Wednesday, December 28, 2005

In Here & Out There: The Scientific Structure of Magic

I've been re-reading Wayne Dyer's mid-90's masterpiece Your Sacred Self: Making The Decision To Be Free these last few months. It's a book I enjoy savoring over and over again, chapter by slow chapter, and sometimes paragraph by re-considered paragraph. Much of it pertains to the principles of quantum physics and energy therapy. Dyer says:

"Particles appear to come into existence only when we observe them. Only when a conscious decision is made to view a particle, does the wave actually individualize and become a separate identity.

Our attention directed to the formless wave energy is what creates the reality that we call particle, or solid...or the physical world...The subatomic particles spring into existence and disappear, depending on the observer."

This is basic energy magic, and the science behind the oft-thought-trite idea that we are the creators of our own reality. When I first started hearing this phrase back in the early 80's in the human potential movement, like many others I thought "oh please! give me some hard facts!". But the sages and gurus and teachers who have been telling us this since forever, had quantum physics beat by centuries. Our "hard fact" sciences have only just caught up. The basics are as Dyer points out:

1. While our bodies appear to be solid, we are in fact, masses of energetic particles stuck together in one place. And even at that, we are not solid, this energy ebbs and flows.

2. The mass we think of as our physical body coheses together by virtue of the fact that our consciousness (another energetic mass) has decided upon this physical form as a focal point of existence.

3. The "reality" that is manifested around us is subject to change, based on the simple concept of A.I.R. Giving Attention to that which we wish to change, making a definitively stated Intention to effect change, plus copious Repetition of our attention and repetitive reaffirmation of that intention/s.

4. Change what you place your attention on, change the intentions you approach life with and reinforce this repetitively, and change will happen in your life.

A simple experiment will prove this point to you. Recall the first time a new pet or person from a place you've never been, came into your life. You may have gotten for instance, a Siamese cat, and decided they were the best breed in the world. Then all of a sudden, you find that you're seeing and hearing about Siamese cats everywhere. Not dogs, ferrets or hamsters, but cats. Not Burmese, Persian or Maine Coon cats either - but Siamese.

Ditto the person from a place you've never been to that you take an active interest in. Once you start hanging out with your new buddy from Des Moines, suddenly everything's coming up Iowa all over the place. Newspaper mentions of Iowa - Des Moines even, seem to be on the increase. You hear about Iowa on the radio and tv when you could swear you never did before. It's because your Attention is there, your inquisitive mind wants to find out more, setting your Intention to subconsciously go looking for mentions of the new interest. You do this Repetitively, many times a day and not suprisingly, the object of your focus appears to become more frequent in your life. You've just done a simple act of Manifestation in the physical. And this formula works time and again, equally well for changes in your self, your environment and the world around you.

Dyer goes on to quote Gary Zukav in The Dancing Wu Li Masters:

"What is out there apparently depends, in a rigorous mathematical sense, as well as a philosophical one, on what we decide in here..."

and comments himself:

"You can decide what is in here by facing a new direction. Know that what you are observing and placing your attention upon will affect what goes on outside. You will co-create a world of bliss and spiritual consciousness if that is where you choose to place your attention. This is science talking now, letting you know that the mechanics of the universe and your sacred quest are the same process."

Keeping your attention on desired change is the hardest part of making the magic work. Here's some help:

* Mnemonic aids such as daily affirmations, chanting and a regular practice of meditation help to embed your new intentions to yourself firmly in future memory...and thus into your everyday waking reality.

* Regular practice any energy therapy method will help you remove all the negative beliefs that you "can't" or "shouldn't" create a different reality for yourself. Once those are gone, daily practice focused using your Intentions as treatment affirmations will help you embed your new reality even more solidly into your everyday experience.

So what are you waiting for? Kwitcherbitchin and get busy! This is the formula to change misery to happiness and get what you've always wanted. Shift, turn and change into what you've always wanted to be.

This is both easy and extremely difficult, as life provides more than we want of diversions. But it can be done. It's how I crafted my broken spine into a supple willow, to its former "clinking, clanking, collection of collagenous junk" to quote the Wizard of Oz. I walk now because of this magic, and the determination never fight for my limitations, but instead celebrate and encourage infinite possibilities. As Richard Bach said in his book Illusions: "If you fight for your limitations, you will achieve them." Focus instead on infinite possibilities - and choose one of those to be your specific focus for today.

You can literally do anything you set your mind to! It's easy, it just requires A.I.R. - Attention, Intention and Repetition. Plus liberal dollops of love, wonder, patience and perseverance...

What focus will you choose?

--author unknown



At 18:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This ie one of the best!!! it just can't be this easy or can it? And so it is. Rejoice!

At 11:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is so good to have the internal guiding to attract us to encouraging, Loving people when we come to e place of feelings that dont resonate with our Intentions. I'm in Izmir Turkey and Bank of America has come out with some very confusing banking habits recenlty ,closing Debit Card 's without warning , sending Pin numbers that does not work attempting to undemind stability by putting peole on hold very long amounts of time while glaring Unplesant Music is playing in the phone line , I generally have a steady flow of loving enrgy , but it seems to fluctuate each time I im forced to speak to Customer Servants when attempting to get resolutins to conflcit they have created in the like fo flow of my funds , I try to see why htis is unfolding and what good is in it for me and all who is directly involved, So I'm here. I know not by chance but because I intend to be happy and get more money .

Love evelyn.

At 09:24, Blogger Mitch said...

Much Love back to you, Evelyn :D Thank you for sharing <3


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