Sunday, September 18, 2011

Creation by Thought -- TwelveSpirit

Q: How do I do create reality with my thoughts? Wasn’t reality here before I came along?

Well, here's the thing with that. You create reality with your thoughts but that's only part of the equation. Source energy is the other essential part. Your thoughts give form to the energy of Source. You cannot create on your own without the cooperative involvement of Source, and Source won't go anywhere without you. You have this cooperative agreement, a bonding between you, a marriage whose offspring are the creations of your life.

And the answer to your second question is no: This reality was not here before you came along. Your expression in the world is unique and the world that expresses forth from you is unique. You are not going to readily understand this from your physical perspective, because while it looks like you share this world with all the other co-creator's, there is a kind of partition—like a cellular membrane—that insures that your reality is discrete from all the others.

And while by agreement you may all share many common elements within your creations, that sharing is not a requirement. If your belief is strong, stronger than the thoughts that are prevalent among the others, you may choose events and experiences that are very different. You may choose health while others are choosing sickness. You may choose to prosper while others experience recession. You may choose not to remain vibrantly young.

Think of the one who returned others from death. His signal was so powerful that it prevailed over the signals of the many others who thought their death was real. So these partitions between you—your world—and the worlds being created by the others sharing this planet with you, are permeable. You can be influenced by the thoughts of others, the prevalent paradigm, and they can be influenced by you.

This reality is unique unto you, and the only reason it looks anything like what anyone else is creating, is because you chose at some time to accept that. You may have agreed to accept it before you realized what power you have. You may by choice have a marvelous life experience and bend, or ignore, as many of the “rules” that others see as “truth” as you wish. You create with your thoughts that which will become the truth.


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