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You must ask for what you want
Trouble God with silliness
Your physical perspective is valued
Alignment with your own nonphysical Self is essential
Meditation is the opportunity for your own nonphysical being to speak
Your attention places the value in everything
Your attention infuses life with Source Energy
Be visionary with your intentions
God is not your parent!

You must ask for what you want

“Great Assistance is available to you. But you must intend it first; you must ask for it. And when you ask for the great assistance for every task—no matter how small, no matter how large—Great Assistance will be there to unravel the knots. To bring the things into position that you could only hope for with your physical orientation. Be on the leading edge. Be on the leading edge of creation every day, every segment. Create it whether you think it needs creating or not, because in fact you are creating it whether you believe it or not.”

Trouble God with silliness

“Dwell upon that which is wanted, intend upon that which is wanted. Intend as you enter each segment. For there is nothing that is beyond your power. We are wanting that you realize this, that nothing is beyond your power. You must ask.

“You are thinking that you are having trouble with the allowing part of the process. We are thinking you have trouble with the asking part of the process. You may shower the Universe with asking. You may trouble God with every minute detail. You may trouble God with silliness.

“In those matters that you find extremely serious, God often finds them not, for the solution has already been crafted for all. He does not create anything that might be regarded as a problem without simultaneously creating that which might be called a solution. There is not permanence to any of it and you remain unaffected, undamaged, unharmed in the nonphysical by any of it. As you remain unharmed by any of it, you see its not something to be taken so seriously.

“And so this is the problem that arises as you bring serious matters only to the Great Divine Being: you exclude 99% of your life from access to the Divine. What salesman would not be frustrated knowing that only one in one hundred times would his prayer be ask-ed, be given. What would not become frustrated knowing that he would knock on a hundred doors before one would say yes. What prayerful person would not become frustrated knowing that only one in one hundred of their prayers would be answered, when in fact that is because you are only offering one in one hundred of your life situations to the Divine for improvement.

“You must offer the Divine everything. In the offering of everything there is improvement of the process, there is improvement of your understanding, there is improvement of your allowing. If you can get the coveted front door parking place you can get the coveted winning lotto tickets. There is no limit to what you may ask, so ask. Ask more. Intend more. We want segment intending for you so you are doing this more and more throughout the day. We want your asking to increase. We do not want your asking occurring only in those fifteen minute workshops every day. Its not enough. Ask more. Ask more and ye shall have more.”

Your physical perspective is valued

“You ask is there a difference between creating thought launched from the nonphysical and creation force launched from the physical?

“And we say indeed yes there is. For as you are in the physical, your vibration is closer to that, is more precise in that, your attention giving to creation in the physical. And the reason we are sending you there is for the closeness to it, the receiving of physical experience and the growth from the contrast that comes from the physical experience.

“We suffer not the pains of war in the nonphysical to make us cry out for peace. We have peace, we have abundance of peace. We have abundance of that which you call wealth. We have abundance of delights. We have said you are an earth-naut on a mission to earth, and indeed this is so. And the creating that you do within the physical is better attuned. Your human prayers are necessary.

Alignment with your own nonphysical Self is essential

“Be centered to and aware of the flow of intent from the nonphysical for it is your own broader intent-source that beckons to you. It is alignment with your own self, greater self, that beckons to you from the nonphysical, calls you through the door, calls you to open the window. Your creative source energy flowing through you energizes all segments of life; indeed that is your purpose in being here is that alignment and creation from that point of alignment.

“Thus you see some individuals who do marvelous creating and find themselves frustrated for they have not achieved an alignment. Thus we have been very insistent with you that alignment comes first for it is very easy to be trapped into the game of physical hammering out of things. For as physical entities are capable of hammering this into shape or that into shape, building this structure over here, building that empire over there through physical action.

“But that still leaves you without alignment and the elegance of creating something through thought. The elegant, and at the same moment, incredibly powerful creating that comes through having the Universe building it for you—that comes only from alignment.

“Now, as you attend to the Source Energy calling that comes through you, you are in alignment; you are coming into alignment with your own greater self. There is expansion beyond words—for words define that which is known, and awakening is expansion beyond that which is known.

Meditation is the opportunity for your own nonphysical being to speak

“In the process of meditation, in the quieting of the conscious thinking mechanism, will be the opportunity for your own nonphysical being to speak to you. As we speak to you now you are alive in the nonphysical as a much broader, wiser, older nonphysical being, who is, for this physical space-time, choosing to express in a physical form. But you remain alive in the nonphysical as this broader, wiser being. It is that connection you will allow in the process of meditation. It will give you access to your own broader, wiser knowing. It will give you access to the many spirit connections you have in the nonphysical, for in the nonphysical we know not the boundaries of physical separation that you have here.

“There are many among us as we speak to you, and we speak to you with a collective voice, a consensus of what we wish to say. In whatever way it comes to you, your voice will speak to you as a consensus of your many connections in the spirit world, in the nonphysical. It is as the African native tribes, people see themselves connected with all their ancestors who ever lived. And when they go to speak with their ancestors they consider that to be a literal thing. It is similar to that. You have many, many, many connections in the nonphysical and vast resources that are available to you. And it is this vast resource that we want you to be able to tap into, for there are no limits to the knowing that is possible.”

Your attention places the value in everything

“Understand this—we really want you to get this one.It is you who places the value in anything. It is you who places the value in everything. There is nothing here with intrinsic value unless you have valued it. The Universe doesn’t give a rip whether you value it or not. And you value it by placing your attention upon it, whether it is something you want or not. If you value it not, attend to it not, it will go away.

“And you are here to place the value of God upon it. Source becomes that which you value with your attention. Source has even become you because of your attention. It was your attention that brought you here in the first place. If you value positive relationship Source will infuse that energy into the ones you have and if they can’t take it then new ones will appear that can. If you place your attention upon the having of money (not the lack) then Source will become money on your behalf, infuse the Divine power into money on your behalf and you will find it upon your joyful path, it will not be satisfied with its existence until it finds you. None of this, none of this, none of this, has value, without your attention to it.

What about people?
“They have value of their own, but if you devalue them, ignore them, turn away from them, and they in turn do the same to themselves, watch how quickly they go away out of your experience. They are co-creators with you, but do you value them as such?

“You are here to do the work of the Creator. He has delegated it to you. How do you value your brothers? How do you value every moment of your life? Every experience? Every possibility? Every flower? Every stray dog? Do you see them with shining possibility and light and appreciate their positive aspect? Do you appreciate them where they are, as they are, how they are, and where they are going, whether it is somewhere you would want to go or not? Do you see them as the powerful creator of their own experience, in full control of that experience whether they know it or not?

“You see, the valuing in your experience is up to you. Only you can do it. Every moment is rich with opportunity to do this; to create this positive, joyous experience right now, right here.”

Your attention infuses life with Source Energy

“Now we know that you are always asking, for you cannot stay in one place, and you naturally send forth asking whether you know you are doing it or not. We are addressing here the conscious asking that you who are choosing to be conscious creators will be going about. And if you are wanting more money in your life, or more sexiness, or more of anything that you have been denying yourself because you don’t think its holy enough, remember that it is your attention that infuses the Holy Power into it. You are the Extension of Creator, here to direct the process of ongoing Creation in your sphere.

“That is why you have healing power through your attention to another’s wellness of being. That is why you can create anything. If you want it, if you attend to it, value it, it will come to you and so fulfill its Holy Mission… the creation process is Holy. It is the infusing of Holy Spirit into the life experience you are living. You, are in the pilots chair, the director’s seat, and Holy Spirit is just waiting for you to say where to go next. Your very gaze has this Power. And it is always “On”. There has never been an “Off” setting. As we have said before, there is no such thing as a casual thought.

“So do not fear that anything you want is not holy enough, it is through your attention to it, that it becomes Holy. You are the Son of God, the Chosen One, the Right Hand of the Creator, the Buddha, the Godhead, All That Is. Make your entire life a Holy experience by conscious choosing what you want.”

Be visionary with your intentions

“We want you to bring those intentions forward… intend them as you want them to be, now! Do not put them off in your intention even if you find your action blocked. The action journey, the money journey, the cooperation journey, the position or willingness of any other person, none of these, none of them, are reasons to hold back your intention. If you intend the relationship to be glowing and perfect then intend it so regardless of the circumstances.

“You allow circumstance to mold your thought and then are surprised that you get more circumstances. Put your thought out there where what you want is already created! Done! And keep them there, in your workshop, in your intentions, in your motivation, in everything you do, think, or say. Circumstances are really irrelevant to the process of creation as God creates and you are invoking the power of Almighty God to create this for you. Since you know you aren’t going to do it with your limited self, you are going to do it with your Greater Self and that One has All Power! Stop thinking like a human and start thinking like God. That is what He wants you to do.

“See all of it, every detail of your life experience as if it already is because it is already is! This is what being visionary means.”

God is not your parent!

“Intend what you want. Put it out there. You must ask. You still have the expectation that there is this benevolent God Source out there who is sitting on his throne watching you on his Big Screen and tweaking the controls so that benefits and lessons and obstacles are delivered to you. You keep wanting to ask the Giant God Source to take care of things for you, to be your Big Daddy in the Sky and fix it. Hear us now!

"God is not your parent!"

“He is not watching over you. He’s not going to just kiss it and make it better. He’s not going to decide for you.
It is for you to ask.
It is for you to envision the answer.
It is for you to envision the solution.
It is for you to envision the outcome.
He did not delegate you a little of His Power. He has delegated to you all of His Power. You have His Power to create within your field of experience, and no one else’s field should matter to you.

“When you ask God to kiss it and make it better, most often you are abdicating your responsibility to Vision it better yourself. You stub your toe, you wreck your car, your child gets jailed, you catch something terrible and suddenly you are so wrapped up in that experience that you forget to ask for what you want.

“Consider it this way. Prayer is not for God… prayer is for you. The purpose of prayer is for you to have vision of what you are desiring in any situation. It is the perfect time for segment intending. It is the perfect time for your visioning. God indeed listens to all of these prayers and responds to them through His Magnificent Universe, usually well before you have finished speaking or thinking your prayer. But understand this, He is not going to decide for you. He is not going to come up with an outcome for you. He may come up with an extremely creative way to get you there, but He is not going to think it for you. That you must do yourself. It is wholly upon you to envision your own future whether five minutes or five years from now. You must envision the wholeness. You must envision the state of perfect health. You must envision the perfect car. You must envision the perfect relationship. You must envision the perfect job, the perfect spouse, the perfect school, the perfect child. You! You! You! No one else, not even the Almighty can do it for you.

“This miraculous Universe sends you that balance of your thought and the more your thought is focused and consistent, the more you will find an ever increasing positive flow of events, things, circumstances, people dollars all of it that you are wanting. Your thoughts, all of them, are your prayer. It does not matter if you preface them with “Dear God”, or not… they are all prayer and they are all answered by God’s automated answering service called The Universe."
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