Thursday, December 01, 2011

Gratitude Before The Having -- Twelve Spirit

Twelve Insight Journal
November 27, 2011

There are few things that you can do that will bring about manifestation faster than thankfulness. You generally do not express gratitude for something until you have already received it, and what better way to bring yourself into that feeling place of already having received what you have asked.

Maybe it feels a little odd to you to express gratitude for something you have not yet received into your physical life experience. But your physical life experience is not the whole of it. There is also your vibrational matrix of creation that precedes you; it is also in your now moment. And what is there in that vibrational matrix? Just everything you thought into being—enough that it has provided a form for Source Energy to fill in around—and that you are attending to in thought.

So when you have created something positive for yourself in thought, its OK to allow yourself a little time each day to be excited about it, to feel joy about its life and its impending arrival. It really is a birthing process. You have put forth the seeds in thought and Source Energy has filled them in. Source wants them to be born into your experience. They want to be born into your experience. The only delays are created from your own worry and frustration.

The Great Mother Matrix of creation works flawlessly, assuredly, inevitably. So you really can throw a celebration, pass out little cigars if you like, and definitely get into that feeling-thankfulness place where your vibration says, “I have received and I am grateful.” And then relax, and breathe, and bask in the knowing your dreams have become the truth.

We extend our gratefulness to you, leading-edge edge creators. Your mission on Earth has the fullest blessing of the Source of All Being.


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