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Twelve Insight Journal

March 3, 2013

Q: I’m 58. Is it too late now for me to decide what I want to be when I grow up?

The only moment you have is now. There was no magic age for you to decide what you wanted to be. There is certainly a pressure on you to make some kind of decision with finality. There is this sort of societal expectation that you should become something…and then stay that way forever. So if that’s the kind of decision you mean, we applaud you for not making it!

You are never going to make a final decision. Even when you make your final decision as a physical being, it’s not final even then. You go on; on to another existence; on to another form of being. You are ceaselessly becoming, ceaselessly changing. That’s what it’s all about....

The hokey-pokey was really not that far off, you see. You get in there with it and you shake it all about and you turn yourself around, and you do it all over again. Nothing final. You remake yourself daily. Granted some of you remake the same thing over and over again until you are so bored to tears with it that you will do anything, and then in desperation something new is born.

But most of you hearing this have gotten the idea about this conscious creating thing that is going on. You are consciously deciding what to be, again and again, and again. You are always deciding based on the new vantage point you have attained. You are deciding newly, what fresh new face am I going to be today? How do I want to feel today?

So it’s never too late. There are no rules. You all follow many more rules than you have to, you know. You believe you must age. You believe you cannot fly. You believe you must remain where you are at. You believe you must help others. You impose upon yourself most of the limitations you experience, and the others you simply acquiesced to unknowingly.

But once you know this, once the blinders are off, then you must ask yourself, “What if?  What if this thing I think is a limitation is not real at all? What if it is but a belief I have unwittingly agreed to, that I can change simply by thinking different thoughts, and having different beliefs? What if I could grow up to be something or someone completely different than myself or anyone else thinks me to be?

Now it’s getting very interesting. And you can make that decision every day, and you can change your mind every day if you wish. You don’t have to stick to anything, unless you want to, because you are not going to be the same thing tomorrow or the next day anyway. But you who know this get to choose.



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