Sunday, October 24, 2010

Align with Source -- Twelve Spirit

There is nothing, no-thing, for you to pursue. When you allow everything to come to you through your connection with Source energy you have it all, you see. And it is your interest in going after “one more thing like that” that intervenes in your connection with Source. Once you have begun to pursue something in the physical you have chosen a source other than Source.

It’s a bit sticky like a trap. And its just all too natural to fall into it. You have a fulfilling life experience, some thing, some object, some relationship, some event, and its only natural to want more. But then as you continue with the pursuit of that, you begin to notice some of the edge of excitement falling away. It begins to become boring, mundane. And at this juncture you either continue to pursue greater and greater levels of that through the physical, or you reestablish your intentions in the non-physical vibrational realm.

Everything comes to you from Source; all of it. And when you allow yourself to fall into physical pursuit of that which is fulfilling to you, you have stepped away from the True Source of it, and naturally, frustration and discontentment will begin to creep in. In order to stay on the leading edge you have to remain in the conscious creating process, always having vision, imaginal reality that precedes your experience, rather than looking back to what you had before and trying to get back to that.

It doesn’t matter whether is was last month, last week, a year ago, or fifteen seconds ago, whenever you turn back you have turned away from Source. Source is always out in front of you calling you forward into the imaginal reality that you have created in thought with your vibration. And Law of Attraction is always arranging the Universe to match your vibration. So you just have to imagine all the important parts as you want them to be, and spend some time in that imaginal reality each day. Daily prayer, daily imagining, several times a day is best. Don’t take anything for granted: If you already have it, appreciate it. If it’s not in your experience, imagine it, and appreciate it there.

And when you have understood that it is your conscious envisioning of having what you want that brings it to you, and you spend time envisioning, imagining yourself already having it, appreciating it, sending forth gratitude and appreciation, then you have given the Source Energy something to form around. Without you putting forth what you want, Source has no form to take other than that which has been offered before. Source is formless; you are the consciousness that is here to give the form to that which will be.

You are loved and blessed upon your journey,


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