Friday, January 20, 2006

Making the Shift without fear - Q'uo

Group question: We're wondering if there is any reason for us to be afraid of anything that's going to occur. Everything that we know is going to come to an end, as we know it, in third density. An entirely new fourth-density vibration is coming in, entirely new ways of looking at things, of doing and being. Is there any reason for fear?

Q'uo: It is with some degree of gratitude and thankfulness that we take up this question of whether there is any reason to have fear at this time in your planetary process. There certainly are great changes taking place, and, indeed, some of the processes of change have completed their pattern to a great extent. The outworking of the forces involved in the planetary shift from third to fourth density, in terms of activation and the interpenetration of third by fourth density, has matured nicely.

We have been pleased to see the degree to which your planet's people as a whole are increasing in their level of awareness of the planetary situation. This new level of awareness among what this instrument would call the grass roots of your globe means that there is more surface area, shall we say, for the light to shine through, which in turn helps the rest of the planetary population if it wishes to join the numbers of those who are awakening, making their choice, and creating for themselves the opportunity to graduate in service to others.

We are pleased, indeed, that groups such as yours all over the planet have enabled the third-density structure they do now enjoy as they have. It is extremely likely at this point that your population shall be able to enjoy uninterrupted and comfortable incarnations at the end of which lies the opportunity to choose the next classroom which you feel that you would best enjoy working in.

It is a very exciting time for your planet and for those of us who have watched your people through a great deal of difficult learning. We see better rates of awakening, shall we say, than the probability vortices of, say, thirty years in the past would have suggested. And we are humbly grateful to be a small part of that energy that has pressed towards the light, has called to the light, and has anchored that light in relatively undistorted form.

We thank each heart that beats, "love, love, love." Thank you for the unimaginable effort that it takes each of you to keep your mind, your thoughts, and your heart on the beam, as this instrument would say. It is easy to be distracted by very many things and we find ourselves applauding the efforts of each of you to stay awake and stay on task.

We can say unequivocally that there is no reason to have fear [while] phasing out the stunning changes that are taking place on your planet at this time.

One reason there is no need to fear these changes is that these changes are largely non-physical. As the questioner expressed the question, it was clear that the questioner was aware that they take place in the unseen realms, the inner planes. Therefore, while these changes are absolutely radical and revolutionary, they are not changes that will affect life as you know it on planet Earth.

Consensus reality shall reflect only shadows of these changes.

In terms of your living out your natural life, there is no physical catastrophe that is necessary in order to express the changes that the planet is going through. Humankind is another story in terms of the possibility of planetary disaster. The planet itself does not need to extinguish itself in order for fourth density to emerge. However, there is a troubling tendency within humankind to use violence and the expressions of violence of which your people are capable at this time.

The only reason for fear that we would see in the picture that we look at at this time is that tendency among your people to feel that it is possible to create a better situation than the one that is currently had by destroying people, buildings and the environments with your weapons of mass destruction. Enough of those weapons of mass destruction going off at one time could indeed remove life from the planet entirely.

Where in your energy do you see the desire to destroy rather than communicate, to blow something up rather than take the long and sometimes messy route of discussion and heartfelt reaction that results in creating light where there was darkness, love where there was bitterness, and so forth?

As you in your heart live, so does the human tribe as a whole live. And so we put this concern to you: if you have fear, let it be fear of your own human tendency to destroy. And see what you can do to create within yourself a heart that is genuinely, deeply committed to building up rather than destroying.

In terms of what is happening to the planet, the third-density planet Earth on which you live is gradually exhausting its capacity to offer an environment in which third-density entities can incarnate. The energies have been strengthened, especially in the last ten years or so, as we said, by many groups such as yours who gather for reasons larger than themselves, and you have in common a great love for the Creator and a great desire to serve the Creator.

This whole-hearted stretching and reaching for the light and this growing desire to learn the truth among so many of your people have greatly aided the situation as regards the strength of the field of third density at this time.

More and more entities, we feel, will find a connection between their own health, in terms of their spiritual health, and the health of the planet on which they live.

The key error among your peoples has been to forget that all things are one. It is a very simple truth. There are many, many ways to say this truth. But you are part of the entity sitting next to you, the entity on the other side of the world, the ground that lies closest to your feet at this time, and the ground of the entire planet. All of these energies coalesce within your energy system.

You are the Earth, just as you are the creation. The kind of healing that has this karmic tang to it is that healing into the realization that is heart-deep: that you are part of all that there is and that you are able to interact as a steward with the Earth around you.

The term, Earth, is not necessarily literal-for you may not live on earth. You may live in a high-rise or in a place that for some reason has no actual earth to it. Nevertheless, your feet touch, your hands touch, and your eyes see a physical world. Even if your environment is only one room, you can make that one room a room in which there are green and growing things, there is cleanliness and order, there is a sense of peace, there is an atmosphere of thankfulness, and there is a deep note of joy. You can make a home, not only for yourself but for all of the energies that interpenetrate third-density, consensus reality.

And this kind of opening up of the self to the awareness of the environment around you is that about which we are encouraging you to think. It is a simple thing to turn the mind to more of an awareness of what is around you. And once you become aware of what is around you, it becomes more obvious how exciting, how stunningly beautiful and how entirely original each day is, what a gift it is, and what an adventure it is to experience it.

Eventually, your planet will no longer be able to sustain the evolutionary energy necessary to live a third-density life. Once this has occurred and there are no longer any third-density entities dwelling on the planet, fourth density will indeed become able not only to interpenetrate third density but to appear.

We would indeed encourage each to take hold of life as the gift that it is, realizing that death is part of life, an outworking and a final stitch in a good pattern that you began in your mother's womb. We do not see this event as being one that needs to be feared at all. We see it as part of a benign and healthy pattern.

[These are selected excerpts from the January 2006 message of Q'uo. The full article can be found here.]


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