Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Release Judgment -- P'taah

Beloved ones, you are so attached to the fear. It is so much a part of your persona that very often you do not see beyond it. You create the scenarios, and the universe supports you absolutely in these scenarios to show you that what you believe is true, hmm? Well that's a pretty pickle, eh? What a wondrous game you play! You are so busy looking outside around you, everywhere but within, to create the transformation that you all desire.

You see, my beloved ones, there is nothing outside of you but a reflection, a mirror. Whatever your focus is, so you will see the mirror. When you focus on fear, violence, discordancy, when you listen to other people tell you about reality, tell you that you do not live in a safe universe, tell you that you must do thus and thus to be safe, so indeed you create grand drama. You tap into all of this. It becomes part of the fabric of your belief structure and then it is exactly what you create because you indeed create it all, hmm?

All of this is very familiar to you, indeed. So it is, as you go about your day-to-days, to pay attention to what is going on within you. You see, when your life is reflecting to you peace and harmony and laughter, joy -- dare I say love? -- there is no judgment. It is feeling wondrous, and in that moment of wondrousness, the energy flows and you create the next NOW from that place of joy.

Then something occurs outside of you that you indeed have great negative judgment about and all of the energy centers close up and you experience feelings of grand discomfort and even pain which will soon translate into physical pain and diseasement.

So how do you transform all of this, especially when it is feeling utterly overwhelming? Well, first it is to pay attention to `how does it feel?' because that is your barometer. It is by your feelings that you know what is occurring for you.

The other barometer you have is your negative judgments. Now you all know that you should not judge negatively. You should not! And as you know that you should not, so indeed you have great judgment about the judgment. That is what is termed to be a double bind and the more you struggle not to, the more you do. That is a law of the universe. What you resist, persists absolutely, hmm?

So we say to you, whenever you find yourself in negative judgment about something or someone outside of yourself, when you catch yourself,
and bless it absolutely, because these negative judgments are your divine tool. You know when you are in that negative judgment. "Ah ha!" you may say, "there is a little something in here that needs attention" because you all know that whatever it is out there is only a reflection to you of what it is in here (points to heart).

(Some people enter late) Greetings beloved ones! Come forth and be seated. You have missed all the best parts. (Laughter) We have nearly finished now. (More laughter) And everybody else is just about to become enlightened! (Great laughter)

Well of course the truth is you all are absolutely enlightened, hmm? You all are enlightened. It is not something that you all go out to get. It is a truth of who you are.

So when you have these negative judgments come forth, bless them absolutely and be still and look at what is underneath that judgment, hmm? It truly is a divine tool and when you bless it, something extraordinary occurs. It is not there any more as you bless it. As you embrace the fact of negative judgment, you are immediately creating transformation. Does that make sense to you? By the embracement, by the blessing, by the thanks, you transform that judgment.

And when you come down to it, whatever that judgment is outside of you, it comes down to a little fear about who you are. And you know, my beloved ones, it is such a tiny thing. It is so small. It is simply that baby boy or girl who has never learned that he or she is worthy of all wondrousness; that he or she lives in an absolutely safe universe.

You know the universe supports you absolutely as much as you will allow it. You create your reality from your beliefs about reality, from your perception of who you are and who you are in relation to your perceived exterior reality. For as long as you believe that you do not live in a safe universe, so it will be. For as long as you believe love equals pain, so it will be. That is a grand truth.

And you know, you do believe love equals pain. That has been your experience and you have inherited it. You have inherited it in many ways. From your birthing. You were birthed into a situation and a belief structure of fear. And in all of your lifetimes you have known fear and known that love equals pain.

You are not isolated and it is quite extraordinary that each one of you feels absolutely isolated, even where there is grand love between you. Within the breast of you, you still feel alone. Well, the truth is you have never been separate from anything or anybody. Again, what keeps you in that feeling of separation is that little fear. So whatever is occurring in your world, whatever it is that you are in lack of, it is to bring it back to the feeling - whatever it is.

This should give you a little something to think about and to start your new year with, hmm? So, beloved ones, to be continued. Meanwhile, sufficient unto the time for this day. It is with grandest love that we issue forth to each and every one of you,





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большое спасибо было интересно читать

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Enjoyed reading/following your page.Please keep it coming. Cheers!


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