Thursday, April 12, 2012

The place of change is Now -- P'taah

You create it all absolutely.

Part of this belief structure, you speak every day. We say it would behoove you well to be aware of your verbiage. Look at what trips off your tongue without even the slightest thought that reinforces your negative ideas and beliefs.

"How are you today?" "Not bad."

"You are a pain in the neck or a pain in the butt."

Look at the words that you say each day and, when you are speaking to each other, look at the things that you say about money. How you reinforce the idea that there is not enough, that it is never there when you want it, etc., etc. And then look at how, when you create good fortune, you simply pass it off - "It was only luck".

Those of you who have been involved with this New Age business for some time are all very willing to shoulder the responsibility of whatever you created in a negative fashion. You find it very difficult to embrace the idea that you create all of the wondrousness as well.

And you actually will state it. "It had nothing to do with me. It was good luck" or "It was such and such and such." Anything, but not you.

If somebody compliments you on your beautiful clothes, do you respond, "Oh, this old rag!" Or if they love your car, do you say something like, "Oh this old car! You know it keeps breaking down."

You see how you do it? You do not take responsibility for the wondrousness. You do not allow for the fact that you are gods and goddesses playing a game called 'Human Life Now'.

And every time you speak the words out loud, whatever you are speaking, the universe listens to you. (Softly) The universe listens to you. When you speak about your body, "I am too fat", "I am too thin", "I am too old", "I am ill", "I do not feel well", your body listens to you. As you speak it, that is the truth!

Pay attention to what you say. The power of your words is awesome. The power of your words creates the reality. When you say, "I want to have such and such and such", you are coming from a place of want, of lack. "I need" is coming from a place of lack. You see?

Now let us look at it the other way. Many of you will say, "Well, I do not understand how I am not creating what I desire because each day I give forth my affirmations." Well, your affirmations are about what you want in your future, not about what is.

We say to you, again for those of you have heard it many times before, the place of transformation is Now. The place of change is Now. For as long as you are 'wanting' or 'needing', whatever that is that you desire, you have put it into your future and that is where it is going to stay.

You only have Now. You do not, in truth, even have a past, and your futures are created out of what you think and believe Now. Does that make sense to you? You only have Now. If you are desiring wealth, look at how you keep wealth away from you every day with your verbiage, with your thoughts, with your beliefs, with your attitude, with your actions, because you are totally focused on lack.

If you would every day sing a song of praise and thanks to the god/goddess of your own beingness, to the universe --

"Thank you for grand and wondrous abundance that I am. Thank you for the river of money which flows through me. Thank you for the abundance and richness I see reflected all about me which shows me how abundant and how rich I am. (Softly) Thank you, thank you."

You are tapping into the power of now, being in the Isness, in the energy, of that which is your wealth. The power of your word going forth.

"Thank you for what is Now". Does that sound powerful to you?

"Thank you for the love in my life. Thank you for the love which surround me." You see?

"Thank you for my perfect body. Thank you for my health and vitality. Thank you for the miracle of life that I am. Thank you for the gift of life that I am and the miracle and gift of life that I see reflected all about me. Thank you, thank you." (Speaks softly) See how powerful it is? Because it is.

So, my beloved ones, much to reflect on, hmm? We love you grandly and issue forth to each and every one of you,



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