Monday, October 24, 2011

Glue of the Universe -- TwelveSpirit

October 23, 2011

What does Law of Attraction have to do with all of this?

The Law of Attraction is simply the glue that binds your universe together. It is the thing that draws together enough focused energy to eventually congeal into a physical state. Many of you are pursuing spiritual pathways which bring you closer to a direct knowing of All That Is. And because you have the idea, the belief, that spiritual things are different, or somehow superior to material things, you shy away from study of the Law of Attraction.

But the Law of Attraction is as spiritual as it gets. The Law of Attraction precedes your material world. And in order to learn what we call conscious creation, you must engage this on a spiritual level; on the plane of ideas, in the realm of thought-forms. Even those things that you call spiritual come to you by Law of Attraction. Enlightenment, divine aid, connecting with spiritual masters, these things are all drawn to you by your desire for them.

So you see, everything in your material world had its origin in thought, in the realm of the spiritual. Your material life is the expression in physical form of your spiritual life. “But”, you say, “there are a lot of things happening in this physical world that are anything but spiritual”. And we agree there are many things in this world that do not fit your idea of a good life.

But you are not the only creator here. And all the elements of a fine drama must be present in order to fulfill the wishes of all the co-creator's of this world. But now you see you are the director of your play. Choose the elements you wish to have in your world. And you choose them with your attention to them, either attention because you want them, or attention because you do not want them. The “evil” elements of this world are not evil, they are simply responding to the call of one of the creators.

So, keep your attention upon that which is good, that which you desire, that which you appreciate. Spend your day validating and expressing gratitude for the beautiful elements that are present in your world, and Law of Attraction will bring to you more and more that is desirable and beautiful and lovely.



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