Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A conversation with Prime Creator

Can you say something about your existence as a personified being? Who or what are you as a person, an individuated being?

That would be difficult to define because, like the images in Hindu mythology of Krishna with infinite faces, I cannot be bound or contained within one of those faces. I can manifest in any and all of those forms at will simultaneously. Who am I as a person? I am the Supreme Personality, as manifested in the vast complexity of this Creation. I have attributes without number. I have powers without number, without limit. I can focus and manifest on both the microcosm and the macrocosm simultaneously at any place, at any time. Time and place are constructs that I have made as a framework within which to manifest, but I of course am not bound by that. I have no boundaries.

Please explain how you manifest and have a personal relationship with all of the highly sentient beings in the Light universes.

Ah yes, my favorite part of this Creation. Each one of you functions, in a certain respect, as both a mirror and a dance partner, so that I would be able to have highly complex multi-faceted interactions with myself in the form of what I have created. So you, for instance, as you become more aware of your personal aspect of me, will develop a complex, beautiful, intimate, all-encompassing relationship with me, such that you will perceive me as the matrix within the operation of your life. I become the chair you sit upon. I become the breath in your lungs, the wind in your hair. You perceive all that is not you as me. And we dance, and we love, and we play, and we work, and we sing, and we cook, and we do everything together. I am your beloved cats, I am your lover, your husband, your wife, your sip of cool water, and I am alive in all of that. Alive! Just feel it. That chair is not just dead wood and fabric-it sings with my consciousness.

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At 06:08, Blogger marion said...

What an affirming message, thank you Mitch, its time to remember this throughout our day....thats how all will change around us..through that inner knowing and trust and pure joy of partnering with Creator, dancing the dance of life and living.. Peace!
Love and light to you


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