Sunday, September 03, 2006

Conversation of Mother Earth and a soldier.

Are you really Mother Earth?
Yes. I am that which consciously animates this celestial body.

Why do they call you Gaia?
It is a descriptive name coined by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Its personification seems to make that which I am more approachable. It allows us to be on a first-name basis with each other. I am not attached to the name. You can call my sentience by another name that is more pleasing to you, if you choose.

What is a "sentience"?
In this case, the consciousness awareness of this planet. That which knows, feels, and extends its into and throughout every particle of the physical and non-physical earth.

How is the planet non-physical?
Everything is physical and non-physical. The fact that you can see the physical nature of things does not preclude their non-physical nature from existing.

So if a planet like you can talk to me, does that mean you’re like God or something?
No, I am not. But you and I both have god-like qualities to draw upon, and the ability to communicate in ways that are considered para-normal instead of normal is one of them.

Why would you even want to talk with me? Aren’t there more important things you should be doing?
Everything that needs doing is being attended to as we speak. Sharing this moment with you is the most important activity at present. Combining my energy with yours so that we might discover one another is a priority for my sentience. It is called a prime directive.

Why do you think my sister wanted me to talk with you?
Your sister is concerned for your well-being. She is not content with your decision to become a member of the armed forces. She is afraid for you and for herself. She cannot bear the thought of your being harmed. It is equally difficult for her to consider that you might harm another, even to protect yourself. She believes that a part of her purpose in being upon the earth is to protect you. She does not think she can adequately do so in this present circumstance.

Why would it be her job to protect me? That doesn’t make any sense.
It does not make sense to your logical linear mind. Your sister in this life was your companion and comrade in a life that you shared during the First World War. In that life she convinced you to join the war effort, thinking it all a grand adventure – a way to see the world and escape the mundane. Neither of you survived the war but you died first. She saw it happen. Classically, she blamed herself. She made a vow at the soul level to somehow breathe life into you again. Her soul now overlights yours as well as hers – double-duty you would call it.

What does "overlight" mean?
It is like a responsibility for another, something like what you might expect from an angel. There is a part of her soul whose destiny is linked with yours.

I don’t think I like that. I don’t want anyone else to be responsible for me. It was my choice. I’m the only one that should have to live with it. Can you change it?
Can I? No. Neither you nor I can change it, but it is important for you to know that you have endorsed this. You simply cannot remember it being so at this time. There is purpose in every decision made at the soul level. Her soul’s protection of you is only one aspect of her life or yours. Purposes are multi-dimensional things. They permeate, saturate and transform life patterns. They cause evolution and expansion. They assist your awareness in recognizing itself as god-consciousness.

I could never think of myself as God. I don’t think I can count more than ten really good things I have done. What I am doing out here would not be considered God’s work.
Everything is God because nothing exists outside of God. War is the part of God that is unconscious to brotherhood. War is the part of God that believes it is separate from Itself. War is God without a mirror to reflect its opposite as Itself.

I may have to disagree with you on that one if it’s okay with you. War and God are not even on the same planet in my book.
Please disagree with Gaia as frequently as you like. Our time together is not designed to bring about agreement. My influence upon this moment extends only as far as presenting an idea for you to consider. War and God exist simultaneously upon many planets, as does war and peace, and God and peace. Nothing exists outside of God as everything has been conceived within the mind of God.

Why would God conceive of war?
God did not conceive of war, man did. But both concepts exist within the Mind of God. Anything that man can conceive of can be experienced.

If that were true, why would man have ever conceived of war to begin with?
Man was shown how to war by other beings that were not at peace in their own world. They brought their war to the earth. Man was innocent then and mimicked what he saw. Your ancestors believed they fought a war so God could win. To some degree that is still true today.

If we conceived of war can we un-conceive it, or conceive of peace instead?
Yes, but peace is not war’s opposite. Awareness in the equality and presence of others is. A conceptual answer to war must include all beings, all lands, all religions, etc. That is why it has not come to pass yet. Such a concept would also include peace of mind, peace within the family, etc. Some who protest against war wage great battles within their own minds and hearts. Others war with their neighbors and friends over the pros and cons of war, do you see?

Can we talk about weapons? There are some pretty wild things going on out here.
Yes, I am aware of it. The weapons your mind indicates disrupt the body’s integrity. Death occurs hours or even days after the soldiers have gone.

I didn’t tell you that, but you already knew?
Yes. I am well aware of what you cannot communicate but wish to say. You have offered your thoughts and it is enough.

Could this entire conversation be telepathic?
If your thoughts were consistently clear enough, then yes. But they are not. Your thoughts are like pictures. Some of them are complete and some are not. Because telepathy has less structure than words, it works best when it is as complete as possible. Your concerns regarding this subject extend beyond this moment. Your imagination has followed them into the future and examined many possible outcomes. Your concerns also extend into the dream state. Your dream state and your subconscious have retrieved memories and pictures from other times and places that remind you of your current situation. These real pictures exist within you as unresolved issues. Your desire for an end to the struggle through resolution makes your pictures very clear. Sessions such as these yield results for this very reason.

So what can I do about these weapons?
Not very much. You did not invent them, but you are enlisted in a service that endorses them. This was your choice. Your vision was not far-reaching, but your experience will teach you much.

I have been trained in the use of many weapons and I am willing to use them to defend my country and its freedom, but this seems to go beyond that. Who invented this, do you know?
Yes, its technology was first obtained by talented individuals who are able to vision the future, as well as an advanced present elsewhere.

That seems pretty far-fetched. Even if that were possible I wouldn’t do it, why would anyone else?
Many would say that they would not do what you are doing this day. Many would find your soldiering duties just as inconceivable as you find this activity, which is called Remote Viewing. Those who brought knowledge of this technology were first shown horrific images of a potential future that included an invasion from a seemingly invincible force capable of unfathomable destruction of life. They were then asked to find a possible solution to such a scenario. Is this so very different than the scenario that was presented to you upon your joining your present area of service?

I swore to uphold and defend my country. That is not the same. I came here to help end a war, not start another one.
Yes, that is true. But that is not the case with all who are associated with the subject of war. War is a concept first, and an event later.

You’re not out here. You wouldn’t know.
To the contrary dear youth, I am indeed out there, and have been for eons of time. Battles and wars have raged upon my body and bloodshed has seeped into the cells of the earth for many millennia. If you would close your eyes to this, at least turn them inward that you might see a greater truth.

I mean no disrespect, but I believe that I am here to help my country. Otherwise, I would not be here. I don’t understand why some people would be against defending their own country. Do you know the answer to that?
No disrespect was taken, nor could it be. My sentience extends beyond the reach of human emotion, but encompasses it just the same. People protest that which seems contrary to their beliefs. It seems to them that solutions beyond the need for weapons and war exist. It seems to them that humanity, an intelligent race of beings, might choose otherwise.

Maybe so, but isn’t that up to those we elect to high office? I believe there has to be a chain of command or a hierarchy. If not, systems fall apart. My sister says that even angels have a hierarchy. Is that true?
Those who protest believe that their elected officials are not upholding what they have sworn to protect. They believe their oath was to defend, not offend. These are beliefs, which are not better or worse than your own, just different. Beliefs are associated with judgments of right versus wrong. Beliefs disintegrate quickly when conflict discredits them or new information makes them obsolete. Even when viewed from the highest perspective they are temporary at best. Take care that your beliefs do not become master, and you slave to them. The angels do indeed respond to a hierarchy, but its arrangement is based upon harmonic structure rather than rank.

What do you think the angels would think about what is taking place out here? Do you think there are any angels here? Whose side would they be on?
Angelic presences are everywhere and they are non-discriminate. They do not interfere in humanity’s war-like activities, but they will intervene when both purpose and protocol allow. This means to say that if one’s purpose was destined to be inconveniently overturned, their soul might so petition what humanity would call a divine intervention. As you might imagine, the angelic realm is incapable of choosing a side, victorious or otherwise. Angels find battlefields pitiable desolate places where the hunger and thirst for survival rival the driest deserts, but as ministers, they do not judge the maker or the made.

Do you think God knows what I am doing out here? Do you think He will judge me right for defending my country or wrong for taking a life?
God, as the living force within all things cannot judge you or anyone else. God as the living being that animates all life knows only compassion and omniscience. God as form and function within the universe is as science and exploration. God as spiritual energy is indefinable and expansive, not untoward or unkind. God as an icon within religion and belief is what you deem It (He) to be. If you wish to be judged you will, and if you believe that you must, you will.

I don’t want to take a life, but there are enemies out here who want to take mine. I don’t know if their God is different than mine, probably not. I have been trained to do a job and I’m going to do it as best as I can. If I have to deal with the consequences of that later on, I will. I want there to be consequences. There should be consequences.
Consequences need not imply right or wrong. Much later you will have an opportunity to view and review your decisions and actions. More than likely those whom you have entrusted your spiritual development to will assist you in this process. You make further choices based upon the guidance you will receive.

Are you saying that I will judge myself? Are you saying that I will have to experience my choices differently? Are you referring to karma and what I might experience in my next life?
You will not judge yourself and neither will anyone else. These archaic notions will eventually fade away and you will be free of them once and for all. They are remnants of past beliefs and incarnations and have no real place in your current experience. Eventually, you will experience all of your choices and decisions differently. It is a gift to do so. Have you not wondered at times what another person has thought about you or your actions? Karma is no more than the opportunity to do exactly this. It is not a punishment. This too, is an archaic belief and will fall away. Your next life may or may not be related to this one. Lives are neither linear nor sequential unless they are designed to be experienced as such. That being said, you may one day be appointed the guardian of a fatherless son or daughter whose biological father was lost to them in a war, do you see? This is only an example and is not to be deemed prophetic in nature, do you understand?

I have had dreams in which all of the people who had anything to do with this war had to attend a special school of some kind. We started out on different sides and were then forced to switch sides. We were blindfolded and could not see what the others looked like. It was hard to tell each other apart. Sometimes we shot one another. We should have died, but we didn’t. We just kept coming back, almost as if someone had hit a reset button on a video game. Do you think there could be any truth to this dream?
No, not in your linear experience. This dream was symbolically arranged to describe to you that you cannot do to another what they do not first allow or invite. The special school you dreamed of could well be earth under certain circumstances, and the reunion one in which all are seen as different aspects of the same whole. One day it will seem so to you even if it does not today.

Will I live through this war? We don’t talk about it too much with each other, but will I go home in one piece? Will I go home at all? I don’t care for myself so much, but I care about my family. I don’t want to hurt them. They weren’t in the dream I mentioned, but I’m not sure if that means anything or not.
Your family was not in your dream because they did not envision war, you did. They are a party to your decision, but only in their willingness to uphold your right to choose. If you wish to go home you might begin by envisioning yourself there rather than here. You might begin to plan a future and to actively pursue it. Make this a moment but not a life, do you see? Be willing to leave those who wish to remain there behind, as that may very well be their choice. Carry them with you in life, but not beyond it. Be a companion and a contemporary, but not a casket of responsibility. It is likely that you will survive this endeavor, but only after you have examined all of the reasons you have placed yourself there. Allow answers to flow to you as easily as questions now do. Make all moments present ones whenever possible. Complete the need to experience war in this life and the battle is half won. Decree your desire to serve your country differently and you will.

It does seem very important to me to serve others. I can’t seem to imagine life any other way. I thought about becoming a police officer, and some of the guys out here have already applied for jobs as fire fighters. Can you see my future? Does it say anything about this?
Your future does not exist yet, at least not as far as you have placed your mind’s awareness upon it. If you wish to see your future you must begin to create it now. There are parts of your self that are not required where you are now. This is a bit of a paradox, and you must understand that your full and present physical awareness is required here and now to guide you through the turmoil of your present environment. But your true self is much larger and more expansive than you might now imagine. You past, present and future moments are layered much like a cake or a stack of pancakes. You decide and control how much syrup you will pour onto your stack of pancakes. You might drizzle it lightly all over, watching as it fills small holes and gaps, or you might pour it onto a concentrated area, flooding it with substance and attention and experiencing the change in taste and consistency. Your future changes moment-by-moment, adapting to the intensity and desire you add or subtract from it. Your past does the same, bringing memories to the surface so they can be re-experienced or allowing them to fade comfortably into the background. You have an undetermined future at this time. You have not allowed yourself the luxury of creating one, just in case. Begin now. Imagine, design, create, invent . . . and then visit it often until it almost seems to have place and form. From there you will be able to place it in time and call it your own. It will then be your future and you will be able to tell it apart from your dreams. I can assist you with this if you like, but you will need more clarity as to what my sentience is in order to benefit from it.

I’m not sure that I have understood all that you have said, but I think it is helpful just the same. I’m not even sure that I even understand what and who you are yet, but I’m closer now than I was before we spent this time together. I feel that I have benefited by this in ways that I may not be able to describe later on. Can you help me to understand what has happened?
You have been interacting with the sentience of the earth, an awareness very much like your own, but with extended abilities, at least in this present moment. This interaction requires and also causes you to expand beyond your normal state of being into a more self-aware, soul-directed alignment. This condition influences the nuances of your being to be more open and receptive than you are under normal circumstances and environments. Humanity often ties itself up in knots made of anxiety, fear, dilemma, and even curiosity. We have simply undone a few of the knots that have plagued you. It is now up to you not to remake them, for such is the tendency given humanity’s personality matrix.

How can I be sure I won’t do that? It isn’t like I’m not going to experience fear again tomorrow or never wonder if I’m not going home in a body bag next week.
It is true. You will still consider all of these thoughts. Might we agree that you also entertain a few thoughts relative to this time we have shared and perhaps a few more that take into consideration a viable and creative future? Surround yourself with a desire to continue the path of service to humanity that you have already embarked upon and then become the observer of that process as well as the observed and the observable. In other words, become the experience itself as well as its unfoldment. You see, you have been conditioned to believe in beginnings and endings such that when this interactive time is complete you may think that Gaia is no more, or has retreated into the background of your memories. To the contrary! Gaia lives brighter and more vibrantly because of just such an interaction. Your beliefs cannot banish Gaia and your fears do not diminish you. Allow this moment to continue to dwell within you and your dreams and desires as well. Let them be perpetually continual and active, without beginning or end. This, more than your beliefs, is closer to the truth that is you.

I’m assuming that you don’t have to work as hard with others. I imagine they have more important questions than mine. I know very little about life, at least when it comes to the bigger questions.
To the contrary, it appears that bigger questions present themselves to you on a daily basis, ones that you are compelled to answer in the moment and cannot put off until the morrow, which would only present them again. As to others, most of the bigger questions have already been answered, but no one pays much attention to the answers. Most do not prefer the simpler and truer route, preferring instead to live with their paradoxes and quandaries. The best questions are those that are asked by the heart and answered by experience. The worst questions are those that go ignored or are answered by another’s truth and not your own. The most important questions are not based upon the mind’s intelligence, but upon the soul’s ardent purpose. Be guided by the persistent and obedient calling from within and the response will always bring the fruitful rewards of wisdom without. In closing, I caution you not to tarry long in your present occupation. Its purpose is already near complete and your next beginning near at hand. Begin even now to seek fulfillment elsewhere.

©2006 Pepper Lewis



At 07:43, Blogger marion said...

Thank you Mitch, for today I am confused and looking for guidance to get back to what I KNOW to be right.
Are we not all this soldier?
Isn't it true that the gentle nudges of our heart are the ones which will lead us to the answers that embrace us and re-focus us,making us more receptive and directing us home.. .
The mind is soooooo busy and gullible and sooooooo ready to jump on any bandwagon of promise to try and get what it thinks it needs, blind to the manipulation, missing the deeper truth.
We are safe, lets listen to our higher self and reflect our light out to the world so they may see themselves as who they are, an individualized portion of our Creator experiencing itself in the joyous experience of individual living. I will return there now....
..may that blessed presence be felt by all today, specially by you Mitch, thank you!!

At 07:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words, Marion. Wishing you Peace of Mind.


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