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Relationships -- Matthew

December 11, 2005

Suzanne: Now for a real change in topic, a number of people are interested in your comments about sex now and what it will be later. These are from the same person: “Is there some addictive quality to sex that we need to be aware of? Isn’t sex and sexuality meant to be joyful, rejuvenating and a way to connect with God”?

MATTHEW: I am glad for these questions because this is a vitally important area for soul evolution. All of you are sexual by nature, whether heterosexual or homosexual, as an essential aspect of your souls and the choice of orientation in each incarnate lifetime to achieve balance. Your sexual aspect is generated by sexual energy, with androgyny being the ideal balance of male and female energies.

Sexual “practice” is totally different. In your population, this ranges from the sublime joy of sexual union in a loving relationship—orgasms are as close as you can come physically to feeling the Oneness of All—to unspeakable perversion of the sexual energy itself. The perversions are not “sex,” they are efforts to show one’s control over another through causing emotional and physical pain through rape or molestation of children and adults, torture, satanic ritual abuse, and death through satanic sacrifices and some murders. Behind all of these is the work of the dark forces, and obsessions with sex also are the unrecognized influence of those forces.

Along a vast scale between those two extremes of a loving sexual relationship and the perversions of sexual energy are the controversies about the rights of your homosexual population; birth control and abortion; sex education in schools; pornography in films and printed material; proliferation of sexually-based advertising; sexual promiscuity; sexual prohibition in some religions; young unwed mothers; mate-swapping; sex toys and drugs to improve performance; and even fashions meant to flaunt or promote interest in sex.

So to say that you as a civilization are “addicted” to sex and that most don’t understand either sexuality or sexual energy is an understatement. As you travel with Earth into the higher vibrations, the increased spiritual clarity will transmute the energy of the current preoccupations with sex as I noted into the sensual pleasure of sexual relationships within love bonds.

S: That covered some of the others’ questions, but not these from one writer. He has several, and I think they’re important.

MATTHEW: Mother, excuse me, please. I am aware of these questions, and they are important. They are from a deeply searching consciousness, and I want to do justice to my replies not only for this young man, but for all souls who are pondering much the same as he. Earth is a schoolhouse for experiencing the range of human emotions, and learning how to treat each other in relationships of every kind—families, co-workers, friendships, teams, colleagues in organizations—is why you are there. I’ll say more of this, but now, please type the first question.

S: What are the most important aspects of a romantic relationship for someone whose spiritual priority is being a light worker?

MATTHEW: Loving even more deeply when the full bloom of romance fades, shared values and beliefs, honesty, trust and trustworthiness, mutual respect, kindness, and clear communication are aspects of the most fulfilling relationships. When these are the components of a relationship, the two people are, in tandem and in harmony, generating light and thus automatically are “light workers.”

S: Does pursuing physical pleasure interfere with or prevent accomplishing a soul contract’s purpose?

MATTHEW: Not unless the contract specifies abstinence, and since sexuality is inherent in your makeup, this would be a most unusual contract. Physical pleasure is an integral part of a relationship unless illness or incapacitation precludes it, and when this is the case, the aspects in my reply to the first question can sustain a strong relationship.

S: Can a light worker have a successful relationship with someone who is not awake spiritually or ignores their soul contract?

MATTHEW: Regarding “awake spiritually,” since the universal law of “like attracts like” applies across the board, it is more likely that a light worker would be attracted to a kindred spirit when a lasting relationship is at issue. Few of you know your own soul contracts, much less another’s, so someone “ignoring” theirs would not be known even to the person. Often we have urged you not to judge others according to how you perceive their behavior. You needn’t condone the behavior, but please do not judge the person, who may be fulfilling his or her contract to a “T.”

S: How do you know when you’ve met a fellow light worker or simply someone with whom you can have a happy, lasting relationship?

MATTHEW: Feeling immediately comfortable with a “stranger” is the “like attracts like” law in action, so again it is kindred spirits connecting, but this applies to all associations and doesn’t imply a “happy, lasting [romantic] relationship.” Those are “works in progress,” so to speak—and please refer to my previous answers.

S: Do soul contracts provide for fulfilling, soul mate type relationships?

MATTHEW: They may, they may not. It depends on what the soul needs to fill gaps in experiencing or to balance previous lifetimes. It is essential that you feel whole within yourselves and not look for “completion” in another; do not look for a mate to fill a void that can be filled only within self. I think that “soul mate” has been misunderstood by those who believe only one soul in the universe is the intended mate for only one other. All souls have spent many, many lifetimes together in various roles, and it doesn’t seem reasonable that out of countless souls—to me, countless—only two know each other so well that only with each other can they have the ideal fulfilling partnership.

These questions about sex, sexuality, relationships, mates are poignant and important at this stage of your evolution, but as you rise with Earth into the higher vibrations, these and many other areas of uncertainty where you are searching for satisfying answers, will become knowingness.

We have told you that along with Earth’s changes that will restore her health and beauty, you, as microcosms of Earth, will experience inner urgings to change aspects of your lives that no longer feel meaningful, comfortable or uplifting. Some of you already have responded to your intuition to change jobs, residence locations or relationships. When those situations no longer “fit,” most likely your chosen karmic lessons that required them have been completed, and your soul is motivating you to move on to experience other aspects of your pre-birth agreement.

It is logical to ask: What of the children’s feelings when their parents separate to follow their inner voices? Do not underestimate the spiritual awareness of children. Not only do they have the emotional flexibility to adjust to a new arrangement when parents behave civilly, but they, too, need to experience what they chose. When family pre-birth agreements are made, the factors that will provide soul growth of parents and children may include experiencing the disharmony within the family that leads to separation and the learning situations for all that follow.



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