Tuesday, February 08, 2011

All of it is yours - Twelve Spirit

You see, the position of the ego presumes that the physical is all there is, so that position is all about void. You are only cutting off 99.9% of all creation from that position, so yes, it feels pretty empty there. Feels like hopeless, feels like lack of resources.

So now let's consider the position of Source, your True Self at the highest point of encounter. The You that is You when You are Absolutely connected. The You that is the Nonphysical, fully expanded, older, wiser you.

There is no lack in this position. It does not matter if someone seems to take something from you because you have infinite supply. You recognize that you have everything, and you continue to have it in nonphysical form, even if it seems to be gone in physical form. That which is nonphysical is eternal, that which is physical passes away, is transformed into something else that is physical. The eternal source-form of all of it remains, and remains in infinite supply and flows into your physical experience easily and in abundance.

In this position you have unlimited love for your fellow travelers, beings, and objects of your world. You have no concern for the presence or absence of money in your pocket, because you own the bank, so to speak. You know that anything you desire and place your loving attention upon will come to you easily in physical form in short order. You have Absolute confidence of this. Everything is easy in this world. Everything flows in accordance with the plan for Divine Harmony. You know in this position that you don't have to make the plan: The mechanism of the universe is set to respond simply to your input of thought.

When you create from this position, you see all things as Source sees them. You see that all is well even while the events of the world are upsetting to others. You see the other 99.9% of the picture. You see that they are magnificent powerful creators wielding the full force of creation power in their field of experience. And you see that they are unharmed as their True Self, no matter what is going on in the physical. The physical is just the shadow of All That Is. It's like a Christmas present still in the wrapping paper — until you look inside — until you see the totality of it, physical and nonphysical, you are just guessing what it might be.

So assume the position of already having. Spend as much time as you can in this place of knowing the Whole of it. Let it be easy. Trust that you are fulfilled in every way already, so you can relax and breathe and enjoy the ride. It is already done. As soon as you asked it was Given. Let go of your struggle and enjoy the show that the Master of Creation has laid out before you. Do this first each day. Do this as many times throughout your day as you can muster. Create your world and your thoughts from the position of already having and watch what happens.

We love you and see you where you are on the leading edge of all that is good. Catch that wave and ride it through eternity. All of it is yours.



Twelve Insight Journal, January 9, 2011 - Part II



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