Sunday, January 02, 2011

Be Inside Your Vision -- Twelve Spirit

To fulfill your vision you want to be on the inside of your vision looking out, not the outside looking in.

The outside looking in is the position of not having, but wanting. It is the position of desire. Desire is the expression of lack and you have none of that you see. When you ask, it is given immediately by Source—so why would you ever be on the outside looking in? Its just this vibration thing that is holding you outside the Gift you have already been given. Your physical perspective is the thing that holds you in that place of not-having a good deal of the time. “Where is it?” you say. You don’t see it in the physical.

When you adopt your own nonphysical perspective as your life position you can feel it’s presence; you can see it in your imagination and know without doubt that Source energy has already taken that shape, that form, and it’s emergence into the physical world is inevitable.

So the perspective you should take if you wish things to arrive more quickly, is one of being on the inside looking out. Inside your own vision, inside your own dream. So in your imaginal space, during the time you have set aside for consciously creating, allow yourself to be in the vision, inside the life you are wanting to live. Feel how it feels. See how it appears. Hear the sound of it. Let it touch your skin. Wrap your arms around it. Feel the presence of it. Feel it real.

Then as you go through your day carry that feeling with you. Revisit that place when you are able. And simply enjoy your day, knowing that the forces and fairies of the Universe are lining it all up. The movement that you can feel in the nonphysical is like a breeze gently blowing, and that breeze is taking you and your entire field of life experience towards that same destination that you erected in your imagination.

There is no other destination for life than the one you create in thought and imagination. And it doesn’t matter what anyone else is creating with their life. This is yours, and yours alone. Others may come and share it with you as it fits in with their choosing of life experience, but no one else can take what is yours.

This is an expanding Universe you see, and you are the cause of the expansion of it. Your piece of the expansion is destined for you, and you just have to allow yourself to be on the inside of that imaginal realm and not be deluded by the appearance of physical reality. It doesn’t matter which way physical reality seems to be going—through the application of logic and reason, limited by definition to physical forces and forms—you can only get lost in that, and without a Vision you are lost. God, All That Is, works all things to the good for those who have purpose and vision—yours. Be on the inside of your Vision today and see how much good you find in the world.


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