Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Your defined field of light ~ Pleiadian Portal of Light

as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
for Sedona Journal

We are a portal of light within the Pleiadian Star System a crystalline beacon that allows you entrance into our place of space and time where light can bend and pulses knowledge and wisdom to all who enter our door. We are as a crystalline stargate that houses codes of light that have been held captive and seek to be completed by those that have a yearning in their heart for our energy.

We have always existed as light. We can be nothing but the expression of light. We herald from the suns behind the suns, the light behind the light. We are your reflection as we are your beginning. We are all that has ever existed and all that has been birthed into form throughout time.

We are referred to throughout text as the Great Beings from the Pleiades that escorted humanity into a higher echelon and a ladder of genetic difference. We come forth to reflect to you portions of yourself that have been hidden within your own human shadow. We come to reflect to you the trueness of your beauty and of your abilities that you see not as you are caught up in the whirlwind of healing, of fixing, of deleting, of letting go, of releasing.

You each represent a universe, a universe that has had amnesia and has forgotten that it is a universe. Your body holds within it trillions of galaxies and constellations that represent all of the livingness that you have incarnated as. Your earth is a host to all of these millions of universes that expedite themselves into fullness of being and fullness of remembrance. There is not a mere meek mortal within all of earth’s structure. As in all existence there are black holes, white holes and blue holes. There are red giants, brown dwarfs. There are hot stars; there are cool stars. There are energies that are friendly to their environment and energies that wish to destroy their environment.

You are galactic beings of unimagined proportion. As the universe that you are and were birthed to become, it is time to tie up the loose ends and cut away the frills of being stationary and inept in your so-called humanness. The light that comes forth emanating and radiating from your daystar – the Sun -- is from deep in the Pleiades. We shone in Atlantis, in Lemuria, and in Ancient Egypt. We were the light that was worshipped by the Mayans. The Anastazi and Sumerians alike knew our warmth. We have been known throughout civilizations that go beyond your records of time and stone. The Light of the Pleiades reaches down and gently gathers you. It gathers every iota of you that is fractured. It gathers DNA that is thin and frail and it makes it strong and vibrant. It gathers cells of sadness and it brings them joy. It gathers all parts of you into a point that can only begin creation. It is a point of love.

It is this energy that comes and escorts you into more than what you have ever experienced or ever thought possible. You must secede from the union of all that you have known to be limitations and become a sovereign nation of light unto yourselves. No longer can you wait on your city, your councils, your family, your town, and your government to become unified. You are a complete entity onto your self. You are a complete unified field of light onto your self. There is nothing that is fractured or broken within your existence except, as you perceive it to be. You must step back from the pain and the isolation and look fully at who and what you represent.

You are each here as Emissaries of Light, as Ambassadors of the Creator You are not here to putt about, to grow frail and old and diseased in your body. You are here to grasp completion and see in totality – why you have existed at all. It is through this particle acceleration and unified field of light that you are birthed into totality. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish. There is nothing that you cannot create. There is nothing that you cannot heal. You effect and affect everything. Everything in your world hears you.

You are beings that have forgotten their vastness. If you are to save this world as you have so incarnated to do, you must begin with yourself. You are not a victim to anything and to anyone unless you decree it is so. There is nothing that can harm you, there is nothing that can destroy you, there is nothing that can take from you – for you are the center of the universe in human form. You have forgotten the totality of your being. Wake up to who you are.

Speak as a God. Think as a God. Become as a God. Allow not the distractions of your day, of your humanness, of your body to own you and enslave you in such a fashion that it belittles the very creation of who you are. Step outside of the body and observe it as a vehicle that you instruct, a vehicle that transports you through space and time in every way and in every thought.

Where your thoughts are is where you dwell, look at it as your creation address. This address then becomes your quantified universe and defined field of light. Redefine who you are to yourself and then it will follow as the day and the night that you are re-defined in every cell of your body, in every level of your life, and in every document that has ever recorded your life, your birth, and your death. You are the center of the universe. Do not take that lightly. For where you stand in your thinking, in your self, in your construction of circumstances -- ripples out through all existence. It affects your past and present and your future, for all is connected.



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