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Match Yourself to Source -- TwelveSpirit

February 12, 2012

It is a common enough misconception to think that “if I just had all of this money” I could go out and purchase what I want and be happy. But it is not possible to purchase that which will make you happy. You must ask for what you want from Source. Source becomes it for you, and you must allow yourself to become a vibrational match to Source who has become that which you desire. You cannot just purchase that.

So even if you win the big lottery and suddenly have more money than you can fathom, you must continue asking of Source that which is wanted. And asking in all arenas of your life, large and small, for it is in the asking and the becoming that is the Joy of living. It is that joyful connection with Source, present everywhere in every moment along that path, that fills you with joyfulness of living. That is the purpose of your existence, the joy of creating and becoming expanded life experience, that which has never been before.

If you will allow your attention to be upon that which you are wanting, how much you want it, why you want it, what you are going to do with it, all of those things that enhance your wanting process; and then proceed through your day knowing that it must be, having gratitude, overflowing appreciation, and confident knowing that what Source has become for you is indeed present, and awaiting your arrival, then your journey will be blessed with miracles and events that will propel you forward to that joyous event in a manner that will leave them breathless. You will breathe easily for you will know it was coming.


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