Monday, March 12, 2012

Breathe, Relax, Allow -- TwelveSpirit

If you will continue to align yourself with Spirit—breathe, relax, allow—you will enter into another realm. The kingdom is real, but you really have to allow it to pick you up and transform you. You cannot keep picking up the reins for yourself and planning out your own path. Those paths are not in alignment. Your conscious planning mechanism is not in alignment unless you first choose the easy way of Spirit.

Your sense of frustration with your present world is based on your expectations, your definition of what constitutes a rewarding life experience. So if it’s not there in this moment you feel disappointment. It’s a bit like when you have an expectation from another person and they don’t meet it, so you feel intense disappointment or even anger at them for not being who you wanted them to be; same dilemma.

So if you will modify your beliefs about what constitutes success into something more like happiness, wellness of being—regardless of where it comes from—then you will have an easier time of this. Put yourself on the happiness quotient. Use happiness in this moment as your indicator of success. Happiness indicates your alignment with Spirit, and when you are aligned with Spirit all things that are good will flow to you like gentle rain.


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