Sunday, December 12, 2010

Source is your Friend - Twelve Spirit

Your job is to align yourself with Source and you keep trying to align yourself with things. You want money, so you try to go out and align yourself with money. You want a lover so you go out and try to navigate your way to a lover. You want the shiny red car, so you go out and try to align with the shiny red car. You keep trying to align yourself with the vibrational signature of the person, place or thing that you want, but as soon as you do that you are tuning to a lower vibrational frequency.

The people, places, and things of your world are emanating a slower frequency than Source, and when you are attempting to tune in to those frequencies you are sort of down in the soup. Your world is a plethora of these solid vibrational frequencies, signals that are being emanated, and when you try to find one in that vast mix, you’ve really got your hands full. It’s the vibrational needle in the haystack. You have to knock on one hundred doors before one of them says yes. And that’s what kind of gets you frustrated with that whole process.

Your job really is to align with Source, and here’s why. Source Being has become those people, places, and things, that you want in your life experience for you. You already understand that Source has become all of it: Source energy is radiating and filling the presence of every one of those beings and entities and the things of your Universe, so they are all filled with Source energy. And if you let go of your wanting and your preferences you can see that, feel it: The presence of Source in everything and every one.

But that doesn’t help you very much when you go about finding the people, places, and things that are aligned with you, aligned with your Dream, your Vision.

So this is why it’s important that you understand that Source has become those people, places, and things, for you. It’s the present of Source: God’s gift to you, and only you. It has your vibrational signature written into it. So you could say your day is one of going out and unwrapping presents to see which ones are for you, finding the positive aspects of everything and everyone. It’s a joyful game of hide & seek, but you’re not looking for the things, you’re looking for Source that has become you, your creation. Your creation is an extension of you, that Source Being has become, just for you.

Source has agreed to become all that you envision, all that you attend to and imagine in thought. But you will not find it by looking for the things. If you and a friend were playing hide and seek, you wouldn’t go out looking for trees or large rocks. You’d be looking for your friend. Source is your greatest Friend, and like your friend who adores you, Source really wants to be found.

So you don’t look with your eyes, the colors deceive the eyes. You don’t listen with your ears, the sounds drown out your hearing. You feel your way through this game, for the heart signature of Source. And it will always move you in a direction that feels better than before. (And yes, you can get very bliss filled this way.) You can improve any feeling, any situation, any circumstance by agreeing to find that better feeling place.

Source is your Beacon. Source is continuously sending Well-Being your way. But what form to take...What form to take? “Ahhh, I have it Children,” Source says, “I shall take the forms you choose. You can find Me there.” It’s really very simple: Find Source, and you have found your dreams and desires.”

You are blessed and loved upon your journey,

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At 05:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So rather then going out looking for, and aligning with source, we just have to realize that we are source, feel it within ourselves and align with it from within, right?

Sounds simple enough, haha!

Well this is what I do... rather than looking for, I just allow things to come my way. The only problem I have sometimes is deciding what is it that I really want ;-)


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