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Zeta Reticuli --The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
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The Role and Function of ETs and Ascended Beings during the Changes

The Latest Information on the Zeta Reticulins

There has been recent information going around your world suggesting that the Type 1 Zeta Reticulins (with short alabaster white bodies, big round heads, and dark almond-shaped eyes), and the Type 2 Zeta Reticulins (commonly called “greys”, with short spindly arms and legs, light grey mottled skin, big elongated heads, and dark almond-shaped eyes), have largely completed their missions on Earth and have returned to their home worlds. This is partially true, as there have been several sub-species of Zetas that have successfully bred with humans and extracted the necessary DNA codes and keys to keep their species propagating. While some of them have continued their race through DNA extraction, others have created successful hybrids by mating with humans, or transferring Zeta sperm into human females. They have been unsuccessful in their attempts to transfer human male sperm into Zeta females, due to the atrophied organs in both male and female Zetas.

As stated by this channel and others, there have been numerous breeding projects ongoing since the 1940s on Earth. These peaked during the 1970s and 1980s, and have gradually dwindled since then. Those humans who have been taken aboard Zeta craft and who have participated in the breeding program fall roughly into three categories. (1) Willing volunteers who are Zeta incarnates in human bodies; (2) Unaware (unwilling) volunteers who are Zeta incarnates in human bodies; and (3) mostly unwilling humans who are not Zeta incarnates in human form.

There have been close to one million human beings who have been involved in the Zeta breeding program at one time or another since its inception in the 1940s. About 30% of these have been willing volunteers who were invited aboard the Zeta ships and were briefed extensively before participating. They were reminded that they came to Earth and incarnated into human form specifically in order to help save the Zetas from extinction. While Zetas, like all sentient beings, have spirits, the spirits of the original Zetas were having increasing difficulty incarnating into the Zeta worlds, due to the atrophied sexual organs of the resident Zetas. This problem occurred largely because of an imbalance between the intellect and the emotions in the Zeta races, which created sterility and inability to function sexually. In essence, the Zeta intellect was overdeveloped and the emotional body underdeveloped.

Due to the violent nature of many humans on planet Earth and their intolerance of other races, the Zetas volunteering to incarnate on Earth were given implants designed to partially suppress their memory of Zeta. Subsequently, the Zeta volunteers taken aboard the ships to participate in the breeding program were given additional implants to suppress their memory of having been on the Zeta ships, before being returned to Earth. Nevertheless, many of them have recalled their experiences at a later date while under hypnosis or in deep meditation.

Roughly 60% of the “abductees” were Zetas incarnate in human form that were taken without conscious consent. The Zetas aboard the craft that were conducting the breeding program attempted to make contact with the higher selves of the Zetas incarnate in human form and in some cases obtained the consent of the higher selves to commence the experiments. Because the conscious minds of these subjects were not at a level of awareness necessary to willfully consent to the experiments, they were taken aboard the Zeta spacecraft usually during the dream state, so as not to frighten the conscious mind. After breeding, they were returned, with an implant to suppress the memory of the encounters. Many of these subject have later recalled the abductions and their conscious minds are often horrified that such a thing would occur. This is the most widely publicized group of abductees and one that creates a great deal of animosity toward the Zetas by those humans who are aware of this program.

While some of this animosity may seem justified, the Zetas' only intent was to save their race from extinction. They did not have evil intentions. They did not understand human feelings sufficiently to realize that they were causing a great deal of pain among many of the subjects. This is analogous to your scientists conducting experiments on animals without taking into account the feelings of the animals.

About 10% of the abductees were not Zetas incarnate in human form, but were humans having the majority of their DNA from other star systems. You could say, from a limited viewpoint, that the free will of these souls was violated and that they were taken by mistake. The actual case histories of these souls and why they were taken is too complex to go into here, but suffice to say that not all Zetas involved in the breeding program fully understood the principles of free will. Some of them could not tell the difference between humans with Zeta DNA and humans with DNA from other star systems. In most cases, all of the humans taken aboard Zeta craft probably had some Zeta DNA, but it could have been from distant lifetimes in the Zeta worlds, or interbreeding on Earth with other Zeta incarnates. Suffice to say that these 10% (approximately) of the abductees did not give their consent to be experimented on, and the Zetas accrued karmic conditions as a result of these “mistakes.”

Keep in mind, dear Creators, that karma and mistakes only exist within the lower four dimensions of Creation and are not ultimately true. Nevertheless, the souls involved in these “mistakes” have had some hard lessons to learn as they evolve into higher spiritual states of awareness. For example, some of the unwilling abductees came to Earth with a prior soul history of abuse and victimhood. Others were perpetrators in a past lifetime and needed to experience being victims in order to balance the lesson. The myriad of soul contracts, karmic agreements and lessons between races can be quite complex. We will obviously not take time to go more deeply into this subject here.

The Type 1 and Type 2 Zetas are minor players in the Earth changes in the sense that they are not affecting the overall Divine Plan all that much. The main aspect of their involvement with Earth that has significance regarding the Earth changes involves the hybrid races that were created out of their desire to save their race. While spirit is eternal and the spirit of the Zetas will live forever, the desire of the young Zeta souls to be able to experience their world in physical form was the driving force behind their visit to Earth.

Some of the hybrid races will go to the Zeta Reticulus star system and be incorporated into the civilizations there, while others vibrating at fourth density will return to Earth once the changes there become a bit more stabilized. Nevertheless, a few hybrids are walking among the people of Earth now and are blending in fairly well with the other humans. Many of them will survive the Earth changes and be part of the emerging civilizations subsequent to the major celestial events of 2012, 2017 and 2030.

[Note: Darryl Anka channels Bashar, who is a member of a hybrid Zeta-Human race.]

The Type 3 Zeta Reticulins are the rogue element generally classified as Zeta-Draco hybrids, and these entities have gotten a lot of negative press (with good reason). They seem to embody the “worst” of the DNA strains, in the sense that they are the least open to moving onto a path of enlightenment, and the most likely to cause disharmony and destruction in their wake.

In this channel's earlier work, he spoke briefly of the Type 3 Zetas and suggested humans would be wise to avoid contact at all costs. This renegade group will be leaving the Earth as the Earth accelerates in vibration, due to the incompatibility of the fourth density atmosphere and vibration with their dense 3D forms.

The Type 3 Zetas look a lot like the Dracos in their native state, but are smaller and walk upright like Lyra/Vega style humanoids. Their DNA is approximately two-thirds Zeta and one-third Draco in its overall composition, although obviously many have the DNA of other star races in them as well, depending on how their souls have progressed since emergence from the Godhead millions of years ago. So you see, dear Creators, it is not always that easy to simply categorize beings neatly into little boxes.

The Type 3 Zetas tend to remain in ships and rarely land on the surface of the Earth, due to their difficulty with Earth's atmosphere and gravity. If they experiment on humans, they usually bring them aboard the ships before probing, dissecting and extracting fluids to serve their selfish agendas. Their intention is to enslave the human race and use the slaves to mine the minerals of Earth, while observing from the safety of their ships and underground bases (which are few and far between). Due to intervention from benevolent groups, the Type 3 Zeta presence around Earth is more of a nuisance than a real threat, and as the Earth continues to rise in vibration, it will get harder for them to remain here even in ships.

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