Sunday, August 01, 2010

Vision of Self -- Twelve Spirit

Twelve Insight Journal ~ July 31, 2010

Your vision, your imagination, will either drive your world or the world will drive your vision.

In the one you are the leader, the guide, the director of your own circumstance. And if your circumstance is quite different from your Vision, then you will have to be a bit of a fanatic about it to make it become real.

If you have no Vision for yourself then what you see in your day to day life will drive your thoughts, and those thoughts will then become your Vision. You will simply continue to develop more of what you already have, and worse, since the ego is always focused on the negative.

Vision belongs to God and the Greater Self in you. Circumstance belongs to the ego. It is the ego in you that responds to and develops more 'circumstance'.

The Self takes responsibility for everything in your field: The ego blames everything in it's field.

The Self generates a Vision of better, richer, fuller life. The ego just whines that everything and everyone else should change except the ego.

The Self allows change to come from Source. The ego steadfastly refuses to change so nothing in the ego driven field ever changes.

So you must consciously create. And when you engage the process of consciously creating your world you engage the Source alignment process. The ego or habitual self, your karmas, all of those resistances will be stripped away because they cannot survive in the light of a world that you create from your Higher Self: In order for it to be you must align with Source. It is a partnership made in Heaven and in so doing you bring Heaven to Earth.


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