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Ancient Energies in the Gulf of Mexico -- Pleiadian Light


The Pleiadian Light
Hannah Beaconsfield
June 19, 2010

We wish to present an aspect of the event taking place in the Gulf of Mexico that can only be ascertained from an overview perspective aided by a conscious access to the data banks of All That Is (or Akashic Records). We can give you that perspective.

The massive destructive event in the gulf is still growing at the time of this reading and is, as are all things on Earth, multidimensional in its sources and effects. In the overview we present we wish to direct your attention to the ancient past on your world.

The Gulf of Mexico is an area of interdimensional significance. It is one of many sites that link inner Earth and surface Earth world cultures. These worlds are dimensionally removed to what you would consider parallel realities, but they have influenced and interacted with each other from their inception. There are points in the gulf that act as doorways, apertures, and vortexes between these worlds.

However, the over riding historic significance of the gulf in the current turbulence is that it is one of the areas where the energies and influences of the ancient civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria merged. These civilizations are your parental cultural sources. Lemuria is the mother continent and her influences are currently aligned with what you call Third World cultures. Lemuria preceded and contributed to the development of Atlantis. Atlantis is the father of everything western culture has grown to be, as they were also highly developed technologically. And the misuse of technology was their down fall!

You can see how the release of unresolved energies from these two great cultures could be surfacing now as the Earth clears her old conflicts through dramas involving the natural processes and substances of her very body. Lemuria represented characteristics held to be feminine in their nature: nurturing, intuitive, creative, peace loving, spiritual, etc. Atlantis, on the other hand, carried the masculine traits of expansion, competition, aggression, technological excellence, etc.

Now is the time in your planetary evolution when these two disparate cultural sources must integrate or you could self-destruct. The gulf tragedy resonates with this drama; the area has taken on a repetition of destructive scenarios to force the resolution of these confrontational elements.

Sometimes, in your history, the Lemurian and Atlantean energies in the gulf area have blended forming new harmonies that have affected the continents and countries that are touched by the gulf waters. At other times the differences between these two early civilizations have causes clashes and destructive events in the same places.

The peoples of the two civilizations, some levels of their cultural developments, and their overriding energy tones created the early inhabitants of North America, Central America, and South America. Their elements have interacted harmoniously at some times in their history and, at other times, they have been diametrically opposed to the point of regarding each other as the dark forces.

On yet another level of this multifaceted gulf event, there are open probabilities, with high energy supporting them that could bring about a surfacing of archaeological remains from Lemuria and Atlantis, particularly Atlantis. The upheavals could affect sites of seismic activity in both the Pacific and Atlantic ocean floors and adjacent landmasses. These areas could be jarred into activity by the shifting of the contents of the oil containing strata. A “side effect” of such destructive activity could reveal remnants of these ancient civilizations.

As we stated, at the time of this reading, the oil leak has not yet been contained. This event is commanding the attention of all on your world who hold positions of power. It may well continue until all the power holders are forced to set aside their personal interests, their personal prejudices, and act as responsible custodians of the Earth and all species for whom Earth is home.

There is no way to end this tragedy and control the repercussions that will ensue from it without the whole world of individual countries and their peoples working together. Old means of problem solving cannot be used. There is no enemy in the form of a particular country; the enemy is the darkness within. There is much more involved here than an accidental tragedy effecting a small area on your world. Everyone on Earth, at this point, has contributed to the problem that produced this destructive event and everyone must work co-operatively to solve it. This is the path of Grace open to you now.

The masses of humanity are not power holders, in the usual sense, but they hold the power of mass thought, mass prayers, and the massive energy effects of aligning their intents. This can outweigh any special interest powers. If only a fraction of the humans on Earth pooled their intents and prayers and directed them to heal the planet, a return to balance and harmony would flow so easily. As always we remind you that angels, interdimensionals, and your extended family on other worlds surround you. We are here to support and guide you. Be at Peace.

© Hannah Beaconsfield 2010



At 04:28, Anonymous Sara said...

This is an excellent reading. Thank you. I've often wondered how Lemuria and Atlantis were supposed to differ from each other. The way you explain the feminine vs masculine aspects makes a lot of sense in how history has played out. Everyone talks about "Atlantis Rising" - I hope Lemuria (or Telos) comes to the forefront as well. Thanks again!


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