Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lord Kuthumi on Aging

So you can reverse the aging process by investing,
not money, but energy and time, in healing your inner self.

Turning on the faucet to the Goddess energy to flow through you,
choosing positivity, choosing truth, lightness and love
and people will want to know what your secret is.

It is a fact that it works.

Take the time to research female masters and the adepts of the
physical world who have been on a path of light, and look at their skin,
they radiate, even if their hair changes in colour, it is still filled with
light, because the woman surrenders to the natural cycle of change, and that
beloved ones, is just another aspect of the power of the Goddess.

As a young woman, the Goddess energy holds a certain frequency,
as the woman matures in age and becomes a mother,
generally there is another frequency of Goddess energy,
and as she matures after that, there is another aspect of the
Goddess energy that comes into being. This is often referred to as the
Triple Goddess or the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone energy.

--Lord Kuthumi

The Light Weaver


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