Friday, July 02, 2010

Alternative Realities -- The Masters

Ruth Ryden

“The afternoon is warm and you feel lazy, lying back and gradually slipping into a light sleep. A dream immediately appears in which you are doing basically what you have been doing in waking consciousness, but a little differently, kind of like a distorted vision. It is a bit strange, but easily forgotten when you awaken perhaps a few minutes later. What you have really experienced is a glimpse into your own alternative reality.
Life in the universe is a very complicated thing, and human beings are finally beginning to realize that there is much more to what they think they are than what appears. You realize by now that the essence, or small part, of the Christ Spirit resides in the consciousness of each living thing, for all life is connected to each other. In addition, each Soul Being who incarnates into human form also has more than one life form, essence or being, and often has many more, of which the human consciousness is generally not aware. Why? Because the parent Soul is seeking many experiences, many lessons, in as many forms and ways as possible.
When you hear the terms “third dimension” or “fourth dimension”, you understand in a general way what they mean. That understanding is just the tip of the iceberg. Dimensions have many layers, many spiritual doors and chambers. Each time you reach new knowledge of a spiritual dimension or force, realize that there are many sub-layers beyond that, and sub-sub-layers again beyond the sub-layer. Humanity has not been given the ability to gain or retain full knowledge of the physical and spiritual universe, for it would take an entire lifetime to even begin to process all the information. Instead, knowledge has been given, and is being given, according to the rising intelligence of human beings and their ability to understand more a little at a time. When humanity evolves into the new race of Light Beings in about a thousand years, the ability to understand the knowledge of the universe will rise to the level of the spiritual beings
they will still be.
An alternative reality is simply one of those sub-layers. You exist consciously in this lifetime in what seems to be a very simple and straightforward physical life, where things begin and end, start and stop; things and issues are either good or bad; people are good or evil. Your experiences, challenges and accomplishments are entered into your memory and knowledge is obtained from the lessons you learn. By your side, unseen, is another part of your spiritual self who is also living a similar lifetime, but perhaps making different decisions, going in different ways, reflecting the path you are taking. You may think of it as a twin who has the same opportunities but chooses to explore them in a different way. Does this twin really exist in your three-dimensional world? No. It exists in what we call a sub-dimension, created expressly to provide an alternative experience for your spiritual essence. To really confound you, for
many people there may be several alternate you’s living in separate sub-dimensions, all trying to walk your spiritual path in different ways. This seems to depend upon the strength and determination of the Higher Self, or the parent Soul. The Higher Self watches over and guides all of those alternate you’s at the same time. And you thought you had it hard!
These sub-dimensions are tied to your own (and their own) personal vibrations and frequencies very closely. Each of your realities pick up from the others the choices that must be made, the opportunities that abound, and the challenges that sometimes cause traumas of every kind. Then, each you decides how to handle it in their own environment. You cannot see the alternate you, unless you are extremely advanced spiritually and understand what you are being aware of, but the bonds are very tight.
Each of you in your own reality lives in a third-dimensional world just as yours. If you were to slip into that sub-dimension, you would find a world exactly like your own, except that things would probably be a little different. Governments might operate differently, homes might have different appearances, the money might be coins instead of paper, etc. In each sub-dimension, different choices have been made, technology has taken a different path and the mechanics of everything would be entirely strange to you. Even your body might feel or appear slightly different as organs would have a different arrangement. Come to think of it, are you the original, or the alternative reality? Actually, you are all alternative realities; all experiencing, feeling, learning in order to process information and love to the parent Soul.
Many ancient spiritual organizations have taught that life on this planet, this dimension, is an illusion. For most of you that has been a hard concept to swallow. How can that be, when you can see, feel and move around all the physical things that make up your life? Let us put it this way: The Supreme Intelligence, God, The Source, created all universes, all solar systems, all galaxies, all planets as a way of expressing the thoughts of creation that needed to be brought into physical reality. These expressions of creation continue to expand into new formations of every kind. The Creator uses the creations who have been given conscious thought as a way to expand the knowledge of eternal seeking. Each of you brings to the Creator the benefit of your own experiences and lessons, because you are all connected to the Creator by the essence of your very being. Now perhaps you can begin to really understand the meaning of being
“One”. The “illusion” is that all things exist in the Mind of God and can be, and are always being created, changed, and improved upon, even you.
It is difficult, we know, for the human mind to even begin to grasp the enormous implications of a Supreme Superior Mentality existing in total thought, existing from a time which had no beginning and will have no end. The Mentality is the totality of Love for all things, toward all things, in all things. It eternally reaches out to absorb all new experiences, to create beauty and universes and life forces to be expressed in spiritual and physical forms. Your scientists will never be able, even in the next thousands of years in the life of your planet, to even begin to see the end or the borders of creation, for they do not exist.
Human beings have a chilling fear of death, for most of you yet have not the knowledge of who or what you are. Life in physical realities and alternate realities is but a slight moment in the eternal time in which you really exist. You are all wound up in fear of every kind; of death, of lack of acceptance, of not doing the right things, or committing a sin, etc., etc. It is time to realize all of these things are but the experiences you came here to learn from. Every contact with another human being brings new knowledge simply from the inter-relating that is created by the contact. Even a simple hello and goodbye sets up new frequencies in the cosmos, to be absorbed by the Energy that is God. There is never a reason to feel as if you are not as good as someone else, for every one of you is a teacher, a contributor to the universe, your world, and everything there is! Every negative thought, every hurtful deed adds to the knowledge of the
universe; would you believe that? If a person who has chosen the wrong path hurts him or herself and/or others, the lifetime will be a miserable one; when it is over, the lessons will be very apparent when the spiritual self is given the opportunity to review that life. There can be no learning without a give and take; the negative experience which teaches that only heartbreak and pain are its fruits, the positive attitudes which help others see their mistakes and bring their conscious minds and beings to a point of happiness and evolution while still in the body. This is a planet and dimension that is vitally important to the Creator, for it is bringing new knowledge every moment to that Supreme and Loving Intelligence.
No, you are not the only planet of this kind; there are untold millions of others in the outer spaces that, even when in spirit, you will not be able to comprehend. The only word we can use to express the entirety of it all perhaps, is “Creation”, existing without beginning, and without end. Can you expand your minds and thinking to envision this? If you can, you will realize what a wondrous being you are; what an unbelievable part of the pattern of all things you are, as a spiritual being and as an incarnate human being. Fear is such a petty thing in your life in this totality of all things and you, with the knowledge of who you are, can easily put yourself far above and beyond the negative thoughts that exist around you.
How can understanding that you exist as many alternative beings make any difference in your life? As you let this knowledge soak into your mind and heart, you will gradually accept the presence of your alternative beings and begin to understand the glimpses of their lives in your dreams, in flashes of scenes or remembrances in meditation or just while walking down a street. The Guidance that you receive from your Higher Self is a combination of the Laws of the Universe and of what has been learned from you and all of your alternates, for what each of you is learning along the way is shared in this manner with the Higher Self, and thus sent back to you all in the guidance you receive. This is especially important, for you are each given essentially the same problems to solve, the same challenges, the same negative emotions and forces to overcome. Each time there is success in any one of these areas, it is shared between you all,
and you all benefit.
What about traumatic events you or an alternative you experiences, what effect do they have on the Higher Self? Traumas either pull a person apart or they bring forth from deep within a wellspring of strength and fortitude. When you or an alternative you experiences a terrible tragedy or the loss of a loved one in a terrible way, etc., the choice is there whether to give up and wither away, or to accept the finality of a part of the life and start again with the help of the inner strength and love that is always present from the Higher Self. If the person gives up and lives the rest of the lifetime in denial, it certainly does affect its alternate life-mates. Depression is often the effect that comes upon all of the other life-mates, perhaps in different ways. Usually, this hits without warning and without any reason that the person can perceive, which only makes it worse. Remember, learning experiences have to have both negative and
positive aspects, and this is another way, another challenge to be faced and met. When one or more of the life-mates overcomes the depression and faces life with cheerful determination, this gives the others a sudden lift and encouragement also, seemingly out of the blue. Isn’t life interesting?
We are always here for you and it is time to stretch your minds to a higher understanding”


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