Monday, August 20, 2012

Vibrational Stance -- Abe

So when you say to someone not just "I LOVE you," you say to them, "I LOVE loving you. It is MY pleasure. I am loving myself as greatly as I could ever love by my love for you. I need NOTHING back from you in return. It is MY focus upon YOU and the way it FEELS as I focus it. It's MY focus upon you, future creation of mine, future empire that I am building, future job that I'm working on, future whatever it is that I'm gathering. It's my love and appreciation, that YOU EXIST as an object of attention to which I can give my undivided attention, my undivided attention as I PURR myself into ALIGNMENT.

Don't you LOVE that you have the ability to focus? Don't you LOVE that you have the ability to think and feel and then make an adjustment if the thought didn't feel good? Don't you love knowing that you can change the thought without the person that you're thinking about changing ANYTHING? Doesn't it give you complete POWER to know that you can LOVE SOMEONE that you have formerly not loved, without them changing ANYTHING whatsoever? Don't you love the POWER to love, you see?

That's what this is all about. This isn't about creating STUFF. This is about purposely creating a vibrational STANCE so that you're in alignment, not just with the THINGS that you that are lined up with in your Vortex, but with the Source Energy that is posed and flowing through you at all moments. You see, more than the stuff you want, you want the clarity of your Inner Being flowing with you, in this moment, feeding thoughts to you and REVELING in the PERFECTION of this life and this moment in time, right here and now, out here on this Leading Edge.

That's what you want. You think the stuff will take you there, but it won't. Take yourself there, and then the stuff will come, lots of stuff will come. So much stuff will come, you'll want an airplane hangar to keep it all in. (Laughter) So much STUFF will come, but it's not about the stuff, and it's not even about the work, and it's not even about the money. Those are just EXCUSES to TUNE yourself to the RHYTHM of who you really are, you see.



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