Saturday, January 28, 2012

Network of Inspiration to Help Stranded Space Travelers -- Robert Shapiro

ET Synthesizes Network of Inspiration to Help Stranded Space Travelers

Eech-en-ah through Robert Shapiro

I am Eech-en-ah, a visitor from another planet. I have been visiting for
some time.

(Questioner): Eech-en-ah! Welcome! Tell me about yourself.

I am not exactly of physical substance, but I can accommodate physical
substance. I most often attach myself to stone outcroppings, because the
makeup of my physical being is not crystalline but is sympathetic in
vibration to crystalline. If you were to consider the auric field of
rock, I am like that - meaning the makeup of my being is like the auric
field of stone on your planet. Therefore, my connecting to stone in
whatever form it is in is comfortable for myself and for the stone.


I have come from a distance to understand the nature of your
planet's capability to produce responses - in the long range and the
short range - to the needs on a soul level of any population that
establishes itself here for more than a few hours of Earth-measured
time. I have studied the temporary stranding of populations, usually one
or two, sometimes up to one hundred or one thousand, that have occurred
around this general part of the galaxy for some time, because I believe
that it's possible to coordinate a form of communication that can be
established beyond technology to support individuals who may be stranded
on any planet through simple spiritual connection.

This is particularly helpful to beings from other planets who will
occasionally get stranded here, but it is just as helpful for beings
from any planet who get stranded on any planet, if the local population
either is not helpful or cannot be contacted for assistance, as you have
here on Earth. This planet is well-known in the galaxy as a planet that
is profoundly responsive. It is responsive according to people's
needs, not only on their survival level - meaning you as beings need
water and food and so on, and the planet is capable of providing that -
but the planet is also highly responsive to the lessons any soul has
when it comes here, including visitors or those who get stranded
temporarily here from other planets.

Almost everyone who has been stranded on this planet has reported when
they returned how their personal lives were totally altered - not from
the stranding (after all, occasionally one gets stranded for a short
time), but they were totally altered because whatever they experienced
as a life lesson or even an interest that led to growth for them greatly
expanded and accelerated in all kinds of directions. Depending upon the
nature of the personality or the culture of the beings, they would
either make huge strides forward in assimilating and adapting new ways
according to whatever it was they were trying to achieve as a soul, or
in some cases they would require a considerable amount of gentle care
after the stranding, because that acceleration of personality was well
before the time that one would have normally reached that in one's
life span.


My intention, then, I believe can be served over the next few days of
your time, and then I can depart. I've got an initial test going on
now whereby the personal capabilities of Earth can be assimilated into a
means of communication that will cater to all beings' needs -
meaning an energy that initially, where there is a connection to Earth
and a connection to all those who have been stranded in this galaxy for
a time . . . where they feel that they can receive all of the wisdom of
others who have been stranded and that their own personalities can
accelerate and grow to adapt to their immediate problems of being
stranded by being connected to the Earth. It works, but it's too
strong. I've had to tone it down quite a bit.

I believe that I can, through the use of an artificial synthesis, create
a waveform (meaning adapt a waveform) by which all these beings who have
been stranded on Earth and other places can be connected. And most
importantly for the future, anyone who is stranded somewhere can tap in
to this waveform without the need for instruments - because very often
the big challenge for people when they are stranded is that the
equipment is not functioning properly or they wouldn't have been
stranded in the first place.

So this will likely take place as a connection. You would call it a
telepathic connection, but to me it is a feeling connection connected to
energy, or "quadrated." I don't think you have that word,
but it means through the use of four - the inner, the outer, the
perceiving and the perceptive - and the synthesis of all of those four.
That's the basis of the energy, and it is an energy that is
imitating that aspect of the personality of Mother Earth to create
almost immediate adaptation, growth and stimulus on the level of which
the recipients, the other populations, can comfortably accept.
That's why I'm here.


(Questioner): That's absolutely wonderful! So we owe so much, then,
to the energies of Mother Earth for responding to our needs and
accelerating our growth?

I do not think that it would be possible for you to achieve your
intended purpose on any other planet. I have heard that you, as a
population, have traveled on soul levels, sometimes in this form or in
that form, and have attempted to achieve your purpose on other planets.
These planets were good planets and so on, but they didn't have the
tremendous spiritual capabilities that Earth has.

This is a planet that in many cultures would be considered a deity. By
"cultures," I do not refer to your Earth cultures, though I
believe there may be some Earth cultures that feel that way. Perhaps
they are not in the present; I do not know your history that well. But
the planet herself has almost every quality of a deity.


(Questioner): So how did this start? How did you get interested in
beings who were stranded?

I was stranded myself, and I was stranded in a planetary system that had
no magnetic energy at all. It didn't, as a result, have much in the
way of electrical energy. To you it would feel stagnant; you would be
very lethargic. But in my case, it was difficult to connect
energetically to anything. I am simply fortunate that other beings knew
where I was and were able to find me, because I had a life signature
that was totally different than the surrounding matter. And even though
I had, because of exhaustion, blended into the stone there - what would
look like stone to you (it looked like stone to me, but it turned out
not to be) - they were able to find me on the basis of checking my
life-sign energy as compared to what I was connected to.

Granted, when they took me back to the vehicle (because that's what
they used), they accidentally brought some of the planet with me, so
they had to make a second trip back to take that back, because they
weren't sure what was the planet and what was me. But they were able
to rescue me. I really felt I would come to my end there.

(Questioner): What were you doing there? What was your purpose?

Research. I was looking for what I found here. You see, what I found
here on this planet, on Earth, is something so rare. As I explained in
my opening statement, I had been searching for this kind of thing my
whole life. I am toward the end of my life now, and I have found it. I
was stranded when I was in the early stages of my life, and now that
I'm in the late stages, I have been granted the opportunity to visit
your planet and therefore have been able to find what I need to do and
synthesize it, based upon the personality of your planet. I believe it
will be a contribution I can feel good about when I come to the end of
my natural cycle, which will be coming up pretty soon. [Chuckles.]


(Questioner): How did you know about Earth? Did you have a feeling that
such a planet existed? Or had you heard about it?

I heard about it.

(Questioner): Ah, but you didn't know where it was?

I found it strictly by feeling. I focused on my need. Because I had
heard that the planet is so responsive to needs, I focused on my need
and tried to find the general area of the planet. The best I had of the
general area of the planet was a little larger than your solar system,
so I searched the solar system for a while until I landed on the stone
of this planet, eh? What a great joy!

(Questioner): How had you originally heard about it?

From survivors. Several survivors had been stranded: one on Earth, one
on what you call Saturn, one on Uranus and another one a little closer
on . . . I believe you call the planet Mars. They had already come to
the end of their cycles, but they left records, which I studied. And
they felt this energy - not on those planets, but they felt it nearby.

So I explored most of the moons first, because after a lifetime of
searching, I did not think it was possible that a planet itself - an
entire planet - would have such energy. So I explored the moons, and
then I explored a lot of the smaller pieces of matter. And then I just
focused on my need and allowed myself to be drawn here. But I had to
focus on my need totally and nothing else, and I felt myself being drawn
here like an attraction. Of course, it did not occur to me that it was
the whole planet. It took awhile to discover that it was the planet
herself in the way I explained in the beginning.


(Questioner): Are you in a vehicle?

I have a support vehicle. Due to my advanced time of my life, I require
a support vehicle. Younger members of my culture do not always need a
support vehicle. They can travel, and if you saw it, it would be
something that looked like a condensed light - meaning that if it
appeared briefly, just for a split second, it would be very bright. You
wouldn't be able to stare at it for a long time. That's why it
only appears to the human eye for just a moment, so that it does not
damage your vision.

But at this stage of my life cycle, I require a support vehicle that has
been loaned to me by other researchers who are from other planets and
other cultures, and they are also in occupation. They cycle in and out,
but there are three or four in occupation on the vehicle in order to
support my searches. And of course, we are all very happy to have made
this find.

None of them has ever even been in your solar system (of course,
I've been here for a while). But they usually cycle on and off the
ship and back to other vehicles and back to their home planet - in terms
of your time, about once every two or three weeks. Most of them have
very close family ties, and to be away from their families for too long
is a burden for them.

(Questioner): So will you be able to get home now? Do you have enough
time left to get home?

Yes. That's why I'm leaving in a few days of your time, so that
we can get back to my culture, which occupies numerous planets in a
distant star system. Even with this ship that they have, it will take us
several more of your Earth days to get there. We do not travel
instantaneously on that vehicle. When I was younger, I could do that on
my own, but now that I am at the end of my life cycle, that's not


(Questioner): How long is that cycle in Earth time?

Oh, perhaps approximately 51,000 years.

(Questioner): You've spent most of 51,000 years looking for this

Closer to 48,000. It was a worthy search. This will make all the
difference in the world to beings who are stranded anywhere, possibly
even your own as you begin to explore other planets. It happens.
Technology breaks down, some of your people might be stranded, your
instruments might not be functioning and you might not be able to
contact your people or those who help you.

But if you are trained in focusing, you may be able to access this
network through the means of communion - not exactly what we're
using here, but something where you would hear words and be inspired to
take certain actions. So without any knowledge or capability whatsoever
in the field of repair of your ship, you might be able to synthesize the
repair of your ship using technology not native to your own culture -
meaning another culture, if they were there, could come and fix it, but
it wouldn't look like anything you have in your culture.

So this kind of capability would be wonderful, wouldn't it? You
could be stranded somewhere and say, "Well, that's the end. This
is where I'm going to die." And then you get this feeling, you
get this inspiration from others who have been in a similar
circumstance. And they, working with you, will help you, using your
inspiration. You see, you will be using your own inspiration, and you
will just feel stimulated to make these repairs, some of which will look
totally outrageous. You'll say, "That can't possibly
work!" But it will.

(Questioner): You're saying that you're going to set up a
network, almost like a channeling network, that has information that the
stranded being can tune in to?

Yes, but it won't be channeling. It will be inspiration, meaning
that you might hear some words, but mostly you will feel physically
inspired to make certain motions. They will be inspired motions. You
might even walk around on the surface of the planet and just know what
elements you can use and what not to, and be able to make repairs with
technology that is not native to your culture.

(Questioner): And this energy that you're tuning in to is a
combination of Mother Earth's energy and other people who have been

No. Remember, I told you that the Mother Earth energy is too strong. It
will be a synthesized version of Mother Earth's personality. As I
said, it won't be Mother Earth's energy, even for those from
Earth. It's too strong.

(Questioner): And by synthesizing . . . ?

It makes it possible for all races, all cultures, all types of beings
who are likely to get stranded - obviously many beings wouldn't need
it, but all kinds of beings - it will be comfortable for them. And it
won't be as intense as Mother Earth's capability . . . well, you
don't need to be able to move your entire planet, you see? Mother
Earth can move huge masses to adapt to her own needs and the needs of
others. But you don't need that.

You would simply need some energy that would function with your
capability to spontaneously act and react in order to know how to repair
something that is either not repairable because of the materials you
have at hand, or you don't have the skills to repair it, or the
function of your equipment is hampered by the planet itself in some way.
So the equipment itself might be working fine, but the planet or
whatever the environment is might be hostile to your technology.

(Questioner): That is awesome! Will this function within this whole
universe, or just in the Milky Way?

Within the galaxy, and it will be available, of course, for others to
study if they feel that they might wish to adapt it. Perhaps they
already have it, but I've never been beyond this galaxy, so I
don't know.


(Questioner): So your star system is in the Milky Way galaxy?

Yes, not quite on the other side, but close.

(Questioner): Tell me something about your life there.

I'm a little more dense in my own planetary culture. I'm
adaptable to other planets' conditions, and that makes it more
comfortable. But at home - and this may not help you very much - I am
thicker, meaning I have more substance, but not as much as you would
consider yourself to have in order to be solid matter with flexibility.

(Questioner): And you move because you want to be somewhere else?

We move if we feel the need - yes, of course. Just as you do. Our forms
are adaptable. We do not have arms, legs, a head . . . we are not

(Questioner): But do you move with a physical body, or do you float, or
are you attracted to where you want to go? How does that work?

I'd say mostly it functions through attraction and others'
attraction as well - meaning someone may have an attraction, want us to
be present, and if that's possible, then we allow ourselves to be
drawn to that.

(Questioner): Have you been mostly away all these 48,000 years?


(Questioner): So you don't have a family?

I have a family that I became one with in the beginning, but it has more
to do with my point of origin rather than anything that has come about
through the rest of life. We are not born as you understand it but
rather synthesized - not technologically, but through spirit - into form
on the basis of our family's desire for a certain personality type
to be amongst them.

(Questioner): Oh, so that's why you can synthesize this energy -
that's part of your culture!

Yes, it is at the deepest core of our being, the idea of synthesizing.
That is how we procreate, so it is our nature to be able to see things
in that light and offer it not only to our own kind but to others. But I
see a parallel in your culture. You also are adapting kinds of people.

(Questioner): We are very adaptable, yes.

Yes, and you tend to appreciate your technology the more uses it has.
Even in your language, very often you have words that you use more than
one way. So it is very appealing to you, the idea of adaptation and
synthesis. Even for your foods, you do not have, say, this kind of fruit
and that kind of fruit, and you eat them separately. Very often you will
put them together. So that's a synthesis of complementary foods. You
see, we have similarities.

(Questioner): That's great. So you're sort of called into form
and . . . how do you learn what your culture knows? Are you born knowing
it, or are there teachings about that?

There is no teaching process because the beings are a family of
personalities that are mutually complementary. They don't really
sit, but they are in a circle form, and in the center of their sphere is
the desired personality form, but it forms in reaction to the desires of
those who are present. So everything that they know is known by the
personality that is manifested through spirit form. Therefore, no
teaching is necessary.

(Questioner): Then how do you share what you learn over your life span?
Is there some other coming together and sharing?

The way I will share when I get back is that I will join that circle
that is desiring to manifest another personality. By joining that
circle, we all become one, and when we welcome the new arrival, that
being will also be synthesized with that wisdom. So it will be
instantaneous. It's very easy to share.

(Questioner): But that's in your family. How does it spread to the
rest of your culture?

The entire culture is involved in welcoming every new being. The planets
we occupy are all one family. I just used that term since that is a term
you use.

(Questioner): That's exciting! So they'll all know everything
that you have learned and everything that everybody else has learned in
their entire lives?

That's right - there is no loss of wisdom.


(Questioner): So as you prepare to end your cycle, is that the time they
choose to replace you, then?

Yes, but I don't think they think of it as a replacement.

(Questioner): No, but I mean, you have a fixed number.

We have a number that we find is adequate.

(Questioner): You're trying to get one of Robert's lozenges out
of the package [chuckles].

It's awkward. If I were on my home planet, it would just float to
me. We don't eat, so that's not a factor. [Chuckles.]

(Questioner): So you have a fixed number of beings on your home planet?

We have a fixed number. And of course, some come to the end of their
cycle, so new ones are welcomed, as you say, as old ones move on -
"old" in terms of just coming to the end of our natural life
cycle. But there isn't the experience of change that you have here
at the end of one's cycle. It's a feeling, mostly presenting
itself as a desire to move on to the greater One.

(Questioner): Do you have a memory of doing this before?


(Questioner): You don't remember your past life?

No. And if you consider it, you can see why. If we were to remember our
past lives, we would be remembering information, knowledge and wisdom
that probably would not fit into our culture. But since we are all
synthesized with the same wisdom, we would simply be permeating our
culture with things that we don't need and that may be obsolete or

(Questioner): So do you communicate with your home planet when you are

No, but the helpers who are assisting me will do that. When I was
younger, I could communicate at a distance, but now that I am older,
I'm going to say - even though that's not a factor of our
culture and we don't think of ourselves that way - that I need
assistance, and those on the ship will do that for me.

(Questioner): How does this oldness manifest? Everything just slows down
or what?

The capabilities we have when we are young are no longer available. This
is not dissimilar from yourselves, but there is no pain, and the basic
necessities of life still function very well. But some of the abilities
of youth are not present, such as . . . as I mentioned, the
long-distance communication, the ability to move as a single being or
perhaps united with one or two good friends. And now I need to fly on a
ship. [Chuckles.] But it was worth the trip.


(Questioner): So what did you communicate to your planet?

I first communicated the Mother-Earth aspect, and then I communicated
that actually I realized that this was too strong. In short, I
communicated the research level. We've already got the model going
for the synthesis, but I'm here mostly now confirming. We don't
make [snaps fingers] snap decisions.

(Questioner): So you were here before, and now you're back. This
isn't your first trip, then?

It is my first trip to Earth.

(Questioner): Oh! But you're staying here until you know that
everything works perfectly?

Yes, but I have only been here a short time.

(Questioner): But you came here to make sure everything worked?

This is my visit here. No, I . . . you . . . we're having a
breakdown in communication here. I have been here for about two and a
half weeks of your time. I've never been here before. I'll be
leaving in a couple . . . in three days of your time.

(Questioner): So you discovered the effect of Mother Earth before you
came here, then?

As I said before, I heard from those who were stranded in this solar
system, and I found the planet the way I described.

(Questioner): So after 48,000 years of searching, in two and a half
weeks you have found what you were looking for and you have begun the
synthesis process. That's awesome! You have your glorious invention
or creation!

Well, I already had the understanding of how it could work, but there
simply weren't the means. But because of the personality of your
planet, I could see how it could be done. Your planet volunteered, and
we used the energy, but it was too strong for everyone. So then
naturally it occurred to me that a synthesis of the personality aspect
of Earth would work just fine. So what we did was synthesize and blend,
you might say - you would probably say "blend" - that
personality characteristic.

(Questioner): And you are the one culture that would know how to do

Well, we're good at that. [Chuckles.]

(Questioner): So people on your home planet must be enthused for you;
they must be excited for you.

Well, they appreciate the project because it will not only help our own
beings, who on occasion get stranded - though I think a lot was learned
from my getting stranded - but it's a wonderful thing to be able to
offer such a gift to travelers in general. I believe it will get a lot
of use, perhaps saving a great deal of suffering and loss.


(Questioner): So your culture is a space-faring planet? You live on many
planets, but you go out . . . ?

We travel, yes.

(Questioner): What other kinds of things do you travel for, besides what
you were traveling for?

There are only two or three other projects - again, beings who are
trying to solve something, a need that we were unable to solve in our
own part of the overall physical place. I do not know much about those
projects. I've been focused on my own.

(Questioner): When you were on that planet and were stranded, you said
you thought it was stone, but what was it?

It was not a matter you have here, because of course, everything here
has an electrical or magnetic charge. So it was something that looked
exactly like stone, but as I got closer to it, I realized that it
didn't have those characteristics, those qualities, nor did it have
a crystalline characteristic either. It was more something that was
taking in energy, drawing energy, instead of something like your planet,
for instance, that radiates energy. And I feel it's in the nature of
the electrical and magnetic to do that. But this was something that
looked exactly like stone anywhere else, yet as I got closer, I realized
that it was this other . . . more like drawing energy. And then it was
drawing so much of my energy that I couldn't get away.

Even though I was right on the surface, I couldn't get away, and I
looked exactly like the other matter. It was just because of the
determined efforts of those who rescued me that they found me at all. I
thought perhaps that this would be where I would finish up my life

(Questioner): And you were so young! [Laughs.]

[Chuckles.] I was a bit discouraged!

(Questioner): At that time, were you already on this project?

No, I became inspired to do this project as a result of being stranded,
because I could not communicate. I was stuck. I could not communicate
with my people because my energy had been drawn. If they hadn't
known where I was, they couldn't have found me. I was unable to
communicate with them. So, you see, I became determined to find some way
for those who get stranded to be able to commune and to have the means
to either be rescued or assist in their own rescue.

(Questioner): What were you doing there, anyway?

Traveling as the young do, even in my culture. Traveling, looking,
exploring, trying to find things that were familiar or interesting or

(Questioner): So you do that even though you don't have projects?

Oh, sure! Not everybody does, but it generally happens when one is
young. Early in one's cycle, that is more appealing. Often groups of
two or three travel, but in this particular case, I was on my own. It
isn't always that groups of two or three travel; very often
individuals go, and in this case, it was an individual. After that, for
quite some time it was rare to find individuals going out.

As I said, we have individuals out now, but this is because of the
advances that have been made, not only in communications, but in the
project I've been working on. So now individuals can go out, at
least to places that have been visited before and where our beings
normally travel to and from. Therefore, if an individual is missing,
that being will be quickly found.

(Questioner): Do you get Nobel Prize or . . . ? [Laughs.]

[Laughs.] No, but the result is enough of a prize.


(Questioner): So your great joy is in discovering things, then? Is that
one of the joys of your life?

Discovery is fun, yes, but I feel that our great joy is contributing
something for which there is a need and where that need has not been
fulfilled. Even if it is only a small portion of a contribution, we find
that satisfying. This is not unusual, though. In my travels, I have
found many other cultures that have that same pleasure.

(Questioner): Are there other innovations or inventions that your
culture has created or synthesized that have helped people?

You have to understand that I have not been there. I have been totally
devoted to my project, so I must say that I am ignorant of that because
I have not been there since I was very young. I have not been back to my

(Questioner): Never?!

I was stranded, I was rescued, and I was taken back to my culture. Then
I went out on this mission, and I haven't been back since. So,
therefore, I don't know. I was determined, and I am very happy to
have been rewarded with this discovery. That's the way I see it. And
now after this project is done, I will go home. I haven't been home
in a very long time.

(Questioner): But when you were younger and you communicated with your
home, everyone encouraged you to continue, right?

Oh, most of them discouraged me. They said it would be better to just be
conservative, so to speak, in travels - to travel in numbers and to be
careful and so on. But I was determined - not only for our own beings
but for others, because the experience of being stranded alone was not
very pleasant, and I would not want others to go through that if
it's not necessary or if there is a means to make it possible to
improve the return to one's culture and friends and family. It seems

(Questioner): Oh, it sounds wonderful!


(Questioner): How will you then communicate this to the Andromedans and
the Arcturians and the Zetas and all the other space-faring cultures?
Will they just all know what you've done?

No, they regularly visit and they will often sit - by "sitting,"
you understand, I'm saying that for your sake - not in the circles
to welcome new beings, but in other circles to commune. They like the
way we do things. We don't sit, but many of them do. Many of them
are humanoids, and they will sit or recline as they sometimes do, and we
will be amongst them. We will go into our experience of synthesis and
what you might call union, and they will join that to the extent they

(Questioner): And by doing so, they will learn what you know?

They will be exposed to the many things that we know, and if they come
across something that will serve them, that they might find fits into
their culture (such as my project), then they will have what they need
to know about it so that they can adapt it to their culture and teach
about it - or at least make it available as information to others in
their culture. When you have cultures like the Zetas, particularly, who
are very enthusiastic about travel and interacting with other cultures
and supporting things on a discovery basis - not only with science but
other means to discover (they love that) - they will be very happy to
communicate this to anyone and everyone who wants to know. There are
other cultures like that too, and some will simply come and share it
with their own culture, and of course, some won't need it.

(Questioner): So you already have the knowing that even though you might
be leaving your body soon, your project and its value are going to get
out all over?

Oh, yes. That is a great reward. I will return home and come to the end
of my natural cycle pretty soon, but it will live on after me. And to
know that I have not only fulfilled my own quest but will leave things
in a better condition is a great joy.

(Questioner): So you have other visitors to your planet, then?

Regularly, yes. Granted, we interact . . . we have life, as I said, on
more than one planet. Generally, the visitors come to only a single
planet in the planets where we function, where there are extensive
visitor services available: everything they need to service their
vehicles and to have what they need in replenishment, including the
capability for them to have a permanent establishment there if they wish
so that they can have all their necessities fulfilled. And they know
they are welcome there.

(Questioner): Your people built that?

We made it available for them to build or create in the manner that they
create - not to have a vast population there, but whatever they need in
order to provide for the cultures. It's not like what you would call
a colony; they are not expanding their numbers. It's more like what
you'd call an outpost, where the people who are there come and go so
that they're not there their whole lives.

(Questioner): But they come and go, and they come to you because of your

Yes, as they do with other places. We do not claim to be any wiser than
any other beings they travel to, but it is typical for travelers to
establish a means of support wherever they travel. I believe your own
people do that when you explore.

(Questioner): Since your beings are all over several planets, when the
visitors come and they want to join you in your synthesis, do they come
from all the other planets to this planet where the visitor's center

No, no. This is one of the planets we occupy. So if they wish to join
that, then they will simply just come out of their centers and join in
our community experience - like that. They don't have to go
anywhere; they stay on that planet.

(Questioner): But if you're on a different planet, then how do you

Why would I need to do that? Remember, synthesis is complete.

(Questioner): You don't have to go anywhere because you can join the
synthesis from wherever you are!



(Questioner): Do your people have a history of coming from somewhere
else, or have you always been where you are now?

As much as I know, yes. We have always been in that part of the galaxy.

(Questioner): So your beings, when they go to planets where the Zetas or
the Andromedans or the Arcturians live, they don't need an outpost
because they can just come and be there?

Yes. We don't eat, so we don't have any needs like that. If
there is a need, then the beings on that planet will simply communicate
that we have a need, and someone will come and acquire us, and either
take us home or serve that need.And then one goes on.

(Questioner): We are looking forward to being out of quarantine

Ah! You feel you are a prisoner on this planet. It's true, I have
noted that your people cannot travel off the surface of the planet here
without great effort, and you of course have the desire to do so. It
will perhaps take a little alteration in your culture to be welcome. The
reason, of course, you cannot leave by being drawn somewhere is that
that place would have to welcome you on your personality level, as well
as for other reasons.

You could be bringing the greatest gift they'd ever needed, whatever
that was, but if your personality was not in sympathetic vibration with
them and you weren't comfortable with your own personality in every
way, then of course you would not be drawn to a place. You would not be
totally welcome. Therefore, you have to use a mode of force that pushes
you somewhere rather than something that draws you.

(Questioner): Until we become more benevolent, right?

To be more specific, yes. But you are making progress. [Chuckles.]


(Questioner): Do you know where you are on the planet?

Yes, I am in an area of gray rock. Oh, you mean as in a map? Oh, I
really don't understand those things. I am in an area of gray rock
and it is Moon time, nighttime, yes?

(Questioner): Is it cold and icy, or really, really hot?

It is comfortable - not cold, not hot. But the stone, you understand, is
almost exactly the same temperature as the ambient air, perhaps a little
cooler, slightly cooler.

(Questioner): Why were you drawn to that particular place?

That's the area that attracted me. It is an island.

(Questioner): Can you can communicate with Mother Earth? With our

Not on a thought level, but I can feel the feelings I know. My
understanding is that given the deity-type personality she has, I'm
sure she has many more feelings that I do not know.

(Questioner): But you feel . . . you somehow requested permission to use
her energy, and that was granted, right?

The planet seemed to know my needs. You see, that's her whole
expression - that's what she does. She knows my needs, so I found my
needs accelerating; I found my personality accelerating. In short, I had
the experience of Earth. And I was able to achieve the goal because of
my personality, because everything accelerated for me.

That's how it is for Earth here - everything's accelerated.
That's why you as individual personalities - even with your short
life span here - can grow and have tremendous life capabilities. Within
a single life, you can go through vast changes because the
personality-growth lesson cycle is being constantly accelerated since
Mother Earth is adapting to your needs.

(Questioner): I'm so glad we talked this long, because I didn't
understand that the reason you were able to get this in two and a half
weeks was because of the acceleration you experienced by being on the
Earth. That's awesome!

That's right!

(Questioner): Maybe others of your culture will come here to accelerate
their progress on other projects?

Oh, I don't think so. There are not that many who are comfortable
spending the bulk of their lives traveling. It's one thing to travel
for the sake of the adventure or exploration, and entirely another thing
to make it your life's work.

(Questioner): But they wouldn't have to make it their life's
work just to come and visit.

You want more visitors, eh? [Chuckles.]

(Questioner): [Laughs.] Well, if we can accelerate people with their
great inventions, why not?

Well, they will know that as the result of my experience. I don't
know that this will necessarily draw others. We will see.


(Questioner): Describe your feelings. You came to Earth almost at the
end of your life, having searched all of your life, and you finally
experienced this great realization or inspiration - how did you feel?

I noticed it in an unusual way. I was blending with the rock and
resting, going into a cycle not exactly like your sleep, but a rest
cycle, and I noticed a flavor I had been missing - we don't eat, but
we do experience flavors. I couldn't exactly recall where I had
missed that flavor, but suddenly it was there! I had been attempting to
recall it for the last third of my lifetime, and suddenly I knew where
it was and what it was. Now, it's not like me to suddenly do
anything. The experience of "suddenly anything" got my

So that's when I began to consider that the stone itself had
something to do with that, because I'd been to a lot of other
planets with a lot of other stone and other forms of physical matter,
and this had never happened. In short, the experience of
"suddenly" had never happened in my lifetime. I had never
experienced "suddenly anything." And so it got my attention.

(Questioner): How long had you been here at that time?

Oh, just a few moments. Perhaps in terms of your clock time, three or
four minutes. I hardly had a chance to relax when I had the
"suddenly" experience.

And then what?

Then I started paying more attention to what I was relaxing on. And I
wondered whether it had to do with the contact the stone had with the
plants, the animals and the occasional peoples. That's where I
looked first. It took me a little while to realize that it was the stone
itself - meaning the planet. I didn't learn that right away, because
after a time of rest and relaxation, I went to the waters to commune
with water beings, and I had another experience like that. I won't
go into it, but it was something simple like that.

I thought it was the water being, but the water being suggested to me
that it wasn't, that it might be the planet itself, and suggested a
place deep under the water to go and feel. So I went down there, and it
was a place where the Earth moved and I felt it, but the motion was
uncomfortable. So I returned to the surface and continued my search. But
I liked that spot on the rock to rest, and I would return there to rest,
and I had more experiences like that. That's when I eventually
realized that it was the planet herself.

(Questioner): And then eventually you got the idea of how to do the

That's right.


(Questioner): That's wonderful! Thank you for sharing that with us.
Maybe somebody will read this book someday who can use it.

I am hopeful that your space explorers will read it and be inspired,
because space exploration can be so much easier without having to push
yourself somewhere. Also, you will find what you are looking for much
more quickly if you can be pulled somewhere on the basis of your needs
and on the basis of that place - or those peoples, perhaps, desiring to
have you be there and pulling also. Therefore, if two things are
pulling, you'll get there very quickly, and that will happen when
your personalities are benign and benevolent. You will still have your
humor, you will have your individual personalities, but there will be
nothing hostile.

(Questioner): Yes, that's the goal.

I feel it will be more easily reached than you imagine. I don't
think you're going to have to change your minds. If you had to
change your minds, the way you think, it would be very long indeed. But
from what I have observed in my short time here, it seems to often be
entirely in the feelings. And there will probably be a little less
thought and likely more of a sense of feeling.

The good thing about your culture is that much that is in your culture
will support that. You will probably have more experience of food taste.
Your senses - taste and touch and things that you really don't think
much about, that you take for granted - you will suddenly find to be
much more enjoyable. These things are physical but are also wonderful
feelings. But there won't be questioning; there won't be value
judgments based upon a limited range of information. There will simply
be, "Well, how does this taste to you?" "Salty." "It
tastes sweet to me - we're different!" This may seem simple and
uninteresting to those of you who like to think, but as wonderful as
thought can be, it is also thought that has created some terrible


(Questioner): You've learned a lot by just being here a short time!

I learned this before I got here.

(Questioner): How did you learn it?

By visiting planets that had wars on them. Planets do not easily get
better after that.

(Questioner): There are planets out there that have war? I thought we
had the only discomforting energy in the universe here on this planet,
because of the Explorer Race experiment.

There are planets out there that had wars on them. These planets are
attempting to recover. They don't have populations anymore. I have
communed with the stone.

(Questioner): So there are no wars out there now?

Not on those planets. But there were when there were other cultures on
them not of the planet - cultures that came and stayed, and then moved
on or were destroyed.

(Questioner): But there aren't wars out in this galaxy now, right?

You mean beyond your own culture? No. My understanding is, this is where
your culture was before you got here to Earth.

(Questioner): This is where . . . oh! So you're saying that the
Explorer Race people are the ones who had the wars?

I do not know for certain, but that's my understanding because of
seeing what I saw. These planets are not that far apart.

(Questioner): So where are these planets?

I'm being constrained. I can only say, not that far.

(Questioner): I knew of two or three of them, but I didn't know
there were more.

I have noted four, possibly five. I'm not certain about one of them.
One of them looked like it suffered war damage, but the planet itself
was uncommunicative, so I do not know. It might have just been the
appearance of the planet and not war damage. I couldn't tell.

(Questioner): There are some things the beings whom I talk to through
Robert don't tell us.

It is that way for me as well, but I noticed that it is important for
your peoples to know things on a gradual basis because you have to try
out all of the various functions of those things. And if there are too
many things at once, you get overwhelmed, and then you get
self-destructive. So it is apparently part of your protection to not
know too much at any one moment. I think we ought to end on a more
cheerful note.


Your culture on this planet and our culture have similarities. We each
like to learn more so we can do more. We like to apply what we've
learned in ways that improve the quality of life for others. We like to
discover new uses for the things that are already here, including the
personalities of our friends and family and our own. We like to interact
with beings we don't know and have never met in order to experience
the joy of discovery and the joy of similarity, and thereby feel
reassured that the continuity of life - no matter how far away or how
unusual - is supported by similarities, some of which we consider to be
at the core of our very being.

These similarities between our culture and your own I have found to be
very similar to other cultures. Our feelings, what nurtures us, what
supports us, what we quest for, what we treasure - this is all very much
the same as your own. Know this and understand that in your travels on
this planet, in your explorations with other species on this planet and
in your study of your own planet yourself, your planet has these very
same personality characteristics, including many more. And when you
travel in space and discover other civilizations, look first for those
personality characteristics so that you can build on something that both
of your cultures will embrace and feel as a strong sense of home. Build
on home, no matter where you are in the galaxy, and you will be
welcomed. Good night.

From SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ October 2006 Issue

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