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Sacred Wisdom of the Plant Kingdom -- AA Metatron

Archangel Metatron Channel
via J Tyberonn

Alpha & Omega: The Dimension of Truth

Greetings Masters ! We greet each of you in this moment with Unconditional Love. Masters the Cardinal Grand Cross is is a time of great awakening and transformation on the Earth plane. The Earth and all of her kingdoms are transitioning to great and greater consciousness. Life is protracting in aggregate.

Indeed we say to you that there is even greater life that circles about and above your planet now in this phase. It is beyond and because of the intensity of the Grand Cross. It is an energy consciousness that wishes to enter your mass field of awareness. It is light of a sublime nature. It does not hold logic, it does not hold vision, it is not the light of promise but it is the light of wellness and we will say to you that if you will allow this light to enter your sphere of influence, your field of awareness, you would find yourself lighter in spirit almost immediately and this is only achieved by intent. Humanity seeks promise, and endeavors for light, and this is requisite. Yet few on the path work to bring in wellness, and we tell you it would compliment your path, soften your journey.

For hidden in the waves of the Grand Cross is a subtle brilliance of wellness that is now more available to humankind. You can apply and avail yourself of it but YOU must call it forward, and become it. Seek and ye shall find. You must engage the light of the truth of wellness within yourself. Because in seeking greater knowledge one does not always seek or choose to include wellness, self love, but they are synergistically required to do so in achieving the crystalline vibration. They are complimentary and each would benefit by it. And so we begin our topic...

Conscious Kingdoms of Earth

The Human kingdom on Earth is the most conscious of all Earthen Kingdoms. Yet humanity at this time is still somewhat unaware of much of its consciousness.

The Earth itself is a celestial Consciousness and supports many forms of sentient awareness within and with-out. Even without the consciousness of humanity, the Sentient Earth is a growing conscious being, that in many aspects is more fully aware of mankind and the Cosmos, than mankind is at this time. Because the Earth nurtures and provides the matrix of mankind's linear and nonlinear Earthen experience, humanity tends to think of the earth as a Feminine Energy. In truth the Earth is neither and both, as in truth are YOU.

The Earth homes many Kingdoms and Sub-Kingdoms that have symbiotic relationships with one another and indeed with Mankind and the Unified Earth. Among these are the Mineral Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Each of these are also sentient, but humanity has forgotten much of its ability to communicate and receive the wisdoms and true support that each of these offer.

Plant Wisdom

And so we are asked to speak of sacred plant teachers, for indeed within these are a unique lens that is offered to those who wish to experience a wisdom that existed prevalently in the Alchemy Schools of ancient days. It is but one modality of intense introspection. And without endorsement or condemnation, we tell you that It is one of many individually discerned choices that can lead to greater awareness. But indeed a path that is available to the few who truly desire to enter its dimension of truth. It is a crucible of amplification within a juxtaposition of that termed Alpha & Omega.

Dear Ones, the plant kingdom has a unique ability to interact with humanity that is quite specialized, because it has the ability to work directly in the mental field, in a way quite different from the mineral kingdoms.

The mineral and plant kingdom can interact in myriad ways, opening auric energies, holding space for communication and multidimensionality, yet only the sacred plant kingdom has the ability to enter the body physical via the bloodstream. This alters brainwave frequency in a manner that allows primary consciousness to enter the ultraviolet of the subconscious dreamscape in lucid state, devoid of frontal ego-personality narrative.

Medicinal Plant Affect

The plant kingdom offers medicinal qualities that no other kingdom on earth can do in the same way. Plants are able to affect the pressure of your bloodstream, both upward and downward. Certain herbal plants are able to elevate your emotions and moods. Others are capable of regulating the hemispheres of the human brain, and in so doing are capable of modulating how you relate to your greater essence, the unconscious aspects of multi-dimensional mind.

Campestral societies of the indigenous have known of this for millennia, as did the ancient Mystical Societies of the Egyptians, LeMurians and Atlanteans.

They knew through direct communication, that certain plants were capable of altering thought waves, the very resonate patterns of the brain. And as such gateways that were otherwise difficult to enter, were opened through the alliance of that termed the sacred plant medicine.

So they learned that as brain waves were altered so were thoughts, and as thoughts were altered consciousness could either expand or contract its perception of realities. It was as if the hemispheres of the brain could be turned on their side and viewed from a different lens of perception.

And so in this unique lens, the contents of the human brain are shifted and can be viewed in perceptions that are expanded in means that are above the linear alignment of space and time. Acute awareness well beyond the norm becomes both possible and probable within this effect.

Doors of Perception

Doors are thus opened to another dimension of perception, to other realities, unique aspects of the mind, and can allow for great transitional visions and breakthroughs of creativity and understanding, often allowing for deeply embedded 'energy blockages' to be confronted and released.

We will say then that psychoactive plants to varying degrees can be of great assistance, varying according to the energy and light quotient of the individual. To some it is of immeasurable value and to others less so. It is a question of readiness, of system of belief, and of individual choice and discernment.

Question to Metatron: A few years ago I took ayahuasca, and I seemed to go through many dimensions. I felt is if i was in this place for years, yet it was only 5-6 hoursin linear-time. Can you expand on what occurred. Was it an experience only of the mind ?

AAMetatron: It is both. This most sacred of herbs allows entrance to one focal dimensional overlay, and that is the dimension of Truth. The essence and experience is one of travel thru many dimensions but it is indeed the mind that travels , and travels far. The Beingness moves, but only slightly. Just as the heavens seem to shift each night bit by bit, degree by degree yet bring great change to the plane of earth, the dimension of ayahuasca brings a vast perception expansion, but it does so in one dimensional overlay, and that is the sacred dimension of Truth.

Dear One, you were indeed in a place above linear time, and the life review you relived truly passed through 40 years of experience. This you were keenly aware of, and was part of the great joy you realized in re-entering your physical body. The knowledge that you could carry the deeply fire-scripted understandings and lessons into your present unfinished experience in this lifetime. That is the gift of this plant journey.

It takes one to the dimension of their consolidated individual Truth in association with their lifetime and all that relates to it, you see. In other words, all that one can hope to gain, discover, enlighten and learn are held in the fulcrum of one single point within this unique coagulated vision. It is both the Alpha & Omega uniquely conjoined in one complex dimension of Truth as aligned to one's own frequency. This is where you traveled to and what one experiences in this profound journey.

It is a meeting of the self, yet the whole self as related to this lifetime, you see. What is encountered then is the complete result of who you are and who you can be. All that is untrue, all that does not serve you, all that is in imperfection is fully and painstakenly revealed. All that separates you from perfection, from worlds and realities is what you must encounter. That is why this most noble of herbs is so sacred.One confronts the self in a crucible of reality. It is exemplified by the serpent consuming its own tail, and by that we mean the entirety of one's experience is revealed in one purifying vision, one crucible setting.

Question to Metatron: In my first experience, I had a life review, and in the second I was met with Teachers. Can you explain the uniquely different experiences?

AAMetatron: Dear One, as we have said, in truth you had in the initial journey what the Christians refer to as the 'afterlife judgment'. You reviewed your life, as if in real time, and where you had hurt another, you felt that hurt from their perspective, sought and obtained release of the energy. You did likewise for those that had hurt you, the energy was purged, cleansed. You expereinced a great opportunity to expereince what most of humanity experience after physical death, an intensive review of your lifetime.

The immeasurable gift is that you were given the opportunity through this expereince to come back into the linear and make adjustments.

Accordingly the first experience enabled the second. And we will say doors were opened that remain open, and your Beingness is in much greater clarity. For what did not serve you, that you may term negative experience was released in one night which otherwiswe could have taken several lifetimes. The purging was appropriate in the first experience, it was what was required in your frequencial truth, likewise in the second, it was teachers that you sought, and teachers that were appropriate in your expansion. Does that answer your query?

JT: Yes, thank you.

AAMetatron: And so we continue in this most interesting discussion.

We will tell you that the human experience is often riddled with adverse emotional reactions to life interactions, and certain restrictive energy obstacles occur in the emotional and mental bodies that close windows of the mind.

Certain sacred plants of the psycho-active genre, when taken in ceremonial manner by a learned facilitator can assist in re-opening these doors and windows. Once opened they rarely close again, or remain open for a long time and so quantum leaps in awareness and parity are enabled.

Gateways of Mind

Yet the plants that enable the hallucination of the mind can be most beneficial to some and less so to others. It is therefore imperative that one be able to navigate within perspective of the experience. That you term illusion is in truth a corridor, a gateway of the mind that leads to other realities and dimensions.

For example, as we have said, the corridors opened by the medicine plant termed ayahuasca, can lead one into unresolved embedded energies from traumas in the present and other lifetimes by offering the path to the experience. In this way the present or past life issue comes into clear focus and the energies associated with it are re-lived in actual reality aspect with opportunity to release what need be liberated to remove the trapped obstruction. One may also change the outcome or finish an uncompleted mission that was not completed in the previous experience.

The Cumulative Focus

Accordingly the mind is expanded to an array of multidimensional time hologram realities and is not locked into one perception. Many become available within what we call the focal dimension, the one dimension of Truth as it relates to the individual.

Yet be aware that strength and especially wisdom are necessary to accomplish these releases and completions. Simply having access to the doorway of expansion does not necessarily mean one will have the key to open it or the ability to navigate within its offered realities. A certain level of intent, will, fortitude and light quotient are requisite to establish the conscious wisdom and ballast to navigate and manifest these benevolent outcomes.

The Requsite of Preparation

Strength begets strength and wisdom initiates even greater wisdom, but both require effort and preparation, you see. And it is essential to understand that one must enter these realms in a state of preparation, and devoid of fear. For if one enters in a haphazard fashion, if one enters expanded reality state in fear, that fear must be overcome or one will experience an amplification of that fear. Indeed it is not an experience of frivolous pursuit and requires strength, preparation and courage.

Without these attributes, one merely hallucinates or one only experiences dreams or nightmares. In some cases nothing occurs. And accordingly one returns from whence they came without the rewards that were available. The key is that the vibration of the seeker must then match the highest purpose of the journey. Such plants were never intended for recreation for entertainment you see. One is meant to enter as if entering the holiest of Cathedrals, in reverence, respect and with great considered purpose.

If one enters the expanded reality realm without preparation, one will encounter an experience that has no redeeming merit. What one puts in, one will harvest. If nothing is sewn in sacred intent, nothing of value will be reaped. That is so in all endeavors of growth and of spirit. And with the highest intent, the ability to enter without fear is tantamount. That is among the preparation attributes required, for fear is ever the vibrational static of disruption, a frequency that is not harmonic to the experience, you see.

So let it be understood that there is indeed a sentient consciousness of the highest order available within the experience of ayahuasca, which is presently by far the most profound of all the sacred plant medicines. It is the one then that offers the most gain and provides the highest frequency for wisdom.


The ingestation connects the seeker to the ultraviolet area of the subconscious mind. It is akin in process to what may be termed the 'near death' experience. The ego consciousness must 'go to sleep' and the sub conscious opens into lucid dreamscape taking one into the dimension of Truth. In effect a rewiring occurs that benevently opens corriders into the greater state of consciousness.

It is a process that enables the advanced seeker to deal with imperfection, review perfection and confront the full experience from birth to present, and reboot. It is in essence a rebirth.

The ancient Mystery Schools used this process for the advanced student . It is similar in effect to the 5 day fasting process, but occurs in much faster timing and often in greater detail.


Now, if one misunderstands the purpose or misapplies the experience, and enters haphazardly out of mere curiosity, the sentient frequency is not matched and the greater experience simply cannot vibrationally occur. And for that reason, masters, they are NOT for everyone. We will also add that while these plants offer an incredible opportunity for clearing and truth, they are certainly not the only method of obtaining such clarity.

The plant carries an extremely high frequency and a great degree of the consciousness of the Earth itself, and accordingly offers incredible transformation for those that choose this lens, and for those that are ready. The plant kingdom offers gateways, but the most important gateway is entered and directed from within.


Divine dimensional light for each human is transmitted from within your own being, not from without. It is based upon the energy of one's own truth, the confirmations that are the Cosmos and from the place they are aggregated. They are expanded within you as only light frequencies can be and then vibrate themselves into the mind and heart where by the magic of your intent they are converted to wisdom. But it is important that you will know that it is energy that you send, energy that you receive, energy that you speak, and that you guide, and that you call upon that reveals to you your true divine self. There are many paths to enlightenment, but all must contain the one Truth from within.

Points of light and infinity dot your planet, and indeed they can offer great acceleration, Lake Titicaca is among the most pristine of these. But the most important portal, you see, is within your heart, and you ever carry it with you. Such is the gift of the human kingdom on Earth.

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved !

And so it is.

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