Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Allow You -- TwelveSpirit

Twelve Insight Journal
January 13, 2013

Guest: The other day I was about to grouse at the Universe about stocks, cars, money, business not coming like I want… and before I got the first line out I realized I only have me to complain to. If it’s really all me, all my projection, my creation, there’s no one else to complain to. If all I have to do is change my thoughts, beliefs, and actions, why do I keep waiting for Spirit to tell me what to do? What on earth am I waiting for?

If you will listen to yourself you will see that you are maintaining a sense of separation there: You and Spirit. You and God. You and the Universe. You and ___________ (fill in the blank).

There is no separation. Separateness is only illusion. It’s all you and it all moves with you, as you, through you; and the only way to correct any of it is through you. You have to alter the you that is you before any of the rest of it will change.

So do this… allow yourself to make the change now. Allow yourself to live as if everything you ever wanted was already yours and you were living in that glow, basking in that glorious location in space and time. Allow yourself to do this now. It is that allowing that is going to change everything. Allow yourself to feel that way even if there is no material justification for it.

You keep wanting to have everything change (out there somewhere) and then you “allow” it to happen to you. That’s what you think allowing is. But really the first and only thing you have to allow is you. It’s all based on your vibrational signal to the Universe. Allow You! When you get your signal straight in this way, then the Universe will shift itself naturally around you, and not before. Allow you to be who you want to be.




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