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Ra on the Sun -- Maureen Quinn

RA, Egyptian Sun God: The Solar Eclipse

Energy translation through Maureen Quinn

From Maureen on 7-10-10:

I’ve read in several places that the total solar eclipse of July 11,
2010 may well be the most powerful day of the entire year of 2010. I
don’t know if that is true or not, but I do know that we are poised to
receive some potent energies with this celestial occurrence. This past
week, on the 7/7, I encountered a new energy desiring to flow through
me in conversation that I had not previously experienced. I invited it
to come in and was delighted to find myself translating the energy of
Ra, known as the sun god in ancient Egyptian times. It seemed quite
fitting as a prelude for this eclipse.

As I transcribed this message and reconnected with this strong energy
of the sun in doing so, I was reminded of a prayer that I was first
introduced to in Ralph Blum’s Book of Runes many years ago. I was so
taken by this prayer, called the Gayatri, that I spent several years
starting my day with its recitation and the accompanying
visualization. I will share it with you here. It is referenced in The
Book of Runes under the rune of Sowelu, which signifies Wholeness,
Life Force and The Sun's Energy.

From this book, page 140:

“Sowelu counsels opening yourself up, letting the light into a part of
your life that has been kept secret, shut away. To accomplish this may
call for a profound recognition, for admitting to yourself something
that you have long denied.

There is a prayer, known as the Gayatri, that embodies the spirit of
the Rune of Wholeness. Address the sun in this fashion:

You who are the source of all power,
Whose rays illuminate the world.
Illuminate also my heart,
So that it too can do Your work.

While reciting the Gayatri, visualize the sun’s rays streaming forth
into the world, entering your heart then streaming out from your
heart’s center and back into the world. This is a powerful and life-
enhancing prayer. “

May this solar eclipse illuminate many hearts and open us all to the
beauty of the Wholeness that we are.

~ ~ ~ Wednesday July 7, 2010

Ra: Greetings! I am the energy of your sun. I am the one you have
known as Ra in what you would call ancient times, yet they are not
ancient times to me. I am the energy that is the life giving force of
your planet and of your universe. It is time to awaken once again ye
Egyptians who have slumbered through many eons of time although you
have indeed had many experiences.

It is time to remember so much of the ancient knowledge that you have
allowed to become dormant within you. It is the time for awakening. It
is the time for waking up this knowledge. You have a grand opportunity
for this, for welcoming this, for inviting this with this eclipse of
the sun that will be occurring on the 11th of July in your time. This
is an extremely potent time for the planet. This eclipse is an
intermingling of energies that will magnify your potentials. It is
time for change on your planet. And there is very little doubt that
most are aware of this already. It is time to remember the wisdom that
was passed on to you in the early days of your living upon this
planet, the days when you were in communication with those who were
not physically residing upon your planet but who assisted in the
beginnings of this new world as it was then from the stars and other

Sun energy is vital life force energy. You are not remembering just
how much this is so. As you move into your next cycle, your next phase
of living on this planet as you who are on what you term this
ascension journey continue to expand, you will find that it is of
great benefit to you to begin to consciously work with the energy of
the sun. And I am here today to say that this energy is not an
inanimate or unconscious energy. The sun is a conscious being, as is
everything in this universe. Be aware of this consciousness and begin
to work with it. Begin to work with me. I am the sacred sun energy,
and you are divine and sacred beings who are far more than human. I am
the sacrament of the living upon this planet. Without my energy
nothing would exist. You have the ability to take in my energy and
allow the alchemy to occur that flows this vital life force through
you in far grander fashion than you have allowed in a very, very long
time upon your planet.

There are many in your ancient Egyptian mythology who are associated
with Ra the Sun god…and indeed know that is not my only name, but it
is a name that many, many of you are familiar with. Let us speak of
Osiris in this moment…Osiris who was considered Lord of the Dead and
of the underworld, but also Lord of the fertility of the land, the
Lord who assisted with the cycles of growth and vegetation of the life
giving plants, the one who was responsible for the cyclical flooding
of the Nile River, which did indeed allow for the fertility of growth
required. You will have the opportunity in the not too distant future
to speak with the energy of the god, as you might call it in human
terms, of water. This will be of assistance to you in your search for
ways to purify what has been polluted in your waters. But today I
speak to you of this energy of the sun and let us also speak of its

Osiris has been compared to your Christ with the resurrection story.
Resurrection energy surrounds both of these energies in many ways. It
is no accident that the term for the Christ is the ‘son of God’ in so
many religions. And s-o-n and s-u-n indeed in many ways are
interchangeable with each other here. For those who grew up in the
religion which espouses communion and plants a wafer on your tongue,
this symbolism is not only of the son in the sense of the Christ. It
is the sun in the sense of vital life force energy.

It is time to awaken now. It is time to know that we work together or
indeed we have the capacity to work together, which has been
forgotten. It is quite possible for you to heal all of your ills, it
is quite possible for you to regain the vitality and the rejuvenation
that you seek through interacting with this energy that you know as
the sun.

Fear has been implanted in you by many. I will say that it is the
potency of the energy of the sun that accelerates the tendency towards
disease in those with energy blockages who are primed and in the place
to develop what is known as skin cancer. This is not a direct result
of exposure to sun. It is a magnification of the energy of dis-ease
that is present, which is how all disease comes about. Do not fear the
sun energy. It will be becoming more and more potent as you move
forward, and so you must interact with it with wisdom and respect. And
yet if you can release your fear, you will find that it indeed also
may act as a gateway or a portal for you into new experiences for you
in this lifetime, but ones that are familiar to you in the memories
contained within your very DNA of what you have experienced

Osiris is associated with Sirius. You are now in the month of July.
You are indeed approaching the heliacal rising of your star Sirius…
when Sirius rises in conjunction with the early morning sun. This was
the Egyptian new year and it ushers in the very potent gateway of the
Sirius stargate known as the Lion’s Gate. I encourage all to go within
for direction as you approach this sacred time of year, this sacred
time upon your planet, for instruction…personal instruction on how to
utilize and interact with this energy that is so familiar to you and
yet which has been, much as religion in many ways, used to control
you, used to put fear into you.

Sun energy is the most potent life giving force in your universe. All
of you in the deep recesses of your memory within your DNA have the
remembering of how you have indeed worked with this energy previously
in other lifetimes and other incarnations and indeed in other places
than just upon this Earth. But you are residing upon this Earth in the
now and so I wish to point you in the direction of the healing not
only of your physical human bodies but the healing of your planet, the
healing of this Earth can and will come about through utilization of
this sun energy as you know it and as you call it.

Your solar eclipse is a wake up invitation. Spend it wisely. It is a
day for much internal communication and communion. And allow the
energy of this great solar entity and being that so dearly loves you
to be a part of your own opening. Invite this in.

I would be willing to entertain a question or two specific to the
solar eclipse or what I have spoken of if there are any in your now

Participant: I’m not sure how to phrase this, but you’ve spoken of
being able to tap into our knowledge and the wisdom of the past that
we’ve experienced. Do you have any suggestions in terms of how one
might go about that other than what you said about going internally?
I’m not much into processes. You know, standing on your head and
pointing to Mecca or something. (laughter) But nonetheless, is there
something that we can do that would help us individually tap into some
of that wisdom and knowledge?

Ra: Many are drawn to what they term meditation. I am not saying that
meditation is a necessity. I am saying that inner quiet, inner
stillness, and filtering out the distractions of the world around you,
which is not always easy for many who are immersed in the chaotic
energies of what you term 3D living on this planet, is. Those of you
who have been seeking this expansion, seeking this ascension as you
call it, for so long now, have become better at disconnecting from the
chaotic energy. So I would encourage you to spend…whether you call it
quiet time, stillness or meditation…spend this time in sunlight. For
many on this planet who live in this northern hemisphere, it is your
time of summer when sun energy is readily available to you. You are
not meant to overdose yourselves on this. You are not meant to burn
yourselves with this powerful potent energy, but so many have learned
to fear the sun. So many slather themselves in sunscreen to block the
rays simply when they spend 10 minutes outdoors under the sun. I would
encourage you to move away from this fear. Be prudent. There is wisdom
in your skin biology. Some of you can soak up much more sun than
others. Some of you can take in far less than others, and I refer to
the one who is giving voice to my words in the now. (laughter) She is
quite aware that her soaking up of the sun does not result in the
brown skin you call a tan! And yet, she loves the sun. So you see, you
must each find your personal absorbability rate you might say. You can
increase this, even those of you with fair pale skin, but it must be
done in increments. You need the sunlight. You are very aware that
your scientists have discovered what they call Vitamin D which is made
in your bodies. This is much like photosynthesis. This process
requires sunlight to manufacture this very important element within
your body. And you are aware that those in the parts of the world
where sunshine is not readily available at certain times of the year
can frequently suffer from a disorder that is directly caused by a
diminished exposure to sunlight. So to answer your question I would
say start with becoming consciously aware that you have the ability to
interact with the energy of the sun. It is not, as I have said, an
inanimate something upon your planet. It is a living, life force
giving being that wishes to interact with you. As you do this and take
this still time in the sunlight, you’ll find that this assists you in
opening up the portals within your biology and within your DNA that
hold the memories. You do not need to stand on your head and point
towards Mecca. (laughter) And yet you will find that as you
consciously seek this communion, you will feel directions come from
within yourself. This is what I would tell you to listen to. If you
feel the pull to immerse yourself in water at the same time that you
are communing with the energy of the sunlight, follow that guidance.
Follow that pull. It has been said to you previously in conversations
that the alchemy that you desire is quite frequently catalyzed by
light and by water, and I would have to add that your crystal beings,
your friends of the crystal kingdom, are quite potent assistors in
this process if you can engage their assistance as you work with the
light and the water energy, even if you do not immerse yourselves
physically in water…though there is indeed much power in sunlight and
ocean, which is a bit more potent than the sunlight in lake waters or
rivers, and yet all water energy will assist.

There is a coalescence that occurs with sunlight and water that is
waiting to be tapped into. Your crystal beings share a common
denominator with both the sun energy and the water energy. And so as
you interact with crystals, particularly crystals in sunlight and
crystals immersed in water, it will assist you in activating the
crystalline light and water energy within your own biology. This is
what will catalyze your own remembering. This is what will assist you
in initiating this opening that you so desire. As will this very
potent energy upcoming with your solar eclipse. I encourage all with
this eclipse to find a way to consciously interact with the sun and
eclipse energies. Many of you are not going to be able to see it with
your physical eyes…the eclipse simply does not work that way on your
planet with the logistics of what is happening…yet the energy is felt
everywhere on your planet. It would be a good day to do something to
consciously mark this event. To celebrate, yes! Party, yes! But party
in communion with your own soul, for your soul is so much bigger than
what is contained in your physical biology. Your soul connects you to
the energy of the sun. It connects you to all the other realms that
you have experienced life on. And so much of this life has been
connected to that of sun energy.

And for all those pale skinned beings who do not have the pigmentation
so it seems to absorb as much of the energy as others with darker skin
do, I would say to you be aware that your relationship with the sun is
changing, just as your biology is changing. This does not mean you
will immediately be able to spend many hours in direct sunlight when
you have never been able to do this before, but it does mean that you
will begin increasing your ability to expose yourself to the sun. And
be aware that in many ways those of you with the pale skin that burns
so easily…you have chosen this particular biology in some ways as a
safeguard for you because your inner receptors to sunlight are so
sensitive that you could easily…how to say it?...incinerate your
circuitry energetically, with too much exposure! And so trust what you
have chosen for your biology in this lifetime. As you are aware, you
have all been many different races. You have all been many different
skin colors. You have all had different degrees of being able to
absorb sunlight in your different incarnations, all with good reason…
all with purpose.

Embrace who you are in this now moment, both in biology and in the
bigger picture of all of your soul level experiences. It is on the
energy of the sun that you flow so many of those rivers of energy
streams that you have come to know. Several of those present here
today were blessed with the symbol of a kestrel as you call it, a
Merlin hawk flying by the other day. Are you aware that while this
particular hawk is associated with Merlin, the hawk is also a symbol
of Osiris which directly would then flow back to being connected to
the energy of Ra…the energy of the sun?

You might say that your Merlin is indeed a part of the flow of the
energy of the sun god. When this Voice I speak through first began
being able to feel the energy of this one who is now called Merlin,
she identified this one as a ‘White Light Being.’ That is not an
accident. There is much white light connected with the sun and much
white light that flows through this one you know as Merlin. Much white
light flows through the energy you are communicating with in this now
moment of time.

And so you see as you open to your own communication, interaction, and
merging with the energy of the sun, it will assist in opening up your
own ability to feel and identify the different energy streams that
make up you…the different energy streams that you yourself flow. All
of you flow the energy of the sun. You simply have not been aware of
the manner in which this works. You have not, most have not, been
aware of the sun as a living entity. As you move forward individually
and as a planet, your relationship and association with the sun will
have increasing importance. And those of you who are ready to begin
working with me, who are ready to begin allowing my energy to assist
in your awakening, you will find that this energy is the gateway to
the new world you have been seeking. It is called the Golden Era, is
it not?...the Golden Age that is upon you? Well, you have white light
and you have golden light. Golden light is very much a part of the
energy that I emanate also. Just think of your sunset on the water…
that golden light…that magical mingling of sun and water energy. This
is what you are opening to. This is what you are moving into. Embrace
it. Celebrate it.

Is there anything else?

Participant: I would just offer up my gratitude and appreciation for
the message today. I find it a paradox that the very thing that people
fear in sunlight is the very thing that will lead them to the Golden
Era. I find that to be a very interesting paradox and I appreciate you
sharing that. And I also would like to acknowledge my appreciation for
the Voice today. So thank you very much…both of you!

Ra: And we both appreciate your acknowledgement and thanks. You are
very dearly loved. I would add with what you have said…there is so
much upon your planet that is a paradox. This is part of duality in so
many ways. But what you have feared, what you have been taught to
fear, what you have been programmed to fear, will indeed be your
source of liberation when you allow it to be so. It is quite true that
there will come a time when your human biology will not need to ingest
food products as you know them in order to generate energy, in order
to maintain vitality in biology. The time is approaching where all of
your requirements for nourishing and energizing your biology may be
met through interaction with sun energy. Now most are not there yet,
and yet…

Participant: There was a thing on the news recently about this guy in
India who claims he hadn’t eaten for 10 or 20 years.

Ra: It is not just a claim.

Participant: Well…I’m using it in the vernacular of the news media. I
don’t doubt that that is the case but the media was all over it for a
little while that this guy hadn’t had any food for many years, so…he’s
an example of what you speak of.

Ra: He is an example of what is quite possible and what is the
potential for many. So many of your problems upon the planet, many of
which stem from what you call overpopulation and those living in
poverty never having enough to eat…so many of these problems can be
solved, eradicated, by approaching them from a different perspective.
There was once a great man upon your planet who put forth the idea
that problems cannot be solved by the same thinking that created the

And so you see, you’re shifting paradigms quickly, some of you, those
who are aware that it is time to shift and are at the forefront of it.
Many others are unaware that there is a shift going on at all. They
are simply aware that their lives are in chaos and it seems the world
is falling apart. And yet you are poised to transition from one world
to the next, from one paradigm to another, and I encourage you to
continue to move in this direction.

Be aware that there is a time coming when those of you who do indeed
allow yourselves to move beyond the programmed and conditioned
thinking that has been what the majority on the planet experience, you
will find that the solutions come easily and readily and the sun is
indeed an energy to be called upon to assist in eradicating world
hunger upon your planet. But it also must come in conjunction with an
opening in consciousness of the masses. This will take time in your
world, in the manner that you live, and allow it to be so. Those of
you who are moving forward in consciousness are moving forward at a
very rapid rate and sometimes you get so frustrated that things don’t
move faster, but a part of that is so that you do not upset the
balance on the planet. If you moved too quickly into the new paradigm,
there could be some consequences that might not benefit all if it
happens too quickly. So trust the process of what you are going
through. Trust where you are in your experience. And indeed, I
encourage all to be awake and aware of the potency and the power of
what is being gifted to you with this eclipse on Sunday. Make use of
it. It is a sacred day, and treat it accordingly. With that I will say
I would very much enjoy continuing to work with those who are
interested and open to this through this particular Voice, through
this particular translator of energy, and to continue to interact
consciously with those of you who desire this forward movement into
the Golden Age and Golden Era.

Participant: Would it be appropriate to call you Ra? Would that be

Ra: It is quite acceptable. Another name will come. It is the name
that encompasses more than just the Egyptian era…but it was during the
Egyptian era that most of you were most connected to this energy, and
so Ra is most appropriate.

It is a beautiful day here today. Interact with this energy I
represent, that I flow. Remember it is vital life force giving energy.
Enjoy this solar eclipse…communicate with me in your heart, and let
this be the beginning of a wonderful association you might say. There
will be more to come.

I will withdraw a bit of my energy now, but you know I am all around
you, even when you cannot see me. My energy is still there. Tune in
and tap in to this energy.

I will use your greeting and say Aloha! ~ ~ ~

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