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From Vibration to Community -- TwelveSpirit

Twelve Insight Journal
September 16, 2012

Guest: I’m interested in creating as a form of community – what is the importance of close relationships in creating our experience?

You each have a sort of community that follows you about throughout your life experience that is comprised of your thoughts, beliefs, and the accumulation of events, people, places, things that make up that experience. And each element of this entourage is alive, at least in a spiritual sense, if not actually showing signs of physical life…like your car, for example. The same process that brings you your living co-creators brings all the elements of your life experience to you. So it’s really fair, in the Native American sense, to look at all things as living expressions of spirit.

You are already floating in this community, even those of you who are feeling some degree of isolation from human companionship. But your close relationships are brought to you by your strongest vibrations, and sometimes drawn away from you by your own equally strong vibrations. The beauty of it all is that you really don’t have to manage your relationships, you just have to manage your own vibration.

If the vibration you are sending out to the universe is happy, peaceful, loving, then your relationships will reflect that. But understand that your vibration is always on. You cannot sit there and intend happy, peaceful, loving, and then indulge in the gruesome news that contradicts that. You are in a hypnotic trance, and everything that you speak to yourself or allow others to speak to you while you are in this trance state becomes a part of your reality. The universe looks to you for guidance first.

Your relationships are formed in that vortex of vibrations and thoughts and thought forms that precede all of your physically manifested experience. So if you want improvement in your relationships just imagine them better. Give your friends what they want in your imagination. See them in possession of that which they desire. Imagine things better: Do this first. You energize all your relationships before you ever arrive at them, you see.

The whole universe is co-created. You’ve been doing this from the very beginning. Your relationships will fulfill you to the degree that you have conceived of them first and then allowed the universe to fill in the parts. If you haven't consciously conceived of them, then you are just a bit actor in somebody else’s play. If you don’t consciously create your life experience someone else will do it for you.




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