Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The You-niverse -- TwelveSpirit

Guest: Does life recycle? It seems like we come around again to the same place, but as a different person.

Life is constantly recycling around you and when you recognize this you will be less concerned when things don't seem to be going your way. A new world is always being rebirthed around you.

You see yourselves as moving through life. You see this great big world all around you, and your smaller self moving through that big old world. It is a core confusion about who you really are. We see you perfectly still. We see the universe flowing around you in response to the content of your predominant thought. We see the universe being reborn continuously, thus giving you the very persistent illusion of motion and “progress”.

So when you come around again to a place, whether it is emotional or physical or mental, it has changed. It has changed in response to the vibration that is you. If you change, everything around you must change. Static—unchanging—is impossible. So you will do well to recognize and appreciate the things that have changed in your favor, even if they are very small compared to your overall situation.

Joyful appreciation brings to you more about which to be grateful. And it doesn't matter if it makes any logical sense from a conventional standpoint. Your smelling of the roses can indeed bring you improvement in many unrelated areas—relationships, money—because your relaxation into the moment puts you in alignment with the Source of All Worlds who has it all taken care of.

So this is your important job here: the world is rebirthed through you. You get to choose where Source Energy goes next, and you choose it with your thoughts. But be kind while the universe gets it right. Relax, and enjoy, and don't allow circumstances to divert you from your job of appreciation. Be gentle on yourself while training your thoughts to flow along positive lines, and so be gentle on your universe in kind. You are—each of you—far more powerful than you realize.

Twelve .

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