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Integration: Acknowledging Our Role In The Human Galactic Family --Sasha

Integration:  Acknowledging Our Role In The Human Galactic Family
Sasha Through Lyssa Royal
        Lyssa Royal wrote this in-depth narrative in conjunction with Sasha, who describes herself as a Pleiadian "cultural" engineer and sociologist specializing in opening contact with planets who are ready to shift realities and enter the galactic community. She has had contact with other extraterrestrial races, as well as our own, and provides much information about the relationship between different species and the evolutionary patterns of developing planets.
        Integration means the allowance of all levels of being as valid portions of the whole. It means letting go of denial. It meansembracing all parts of ourselves as well as each other.
        Just as our unified consciousness created this realm of polarity or duality, we can transform it. When integration occurs, we will shift perspective and become conscious of ourselves as Creators. It does not necessarily mean that our identities will be absorbed. It could mean that we will awaken to the point where we will consciously choose our destinies. Perhaps we may choose to enter other realms and be the unseen friends for planetary societies still playing the game of separation. We may even be another planet's extraterrestrials — pondering the decisions regarding interference that our forefathers faced.
        In stilling ourselves and listening closely, we can hear and feel the under-currents of this transformation. Existence and change are the only constants. We can play the game of illusion that we are an accidental creation, but sooner or later we tap ourselves on the shoulder and the game is up. In Earth's reality we have created the Arcturans, Sirians, Lyrans, Reticuli, Orions, Pleiadians and many others to be the selves who tap us on the shoulder and remind us of our common heritage.
The Integration Process
        First of all, we must know that it will take place with or without our conscious action. The difference is only that conscious action will allow the journey to be more enjoyable.
        The conscious action that will accelerate our integration process is very simple — allowance. If we allow on all levels in which the integration takes place, we will see our paths unfold before us joyously. Integration takes place on four main levels: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical.
        Mental:  For us to integrate our mentality means that we allow ourselves to combine not only our cerebral processes, but our intuitive and emotional ones, as well. The kind of thought today that is validated most is almost entirely head-centered. Formulas and calculations determine the reality of the 21st Century. If we can allow ourselves to understand that the intuitive and emotional processes are just as valid and can be used with the mental, we will be well on our way toward integrating our mentality.
        Emotional:  Integrating emotionally means that we begin learning how to embrace our shadow self. We can start opening inner closets and digging deep into the subconscious for beliefs which hold us back. More often than not, these neglected parts of ourselves only want attention. As the Pleiadians and Lyrans before them discovered, denial only prolongs the pain of existence. Let us learn from these other Selves on distant worlds. Let us not repeat the same lessons over and over again.
        Spiritual:  To integrate spiritually is perhaps the easiest of all. Each person possesses an inner spirituality that is not connected to doctrine. If we can release the doctrine and touch the innate spirituality, we begin the integration process. It extends outward onto the planet by the honoring of every person's truth as a manifestation of the One Truth. This allows each of us to co-exist within our philosophies without needing to change each other's beliefs. The fact that God or All That Is exists is not changed by arguing over which color robe He wears. If we have the courage to begin touching this inner spirituality, we will see our transformation blossom.
        Physical:  Integration physically is slightly different. It involves an acknowledgment of our past and our history as being part of a grander scenario on a cosmic scale. We have stretched our individualization to its outer limits. Coming together will require us to once again acknowledge and accept ourselves as a part of the human galactic family. As we move through our racial fears and stop allowing skin color and cultural differences to be barriers between us, we also move through our fears of intergalactic communion. It is now time to allow integration on all levels here on Earth.
No One Is From Another Place
        Not one of us is "from" another place. We are from the Source, and the Source is vast. We are divine and terrestrial; of gods and men. Let us celebrate that miracle by integrating ourselves and taking responsibility for our planetary reality. We are part of an Association of Worlds and our membership is up for renewal. This time, membership requires our awakening to the cosmic drama of which we've agreed to be a part. This awakening will lead us home. . .to our Selves.
        The main doorway through which many ETs choose to come to you is the door of human consciousness. We would like to explore with you that doorway through which we enter, as well as what happens to you as humans when one of us comes knocking at your door. How does your reality reorganize itself so you either assimilate our contact or repress it? This will give you an understanding of how ET contact is intricately tied to human evolution. The extraterrestrial contact coming to your planet at this time is not only a symptom of your evolution — it is triggering that evolution.
ET Contact Is Supposed To Happen
        Contact with ETs at this point in your planetary history is what is supposed to happen. Any society that evolves to a certain point will eventually have to deal with a greater reality. You have put it off for quite some time. Throughout your ancient history extraterrestrials were here more openly. That has been conveniently stuffed into your memories, but is just now beginning to awaken. Let's give you a peek into human consciousness.
        Let's say that an extraterrestrial tries telepathic communication. This type of communication comes in through the subconscious mind. He is probably faced with an obstacle course, depending on who you are, although some of you are getting quite adept at telepathic contact. As time goes on, your abilities in this area will increase.
        Believe us when we tell you that every single one of you has had contact. It may have been physical, it may have been in the dreamstate, or it may have been telepathic. It may have been that you simply saw a ship, but everyone one of you has subconscious memories of ET contact.
Entering The ET Reality
        The type of contact your planet is preparing for is not so much that the extraterrestrials are going to come and land. We do not have to enter your reality in that way. That is not what you are preparing for. You are preparing to enter the extraterrestrial reality — or, more specifically, for you and us to enter a common reality.
        Each contact program with different planets must be conducted according to the specific ideologies of the planet. On Earth, you have such a melting pot of emotional flavors, that you are really going to need to reach out to us more often than have us reach out to you. Please do not think that this implies that you have to build huge radio telescopes or spaceships; that is not what we are talking about. What we are saying is that you will begin to deal with certain things in your reality that you haven't dealt with for thousands of years. As you do this, you will vibrationally begin entering that common ground where we are waiting for you. It is a matter of perspective. From our point of view, we are both traveling to a common ground.
The Analogy Of Magellan
        This is a flexible analogy and very useful for our purposes. Magellan once landed on a very primitive island. He anchored his very tall ship out in the sea and rowed to shore. The natives he met had been exposed only to their own canoes, so the rowboats landing on the shore were not an alien idea. The natives could, therefore, perceive them for what they were. However, that tall masted ship anchored at sea was something very alien to the native's reality. They literally could not perceive it.
 After Magellan worked with the shamans or holy people of the society, the shamans were eventually able to energetically assist the community to see the ship that was anchored there all along. It was simply a matter of introducing new concepts, ideas, and a new vibrational expansiveness into their framework of reality.
Preparing For A Reality Shift
        What has been happening on Earth is that many of us are like Magellan and the shamans. We've been introducing to you new ideas and reality frameworks so that you will expand your vibrational reality to such a point that you will begin seeing what has been here all along. We want to make it clear that you are preparing for a reality shift, so that what was there all along will finally be perceived by you.
        So, it is not so much that we are going to gradually start meeting you more frequently, or anything like that. It is rather that your own perceptions of reality are going to begin shifting and changing to the point where extraterrestrial contact will start to be recognized as having been there all along. This is already happening.
        That is why there are so many awakenings of contact memories now. It is not because they are increasing; it is not because the ETs are telling you it is time to remember. It is simply because your consciousness is expanding and able to encompass new realities, which include extraterrestrial contact. This is the nature of the evolution of human consciousness and the evolution of the brain itself.
You Have Often Dreamed Of Contact With Other Beings
        Throughout mankind's history he has always dreamed of contact with other beings, whether they be angels, devas or messengers from God. This has been a way for the forces, to which you are normally closed, to channel through you and make their presence known. However, during the last 50 years, as the acceleration has begun on Earth, and as you are moving into the evolutionary stage where you must now embrace the reality of other beings outside of yourselves, the pressure is building. Your consciousness now needs to perceive these communications that have been coming to you all along.
        Many of you on Earth now are receivers for some of this natural communication coming to you from other realms of consciousness. Those of you who are receiving now are the pioneers. In a way, you are paving the way for those after you.
The Role Of Your Government
        One last thing. All of you recognize the great compartmentalization within your government. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. There are some segments that have ET information and some segments trying to get it. We suggest to you that the state of your individualized consciousness is a microcosm of the entire dynamic that is occurring on Earth. The way your government is compartmentalized is exactly the same way your consciousness sees the situation.
        Your government has standard propaganda that it repeats to the public. They claim that national security must be upheld. They maintain a belief that there are always enemies out to get you. Those are the data blocks through which your government sees reality. On the unconscious level of the government organism is the knowledge of what is really going on. This is blocked information that refers primarily to ancient extraterrestrial encounters from before-recorded history.
        So you see, your government as a structure is going to deal with ET contact in the same way that you as an individual will deal with it psychologically. You will either compartmentalize and keep secrets from other levels of yourself, or eventually there will be a desire to seek wholeness.
        The government is not responsible for the reality of secrecy you are experiencing. It's just doing the job you gave it to do. YOU are responsible for the reality of the government. As you all change individually within yourselves and open up channels through which you can integrate, the structure of the government must change because it is a reflection of you.
        Many of you upon your world have been wringing your hands and looking forward to the day when your government is finally going to crack and reveal all the information that has been under wraps for decades. That day may not be quite the way you envision it. In fact, that day will only come if you as a people bring it about. YOU must make it happen.
The Importance Of Integration
        Your personal integration, as you prepare for ET contact and as you acknowledge its existence, is crucial. It is one of the most important things in the entire extraterrestrial phenomenon. Measuring the size of the ships and what color lights they flash is all peripheral. The most important thing is how this phenomenon changes your consciousness. As your consciousness changes, reality itself changes. If you want a different reality regarding ET contact, then you must change yourself.
        You are not alone. There are thousands of us who have gone through our own evolutionary process similar to yours. We will hold your hand, but we aren't going to do it for you. You must take the first step in understanding your human galactic heritage. It is time for us to build a bridge upon which we can meet. It all starts with you.
Recommended reading by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest
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