAT IS, including all universes, galaxies, star systems, solar systems, planets, life forms, planes, subplanes, dimensions, densities, laws, principles, forces, power, energy and of course, spirit. Everything is of God. Everything IS God. God exists within time and outside of time. God exists in all time frames, timelines and dimensions. God exists in the void, although the concept of existence is irrelevant there. Your language is inadequate to describe many of the aspects of God, but we will attempt to illustrate the parts that are relevant to Earth changes.

At some point this channel and others may devise illustrations (diagrams, pictures, tables, etc.) in order to more fully explain the ideas we are presenting. You have an expression on your world, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We will do our best to explain the ideas and concepts presented herein without the need for illustrations. However, once illustrations are provided, we anticipate it will be much easier to grasp some of the material.

To help clarify many of the points presented in this book, we will briefly touch upon some of the more misunderstood concepts among humanity.

The idea that God is masculine or feminine is a distortion based upon the limited understanding of the human intellect (and the intellect of similar races on other worlds). Nevertheless, it is sometimes helpful to think of God as having a personality and human-like intelligence, since you were all created in the image and likeness of the Creator. Since God is All, God is a man, a woman, both and neither. For the sake of the limitations of your language and simplicity, we will refer to God in this present lesson as “He.”

In the beginning (as far as your souls are concerned), God created not only the Heavens and the Earth, but individual souls to be extensions of Himself, in order that He might explore and experience His own Creation more intimately. These souls emerged in waves of creation.

Some entered the Creation near the point of conception, which this channel calls 12th density. Others emerged at a lower frequency known as 7th density. Most of you reading this material emerged during the 7th density wave of creation.

The first individual souls emerged from the Godhead billions of Earth years ago, as 12th density beings. They then chose to lower their vibrations in order to explore the outer worlds of Creation. During the early days of this universe, there were only a few dimensions, and the outer worlds were vibrating at what today you would call 7th density and higher. So these “ancient ones” often started their soul journeys at level 7 and gradually worked their way back up to level 12, maturing as they ascended. Once they reached back to level 12, they were like fully functional adults, having grown from a baby, through young childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, and finally as mature adults (mature souls).

A note to those of you unfamiliar with this channel's material. The difference between “density” and “dimension” is explained briefly a little further along in this book, and is also explained in depth in the channel's hardcopy publication, “Life On the Cutting Edge.”

Additional waves of Creation followed the birth of the ancient ones, with souls and clusters of souls emerging from the Godhead over billions of years to the present time.

Countless variations ensued, and while there were definite patterns to the emergence of souls, and mathematically precise explanations for much of what took place in the early days of Creation, there were always exceptions to the rule. Some souls emerged as solitary sparks of light, while others emerged in pairs, or 12-point clusters. There were some that emerged in large clusters and then broke down into smaller clusters as they descended further into the manifest Creation.

In the first e-book, soul clusters, oversouls, monads and other arrangements of soul emergence, were discussed. It is recommended that the reader already be familiar with the concepts introduced in the earlier material before venturing too far into this book. At some point we will delineate how souls return to clusters and group soul complexes (aka soul families), but for now we are simply laying a brief framework for what is to come in this book. Let us summarize what we have said so far in slightly different terminology.

Some souls emerged very early in the Creation (from the perspective of Earth's timeline) and have evolved into 12th density beings capable of creating entire universes. They are known as the Creator Gods. We are among the Creator Gods. A tiny portion of our energy has been projected down into 7th density, where we are able to make contact with our channels, including this one.

The majority of you reading this book emerged during one of the large waves of Creation that happened approximately 100 million years ago. In this wave, you emerged out of the Godhead at a 7th density level of vibration. You then had a choice of exploring the lower density worlds (below 7th density), or evolving from 7th density up to 12th density. The first e-book goes into greater detail on these processes.

At this time in your soul evolution, you have densified your vibration into third density and are now moving up into fourth density. Some of you are preparing to move from fourth density into fifth density. A description of the characteristics of each density is given in various stages throughout this discourse. There will also be a brief review of the “fall from grace” and its implications.

There are several Divine Principles at work in the creation and maintenance of the various universes and galaxies. Although many of the universes were created by the Creator Gods and not directly by the Godhead Himself, most of the same Divine Principles apply to these local universes. However, not all universes have what you call “free will.” That is a principle applicable to only a small percentage, including your universe.

When the Godhead gave souls free will, you could say it was a bit of an experiment to see how the Creation would unfold. Like any good scientist in his laboratory, the Creator experimented with many different possibilities. He commissioned us and others like us to engineer the DNA molecule, one of the precursors of life in this universe. After many millions of Earth years, we perfected the aspect of DNA that pertains to the humanoid form. Although God ultimately created all forms, we played a central role in the form you are now wearing. The purpose of this form was, of course, to provide a vehicle capable of experiencing, in intimate detail, the lower density worlds and dimensions.

As you know from prior teachings, the “fall from grace” was a free will event not anticipated by the Creator, in which souls became trapped in the lower densities. How did this happen? The intensity of the soul experiences within the incarnational process caused most souls to “forget” who they were. They began to believe they were bodies (and the personalities associated with bodies).

You that have forgotten your true identity have been slowly working your way back up through the lower densities. One day you will remember your true essence, your soul, and you will free yourselves from the illusions of the lower worlds. Without Divine Intervention, that day would likely be a long way off. And so the Godhead, in His infinite wisdom, created a series of Divine Dispensations, or decisions affecting the course of evolution. To help you understand, let us review the definition of evolution.

Evolution actually has two definitions. (1) The progression of intelligence within a given life form, such as a human body/mind complex; and (2) The progression of awareness of the soul from lower densities to higher densities. For the sake of these lessons, we will use these definitions interchangeably, but will make an effort to refer to the physical evolution simply as “evolution” and/or “mutation” depending on the rate of change of the species, and soul evolution as the “wheel of reincarnation” and/or the “spiral of ascension,” depending on the level of awareness of the soul.

There is a lot of confusion regarding physical evolution and soul evolution. Although there is no entirely accurate way of describing these patterns using your language, a relatively simple idea is to think of the physical form as a machine and the soul as the operator of the machine. The computer you are using to read these e-books had its beginnings in the era of vacuum tubes, magnetic tape drives and teletypewriters. The physical form you wear had its beginnings within the mineral, plant and animal evolution of what your biologists call “natural selection.”

The purpose of this physical form you wear is to give you a direct experience of the outer realms of Creation. As your soul evolves into higher and higher frequencies of awareness, it needs a vehicle appropriate to each realm it enters, just as an engineer needs a fast, sophisticated, modern computer, while a grade school student might be satisfied with a basic model.

There are seven dimensions that require some sort of vehicle in order to have a direct experience of them. As your soul works its way up through these seven dimensions, it needs a vehicle appropriate to each dimension. As stated in our earlier work, there are a number of ways of moving through the dimensions. In your third and fourth dimensions, you use the wheel of reincarnation, which is one of the Divine Dispensations described below. As you work your way into the fifth and sixth dimensions, you will utilize the etheric crystal light body, which is part of the spiral of ascension (another Divine Dispensation described below).

Before we discuss the Dispensations, it is important to reiterate an analogy given in previous sessions. There is a misconception on Earth regarding how souls attain Oneness with God. First of all, we are all One with God, regardless of our level of vibration. It is impossible not to be One with God, since God is everything and we are part of everything. The idea that souls ascend higher and higher in vibration and then eventually merge back into the Godhead is incorrect. The best analogy to explain this is the human birth process. You emerge from your mother's womb and slowly grow and develop into a fully functional adult, just like your parents. You might then go on to become parents yourselves, continuing the propagation of the species. As you grow into an adult, you obviously do not crawl back into your mother's womb.

Souls emerge from the Godhead as “baby” souls and gradually grow and evolve into mature souls. Once they reach maturity, they become like their God Parents. They realize they are part of the All, the Oneness of Creation, but they are individual gods in their own right, capable of creating entire universes just like their Parents.

Although you have free will within the lower worlds, you also have a glorious predestiny and that is to grow up into Creator Gods like us. Well, okay, not exactly like us, because every soul is unique and has a unique contribution to make to the Creation, but you get the idea.

Another concept that is difficult to explain is the idea of group soul complexes. As individual souls you have the ability to form an energy matrix with other souls in order to experience the combined energies of the group. In essence, this can be thought of as a way of working your way back up the spiral of evolution until you return to the clusters from which you emerged in the beginning. Again, this is not entirely accurate, but until you reach a certain level of awareness, you are hindered by the inadequacy of your language and intellectual minds to differentiate between group soul complexes and monadic/oversoul clusters. Therefore, it will require a diligent and careful process of explanation in order that you might grasp these concepts. We will carefully explain these ideas in the proper sequence at the proper time. However, the topic of this dissertation is Earth changes and 2012, and so we will return to our discussion of the Dispensations that have taken place upon your world, since this information is relevant to the topic at hand.

The Divine Dispensations

There have been several major Dispensations issued forth from the Godhead that are relevant to your progress as an individual soul. They are, in chronological order, as follows:

(1) The Answer to the Separation, or Fall from Grace

(2) The Galactic Shifts, occurring approximately every 108 million years

(3) The Precessional Alignment of the Earth, occurring approximately every 25,920 years

(4) The Wheel of Reincarnation

(5) The Spiral of Ascension

(6) The Mass Ascension

(7) The Interventions of God's Helpers during Major Civilizations

(8) The Introduction of the Highly Evolved Children

The First Divine Dispensation – The Answer to the Fall

As stated above, the simple definition of the Fall is “the tendency of a soul to identify with the realm in which the soul is exploring.” The answer to the fall and its resulting belief in separation from God, manifested as an implanted and imprinted program within the DNA of fallen souls. Without this intervention mechanism, the decision of souls to evolve would be left entirely up to free will.

Within a few million years subsequent to the emergence of souls from the Godhead, many souls had become so enmeshed in the lower densities that they might never have remembered their Divine Origin and made the choices necessary to extricate themselves from the bondage of identification with material form. Therefore, at the same time as the fall, there was already an answer.

In eternity, all time happens NOW, and so there is ultimately no lapse in time between the problem and the answer. That answer is a complex series of implants and imprints within the etheric field of each soul, in the form of a series of DNA codes and keys that trigger awakening at various intervals. These triggers affect the functioning of free will significantly. While it is still possible for a soul to refuse to listen to the Voice of God within (the soul essence) in favor of the voice of the ego (the part identified with material form), it becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the signals being sent from God through the activation of the ascension codes and keys. The Master Template of ascension is one of the implanted DNA keys. This template is activated during the fifth Divine Dispensation, the Spiral of Ascension, which will be detailed below.

Essentially the first Dispensation established a permanent link between the separated souls and their higher selves (the aspects of the soul residing in densities 5 through 12). While ultimately, this link is eternal and can never be broken, the time period (in Earth years) required for every soul to re-establish this link on its own would have been far too long to keep the Creation going in any semblance of order. As you know, souls tend to get lost in the intricacies of free will, and had everything been relegated strictly to free will, it would have likely taken a very long time for even the most basic of learning to proceed. So the Godhead decided to provide a special pathway back to the remembrance of a soul's Oneness with Source. This first Dispensation manifests in some souls as the conscience, or as a vague and subtle reminder that there is a better way of living than identification with the ego. It is what spurs you on and keeps your hopes up when things appear hopeless.

We will now discuss the Second Dispensation, which takes the form of a periodic cosmic event, or cycle.

The Second Dispensation – The Galactic Shift

The Second Dispensation is the Galactic Shift, discussed in depth in the following sections. The Galactic Shift is an emanation from the Central Sun of each galaxy that bathes the rotating and revolving stars and solar systems with a high frequency burst of radiation at periodic intervals during each revolution of the galaxy. In the Milky Way galaxy, this shift occurs approximately every 108 million years for stars and solar systems in the arm of the galaxy in which the Earth is located. Each time the Earth and her neighboring stars and planets pass through this beam of light, the dominant vibration of the atomic structures on such stars and planets is moved up to the next density level, through a process known by various names, including the entering of the “photon belt”, “stargate”, or “portal.”

Since there are no illustrations available at this point to describe the Galactic Shift, you can picture it as a spiral shaped like a spring or coil. As you move along the coil, you return over and over to the same point on the spiral, except that you are shifted into a higher position along the coil. When you look at your galaxy from a vertical point above the plane of the spiral, it appears there is only one dimension to the spinning arms of the spiral, but in actuality, the galaxy is much like the coil in that each time it spins, the vibration changes and you emerge at a higher point. So essentially, every 108 million years (halfway through one revolution around the central sun) a shift is made into a higher frequency of light. We will explain the time discrepancy between the Galactic Shift and the duration of one revolution of the galaxy, in the specific section on the Galactic Shift coming later in this treatise.

The Galactic Shift is a Dispensation designed to create an upper time limit on how long souls can linger in a particular realm without showing definitive signs of growth and soul evolution. Since God knew that not all souls would be ready to undergo this shift during its naturally occurring time cycle, the decision was made to transfer the “laggard” souls to planets in other regions of the galaxy to allow them more time to prepare for the shift. The mechanics of the shift will be described in detail in the following sections.

There are teachings on your planet that suggest that the reason for all the problems on Earth has to do with the “laggard” souls incarnating upon this world that were cast out from other worlds. To some extent this is true, since some of the souls incarnating on Earth originally came from worlds that were getting ready to ascend. Such souls were not ready to make the shift and were transferred to Earth as their planet of remedial learning. Now they are being given another chance to graduate, and some of them will make it this time. Others will be sent to yet another remedial planet for a third try.

In some rare cases, souls have failed to progress even after going through many transfers to more slowly evolving planets. It is not possible to postpone the Galactic Shift inevitably. Eventually all souls must go through the process. Souls that are unable to withstand the shift (and that have exhausted their transfer options) go through what has been referred to as the “second death.” The second death is merely a reassembling, or recycling of the soul matrix back into the Godhead. In a sense, it is like starting over from the beginning with a new soul matrix. Such souls will be merged back into the Godhead and then will re-emerge back into Creation at a later time. This is the only case in which souls actually merge back into the Godhead and it is, as we stated before, extremely rare.

The Third Dispensation – The Precessional Alignment of the Earth

The Godhead gave each planet involved in the Fall a chance to make periodic jumps, or mutations, within its species (humanoid and otherwise), by creating a way for a planet to align itself with periodic bursts of energy from at or near the center of the galaxy (smaller than the ones issued forth during the Galactic Shift, but powerful nonetheless). In the case of Earth, this alignment occurs once during each precession of the axis. The mechanics of the alignment of the axis with these energy bursts are discussed in the following sections.

Approximately every 25,920 years, the Earth goes through an energy shift that accelerates the evolution of the organisms present on her surface. As with the Galactic Shift, not all organisms will be able to make the shift successfully. Many perish (leave their physical forms) and have the opportunity to reincarnate at a later time on Earth, or on another planet. This brings us to the Fourth Dispensation.

The Fourth Dispensation – The Wheel of Reincarnation

When souls first started exploring the outer worlds, the bodies they entered into had been designed (by us and other Creator Gods) to endure for as long as they were needed. Once the soul had seen everything he or she wanted to see and experience within a given realm, that soul would discard the body and return to a state of pure spirit in preparation for the next journey. Theoretically, the bodies taken on by such souls could last indefinitely, and in the beginning most of them lasted for thousands of Earth years.

As time went along and the souls became more and more identified with the lower worlds they were exploring, their bodies began to decay and disintegrate at a faster and faster rate. Souls would enter into a lower world and in only a few hundred years their bodies would die. These souls left many lessons unlearned and many projects incomplete. Because they had fallen so far in vibration, it was nearly impossible for them to return to their home state (seventh density) without leaving pieces of themselves scattered throughout the lower dimensions. This is the process known as “soul fragmentation”, which is discussed in the first e-book.

To allow souls to complete their assignments and reassemble their fragments, the wheel of reincarnation was invented. Now souls did not have to return to their seventh density homes before incarnating again. In actuality, they had lost the ability to do so anyway and so until this Dispensation, many of them wandered, lost and confused, in the many astral and etheric planes surrounding the worlds in which they had incarnated. Now, with the process of reincarnation available, these souls and soul fragments could re-enter the world in which they had just left and continue their lessons there in another body.

The souls were allowed to reincarnate as many times as they needed until they had learned all that they desired to learn in that particular world, and until all of their pieces and fragments had been reassembled into an integrated whole. Once this integration occurred, such souls were free to return to their home state (seventh density) and then explore other worlds and other density levels.

The Fifth Divine Dispensation – The Spiral of Ascension

The process of reincarnation had many benefits, but it was highly inefficient because each time a soul reincarnated, most of the memory of its past lives was lost or obscured by the veils surrounding the lower density planets. Therefore, a great deal of time and attention was spent re-learning and remembering the lessons from previous lifetimes. In addition, the birth and death processes themselves created a lot of trauma and fragmentation within the souls. It was like taking two steps forward and one step back each time a soul incarnated.

A process was devised whereby a soul could evolve directly into the next density level without discarding the physical form. This made it possible for the soul to enter the next series of lessons without having to re-learn and remember, and without having to go through the traumas of birth and death. This process is known as the spiral of ascension. Unfortunately, until very recently, very few souls were able to go through this process because it required that a certain amount of karma be balanced, and a certain critical number of soul fragments be reassembled before the soul had enough energy consolidated to be able to make the shift.

Once a soul had enough awareness to be able to go through the ascension process, the preset triggers, including the Master Template, would be activated, causing an automated conversion to take place, converting the physical body to an etheric body. A similar process takes place as a soul evolves from the etheric body into a celestial body.

The Sixth Divine Dispensation – The Mass Ascension

When the ascension spiral was introduced, the requirements were very strict. A soul had to have nearly all of its karma balanced, all fragments reassembled, and be able to pierce the veils of forgetfulness (amnesia) inherent in the lower worlds. This was an arduous task, and until the Sixth Dispensation was issued in 1950, only about 300 Earth souls had managed to move off the wheel of reincarnation and onto the spiral of ascension. These 300 souls were the product of nearly 10 million years of inhabitation of Earth by humans. Many of these souls reached great heights of awareness, only to have their bodies be destroyed when the major civilizations ended (due to calamities caused by the ending of the precessional cycles, or by warfare, or from intervention by negatively polarized ETs, or by other celestial events).

The Sixth Dispensation was essentially a ruling by the Godhead decreeing that souls did not have to complete all their karma or assemble all their minor pieces before being allowed to ascend to the next level of vibration. The mass ascension resulting from this Dispensation is scheduled to occur in stages, beginning around 2012 and ending around 2030. These are only the major ascension periods being catalyzed by the shifts. Souls will continue to ascend between these major waves of ascension, but not in as great a number as during the years 2012, 2017 and 2030, years that correspond to major celestial events. These celestial events alter the electromagnetic field around the Earth, which in turn precipitates mutations in the DNA of humans and certain other life forms. A detailed description of how this works will be found later in this book.

When souls ascend physically, they enter into a fifth density state of consciousness. However, the Earth will be primarily in a fourth density state, and the majority of souls that survive the Earth changes will be in fourth density.

By the year 2030, approximately 15 to 30 million souls will be likely to have gone through physical ascension on Earth. As planet Earth moves into the more intense frequency bands of the Galactic Shift (between 2015 and 2035 as discussed later), she and all her life forms will move into the fourth density, with the exception of those going through the ascension spiral – they will be in fifth density. Souls unable to make the shift from third to fourth density will leave Earth and reincarnate on other planets more suited to their level of soul growth (this is the “transfer” spoken of during our discussion of the second Dispensation).

The Seventh Dispensation – Intervention by God's Helpers

To assist souls in preparing for ascension, and to help those souls not ready for ascension that wish to remain with Earth during her translation from third to fourth density, a Dispensation was granted allowing beings from higher densities permission to intervene in the affairs of humanity.

This Dispensation has two parts. (1) Instruction and help in the process of growth and evolution; and (2) Intervention in the nuclear, neutron, electromagnetic and chemical weapons programs on Earth.

In the 1940s, when human beings began testing the atomic bomb, it was evident that they had the capabilities of not only destroying physical life on Earth, but also severely retarding the ability of souls to ascend. These weapons disrupt the astral and etheric fields around the Earth as well as the physical, and they also affect neighboring planets. Therefore, ET civilizations with highly advanced technology were allowed to come to Earth to prevent humans from blowing themselves up with nuclear weapons. Since the 1940s, other classes of weapons have also been added to the list approved for intervention.

The decision regarding which weapons to neutralize was based on the principle of critical mass (not unlike the critical mass of nuclear material). At the time the Godhead made this decision, the number of souls that had evolved on Earth was now sufficient to warrant such a drastic measure. It was determined that the peaceful, loving souls on Earth that wanted to move into fourth density along with the Earth, as well as the ones going through ascension, would need to have safe havens in different places around the planet where they could be free from radioactive fallout and the electromagnetic disruptions of warfare. Only those weapons systems capable of making the entire planet unsafe were banned. Warring humans were free to bomb themselves into oblivion with conventional weapons, while the more enlightened members of the human race would be guided to safe havens.

This is the process taking place today on planet Earth. Your nuclear weapons have been neutralized on five different occasions since 1962. The Bay of Pigs incident near Cuba was the first such intervention. There were later interventions made in the United States and the Soviet Union. The most recent intervention was made in the fall of 2007 when a renegade group attempted to start a war between Iran and Iraq, or rather, between Iran and the occupying forces in Iraq.

This group attempted to launch a nuclear missile from within Iran. The missile never made it out of its silo, as the launch codes were immediately neutralized by one of the benevolent factions assisting Earth.

There have also been attempts by the so-called “Illuminati” and their black operatives to formulate and propagate chemical, neutron and electromagnetic weapons upon unsuspecting “enemies.” These weapons are a little more difficult to detect, but God's helpers, with the use of sophisticated clairvoyance and EM field surveillance, have been able to prevent any large-scale use of these weapons. There are numerous ET groups conglomerated around the EM grid system of the Earth, working to prevent EM weapons and other negativity from producing anomalies in the etheric field of Earth.

The ley lines and vortexes that make up the EM grid of Earth are essentially portals that allow the physical and etheric worlds to interface. Advanced civilizations use these grid lines as their entry and exit points into your world. These grid systems are what keep your Earth and its etheric counterpart in balance. If the grids are disrupted beyond a certain point, it can literally tear the fabric of time and space and make life on Earth not only impossible, but also disrupt life in the entire solar system. (Most of the other planets in your solar system have life in the etheric and celestial planes.)

The grid system of Earth can become imbalanced not just from nuclear and EM weapons, but also from large amounts of negativity (fear and other thought forms magnified due to large numbers of souls participating in those thoughts). That is why you often have “negative vortexes” in areas where a lot of souls are stuck in negativity. (Negativity, as defined here, means anything within consciousness that tends to obstruct or prevent a soul from growing and evolving in a natural way.) The emergence of negative vortexes due to concentrated negative thinking was another reason groups of enlightened souls were sent to intervene in the affairs of Earth.

The phenomenon known as “crop circles” that you see in your wheat fields is a byproduct of the grid work being done by various ET groups. As they balance and stabilize the grid system around your planet, they often leave sacred symbols and “triggers” behind in order to help you awaken. These impressions left in the fields are formed by creating mini-vortexes using ET machinery on board the spacecraft. This is the same equipment used to transport their ships. The specific group responsible for the majority of the genuine crop circles are the fourth density Pleiadeans, supervised by seventh density Arcturians.

The Eighth Dispensation – The Arrival of the Enlightened Children

Beginning in the 1950s, the Godhead realized that in order to preserve free will among the enlightened souls of Earth, it would be necessary to bring about change from within. The best way to do this was to introduce highly evolved souls through the incarnational process, as it was usually too risky to land spaceships on the Earth and have their occupants walking openly among incarnated humans (although there are a few groups doing this).

To use a metaphor, God raised His hand and said, “Who wants to volunteer to come to Earth and assist during this critical time? I want only the best and the brightest souls.”

“We will, we will!” shouted an exuberant crowd. And now here they are, coming in droves to your world, from all over the universe. Some have been in seventh density worlds prior to coming into Earth, and as such have retained most or all of their psychic and intuitive abilities. They are peace-loving souls who will not tolerate violence and hatred. They are aware of the risks of coming to Earth and are willing to take the chance that they might get caught in the veils of illusion.

There have been three waves of these souls – the first during the baby boom of the 1950s and 1960s – the second during the 1980s and 1990s – and the third during the present time on Earth. They have been given various names, including Indigo (the first wave), Crystal (the second wave), and Rainbow (the third wave). Each group coming in is generally more highly evolved than the previous group. This is to ensure that as the vibration of Earth rises rapidly, the souls coming in later will have a greater chance of being able to withstand the vibrations of Earth without losing awareness.

Many of the Indigo children are now adults giving birth to Crystal and Rainbow children. These parents have enough awareness to encourage the children to develop their intuitive and psychic abilities. Some of these children have perfectly developed telepathic abilities and are able to trigger spontaneous healing. A few have developed the abilities of psychokinetics (moving objects mentally that are close by) and telekinetics (moving objects mentally from a distance). Eventually some will learn the advanced techniques of levitation, teleportation and bilocation.

Contrary to information being circulated by some groups on Earth, very few souls have the ability to shape-shift into other life forms. This is an ability reserved mostly for souls who have evolved into ninth density and beyond, and very few souls from those levels of awareness are manifesting bodies on Earth anyway, as it is risky even at their level. What is being mistaken for shape-shifting is actually partial and full possession of humans by astral ET entities that have non-humanoid forms. There will be a later section dealing with possession of humans by Dracos, Orions, Sirians and certain Zetas.

Now that we have laid the groundwork for the discussion to follow, we will commence to describe the mechanics of the Galactic Shift (occurring between 1950 and 2100) and the precessional alignment (scheduled to occur in the year 2012).

We are the Founders, in the consciousness of God's Limitless Love and Compassion, ever at your service.

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