Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Storm of Duality - Kryon

(36) QUESTION: Dear Kryon: Many cultures and religions have a myth explaining the dark side of the Universe. You told us that there's no evil side, but instead, creations of the Human Being. So would these collective myths be part of our DNA (collective DNA) created by us, as divine beings, to facilitate the duality experience? How can we overcome or change this setup?

ANSWER: Think of it in this way: The setup can't change. It facilitates duality, which is needed for the test. The question should be: "How can we see past the duality and deal with it?" Consider it a staple of your challenge, and instead of trying to void it, contain and conquer it. In this mixture, include fear, for it's the brother of duality.

When you have a storm, you don't try to find out what caused it and eliminate the source, since the source is the system of atmosphere all around you and also sustains you. It's impossible to get rid of the source of storms without destroying the system. Instead, you build lighthouses and ships or buildings that can withstand the force. That's when you're safe, peaceful, and feel you've contained it... when your personal life is no longer affected. The storm rages on, and so will duality. But the lighthouse was built for storms, and feels very calm about the whole life experience.

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Kryon - The End Times: New Information for Personal Peace
by Lee Carroll




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