Sunday, August 22, 2010

Imagination Vibration Creation -- Twelve Spirit

“The key to all that you are creating is the vibrational, energetic relationship that exists prior to its emergence into physical form. Everything that comes into your field of experience; people, places, things, are all created first in nonphysical energetic form before they emerge into your physical life. Have you noticed that your experience of a place can be very different from another person’s experience of that same place? You are seeing happy, light, loving people and they are seeing threats, shadows, and fear; that sort of thing.

“You both created those experiences long before you got there. They were crafted, attended to, fine-tuned in your vibrational, energetic, imaginational field of being long before. And it is in that vibrational, energetic field where you are creating your future experiences now. So do you want to spend time in your imagination shaping that field, creating some really happy places to go, being there vibrationally long enough to really influence things? — or do you want to let the news on TV determine what happens next? As you believe—as you vibrate—as you resonate—so shall it be unto you.

“All of those things and events that seem to be coming at you randomly are not. They are the product of your vibration and the Universe by Law of Attraction. There are no random events! LOA influences your entire field of experience, not just yourself and your immediate surroundings. Your influence goes beyond the merely physical and immediate.

“The world is arranging itself to suit your beliefs, even in the places you cannot see. This is a much better belief to hold than that it is just random gibberish or that it’s out to get you. Continue with that thought in mind. The whole thing is the blessed, benevolent, loving expression of Loving Universe towards you.

“The Universe is much more clever about these things than you think. The things you desire can come to you in ways that are unimaginable to you. If you will sit and imagine for a while you will think of many such unbelievable ways yourself. The one who has All Imagination has got you topped though, no matter what. Relax, enjoy your journey; miracles are at hand.”

You are blessed and beloved upon your journey,


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