Monday, September 05, 2011

Entry to the fourth dimension -- Guardian

From the far reaches of space I come. I am the Guardian of the Portal to the Fifth Dimension. It is the Celestial Power that rules the passageway to this dimension from which I speak. I have no name, but am recognized by my vibratory identification. You may reach me by the name “Guardian”. This presence speaks now through this most cautious channel, who meditated to make sure of my identity. This presence will communicate information relating to the rapid evolution of humankind toward the higher dimensions of spiritual being.

Men and women of your species have evolved slowly enough to be able to learn to survive on a newly-born planet – to provide food for themselves and to learn to livf with each other in peaceful ways, which has taken a very long time indeed. During the past decades of your time, growth has speeded up in an almost frantic manner; conflicts and wars have molded human thinking in and out of hate and love, greed and selfless giving. Emotional stability is being gained only by advanced minds approaching union with the Higher Self. Greed and power-hungry individuals who gain control of ruling bodies are grabbing and holding very tightly to their positions, for they sense that this kind of effort will no longer be an easy one. These present years are being energized to a point where the consciousness of humankind is advancing rapidly into higher frequencies and, with that new awareness, comes the recognition that all men and women are indeed created equal and are
equally deserving of health, happiness, freedom from tyranny, freedom of thought, and growth to a higher state of knowledge of the world and of their spiritual heritage.
Whoever makes the effort to find this message and takes the time to read and understand it is already on the blessed path to a higher and more intense state of mind, having opened the awareness to All That Is and the tremendous power of the Creator. Many of you have already reached the lower planes of the Fourth Dimension and are experiencing communication with the higher dimensions, using new-found abilities of psychic powers and advanced mental awareness. This is only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. As you advance in your determination to attain more and more knowledge, the effort will increase the speed of that advancement, for the commitment, effort and time you devote to your evolution acts like a jet stream pushing you ahead with more and more speed.

The dimensions that you speak of so much now are not special places, walled in to keep out intruders and filled with wondrous riches; they are specific frequencies of spiritual attainment. In each named dimension, there are many, many levels to be accessed. When a soul is entirely existing in the spiritual realms, the endeavor to progress from one level to another is most difficult, taking many thousands of your years of study and effort. It is for this reason that each magnificent Soul created by God, as you call the Supreme Creator, has the ability to reach out to the lower dimensions of reality where there are places of density in the universes. There are universes which, in themselves, consist of dense matter populated by beings and creatures of density, struggling up the ladder of time. Planets were created from this concept of density and beings of matter placed upon them into which the parts, pieces, or essences, as you call them, of the great Souls are
embodied into physical beings in order to experience all of the emotions and ordeals that are necessary for life in such density.

The Creator also found these planets to be ideal places upon which to place wayward souls who had rebelled against God near the beginning of celestial time. They were given a chance to learn from their mistakes and grow in wisdom, or to play out their hate and resentments among embodied human beings in lower dimensions. This situation set up what you call positive and negative, good and bad, etc. The duality of reason and purpose is essential for the growth of all Soul essences, for without the necessity of choice, reasoning and experiencing the agonies of pain and defeat, there is no way to gain the Path to Truth. Only through experiencing mistakes in thought or conduct can one feel the inner distress that is the message of the parent Soul telling the “children” of its being that they have taken a wrong turn. And only by listening to that inner feeling of guidance can one realize a mistake has been made. Therein lies the way to learning.

It has taken humanity a long time to understand the direction of its purpose, and it is now time to reason with those of you who are trying to climb too rapidly, listening to the con artists of space and time telling you that it is easy to jump up into the high dimensions, if only you follow their directions.

Your concept of time feels like ages between years and decades, but a decade or century is a mere spark in the celestial realms. We rejoice in the progress you are making, here in our fields of infinite time, for it is much more rapid, as I have said, that trying to find the same advancement in spirit. Still, a lifetime of advancement in density is a mere second in the higher realms.

This is not to discourage your efforts, for they are mighty indeed, but to give you the realization that obtaining a spiritual place even in the Fourth Dimension is not a matter of merely wishing to do so. There has to be a conscious commitment to serve the Creator in complete trust, without reservations, in all ways. Meditation is the only way to bring the human mind to the brink of the separation between density and the universal knowledge and power of spirit. In the opening that occurs at that special time, there is the ability to call and communicate with those special spiritual beings, who are also essences of great Souls and who voluntarily assist and guide those who are embodied into matter. Though advancement is more rapid in matter, it takes great determination and courage to descend into such low frequencies; it is the hardest thing a spiritual essence can do.

Let me tell you this time about the Fourth Dimension. The barrier between the Third and Fourth Dimensions is breached in two ways: Either by the death of the human body, or by the frequency of the human mind being raised through meditation and constant mental concentration of and in that higher frequency. Even when the mind is centered in this way, only a small perception of that spiritual realm is possible, for the spiritual essence is still anchored in the Third Dimension. It is those beautiful glimpses of what lies beyond and the contacts with spiritual entities that makes life on your planet a more wonderful experience – there is the reality of who you are, what you are doing here and where you will be going when your purpose is finished that makes all the struggle worthwhile and the fulfillment even more sweet.

There are a few embodied human beings on your planet who have reached the point of accomplishing the ability to completely pass from the Third to Fourth dimension when they wish. These entities are generally very powerful parts of a Soul, being sent to accomplish these feats to provide a glimpse of spiritual reality to those who still have far to climb on the ladder of knowledge in human bodies and have access to the knowledge of the universes. You are being told that any of you may advance to such high heights of spirituality, that you will take your human body and simply fade away into higher dimensions. I am sorry to say that for humanity, as a whole, this is a fairy tale.

The effort you have made to embody on this planet was no easy thing. The advancement you have come here to make is extremely important to the powerful Soul you are a part of. If you determine to rise out of the body and return to the higher dimensions, what have you accomplished? Your Soul has not gained the experience and learning it sent you to work with, and you will have wasted the time that was granted to you in matter. In your terms, you are copping out! The human ego has a great deal to do with this effort to ascend to the high planes. Much of what you read has the content of putting you above the masses because you have been contacted by powerful spiritual beings and by different species from other planets or universes much more advanced than you to help you ascend to be with them or rise into the heavenly realms. You are told you are special people -- your egos are having a field day!

Think about this. Why has nothing been said about what your status will be after you have ascended? What will you experience after passing through the spiritual barriers prematurely and without finishing the time you were supposed to spend here, accomplishing the purpose for which you came? What do you really expect to find? Perhaps a welcoming committee of Angels, fields of flowers and beautiful music? That is what you will find, if that is what you are projecting. But, what then? Your ego stays intact for a long time if it is not voluntarily released upon making that transition, and it will shove you into getting for yourself the best there is. In reality, you will be encased, like a big bubble, in a sublime creation of your own making, floating in space, until you get bored and reach out to join the real powers that surround your spiritual essence.

Then it will be time to reunite with your great soul, bringing to it what you have learned, expanding the knowledge of the Soul and rejoicing in the love and power that you are now part of once more.

When a human being dies, without knowledge of what is to be, and expecting nothing at all, there is the gentle guidance of your Angels and Teachers into the new realm of being, giving the consciousness time to adjust to its new surroundings. The all-enfolding Love that exists in all dimensions is profound now, and lifts the consciousness to new levels where the reality of the spiritual entity he or she is becomes comfortable and exciting. If a person has been close to the knowledge of this reality, death of the body is simply stepping across a crack in time and through a misty veil. The expected Angels and Teachers are there to greet and help you on your way back to your parent Soul. If you wish to experience the wonder of traveling around the world, exploring the universe or just resting on a warm beach, any of these things, it is readily granted, and you may spend as much time as you like, for time is of no importance here.

Those who absolutely deny the existence of an afterlife breach the veil unwillingly, holding back in fright at the vastness of a region they have denied. They are gently assisted and drawn into the flow of Love and slowly educated on the realities of the spiritual existence. Sometimes when they still resist, they are permitted to “sleep” or rest for as long as it takes their ego to release the denial and come back to ask for help and assistance.

We are speaking here of the first level, or entrance level, of the Fourth Dimension. For, all those who return to spirit will spend at least a short time here, getting used to the change in vibrations.

In your past century, Soul essences who have embodied to your planet have been mostly sent from the higher planes of the Fourth Dimension or from different planes of the Fifth Dimension. These entities will return to those dimensions when they are ready. It is the frequency and position of the Soul parent that decides where the individual essence will reside, not the determination of the embodied personality, no matter how much he or she is determined to rise bodily into the Fifth Dimension!
The very few embodied human beings who have accomplished this are numbered on the fingers of your hands. They were essences of the most powerful spiritual Souls in your universe and did so for very special reasons. The man Jesus was the prime example of this, as his Great Soul was directed by the Creator to enter a human body to give direction and truth to humanity.

This may be deflating to some of you, but remember that the Laws of God are infinite and infallible. There is nothing wrong with reaching the highest frequency of spiritual knowledge you can, for this is part of the purpose for which you came. It is part of the learning of the essence who has returned many times to density and is reaching, at last, the pinnacle of knowledge in this dimension. This pinnacle is indeed the attainment of communication and realization of who and what you are. Those who have not come to that point of knowledge in their incarnations will return again, either on this planet or in other places of density, to continue their advancement.
When you have reached the pinnacle of joining with the knowledge of your Soul Parent, your circle of incarnations will have been completed in the Third Dimension. You may then be assigned new challenges in other frequencies in which to experiment and reach higher knowledge, traveling further into the unknown. The Kingdom of God is limitless and the long path to the final reunion with the Eternal Power takes innumerable reaches of infinite time. Life, real life, is unimaginably rich and exciting. Reach for it, expect it, and you will find a universe of love and fulfillment waiting for you.

Powers you cannot possibly understand are sending you love and energy to achieve the purposes you came here to accomplish. You are never alone and you are always supported by the Hands of God. Amen.

by Ruth Ryden


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At 11:36, Blogger David N. said...

This channel's information seems different from the majority of channeled information regarding the ascension process. (It seems more 'hard knocks real' less suger-coated.) Where did it come from?

At 08:21, Blogger Mitch said...

Hello David, I have added the line indicating that it came in a newsletter from Ruth Ryden. All the best to you :)


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