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Reality Quake -- Gaia, Pepper Lewis

Reality Quaking
Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

Q: A dear friend of mine has been stricken with panic since reading a dire warning about devastating earthquakes that are due to strike California. Another friend sent me an email about the U.S. economy collapsing completely and resulting in hunger, violence, etc. Apparently, the 'prophet' dreamed that it would be so and decided to post it on Facebook. Needless to say, the predicted date passed without incident, but not before spreading fear like a wildfire. It amazes me that there are so many doomsday predictions and that people are taking them seriously. Where is our common sense?

Common sense would be more common if people actually shared the senses that they have in common with one another including intuitive abilities, telepathic sequencing, intellectual (reasoning) faculties and collective consciousness. All of these are based upon humanity's natural understanding of itself. Common sense is the actual place in which all of the senses come together. This sense data is then processed and immediately made available to the individual, whose perception fulfills the next function. Individuals have different common sense based upon what their own personal and social experience has shown them. Once all of the various sensations have been categorized they are ready to be passed on to the group or collective consciousness. Currently, the term common sense refers to beliefs or propositions that most people would consider prudent and sound, without reliance on esoteric knowledge, study or research. So why do so many people take doomsday predictions seriously?

The simple truth is that humanity believes in the possibility of its own extinction. It has witnessed and even participated in the extinction of other earth life forms and has studied a variety of probable theories for the extinction of some of its own ancestors. Your holy books suggest that both natural and unnatural forces have or have had power over you, and that you must struggle to make your way in life. Scripture common to a variety of religions also tells of celestial beings that work tirelessly on your behalf, defending and upholding your will in this life and beyond. Humans are the only beings on earth who know that they will die, and you have come to expect that disease, old age or an unforeseen catastrophe will one day take you elsewhere. This being a time of unprecedented change, it is not surprising that you are searching for precautions and preparations.


Humanity's collective cellular memory has retained records of every event in its history, including those that might be called doomsday events. A doomsday event is a specific, plausibly verifiable or hypothetical occurrence, which has an exceptionally destructive effect on the human race. Hypothetical doomsday events include major disruptions in human civilization, extinction of human life, destruction of planet Earth and even the annihilation of the entire universe. More than 50% of you believe that at least one of these scenarios is possible, and an even greater percentage believe that such an event would likely be man-made. Doomsday scenarios can be divided into three major categories, natural occurrences, man-made scenarios and supernatural events.

Natural occurrences might include a global pandemic, a geological event, a gamma ray burst or other devastating cosmic radiance, an abrupt reorientation of Earth's axis of rotation, a drastic increase or decrease in the Sun's power output, an impact event such as a collision with a large meteoroid, asteroid or comet, a sudden change in the physical constants that govern the universe, the close approach of a black hole, severe climate change and more. A smattering of man-made events to consider include the over depletion of important and necessary planetary resources, a nuclear, chemical or biological war, a cybernetic revolt, unchecked global warming, particle collision based upon failed Hadron collider tests (or other large-scale colliders) and more. Supernatural events consist of all other possibilities that cannot be explained or included in the previous two categories, such as an act of divine retribution or purification as might be inspired by the Last Judgment or other religious circumstance.

Arguments for and against doomsday scenarios are almost as old as the earth, but rise and fall in popularity in accordance with empirical data, religious doctrine, archaeological discoveries, predictions and postulations, changes in calendar count, and spiritual or mystical beliefs. Humanity's is currently experiencing a moment of heightened sensitivity in this regard and its excitement and anxiety will continue to rise into the foreseeable future. The branch of philosophy most concerned with this phenomenon is appropriately named, Eschatology, which is the study of what is believed to be the final events in the history of the world, or the ultimate destiny of humanity, also referred to as the end of the world or the end of days. Interestingly, mystical traditions see the end of the world metaphorically, as the end of ordinary reality and the reunion with the Divine. By contrast, the ultimate destiny of humanity is taught by many traditional religions as an actual future event(s) that has been prophesied in sacred texts.

Distinctions in historical periods and measurements of time have also contributed to differences in theological significance. In mystical traditions the end of time relates to escaping confinement within a given reality. Some religions, on the other hand, whose interpretations are more literal, believe in the physical destruction of the planet and/or all living things upon it. A related and more modern belief system, apocalypticism, which includes both religious and secular followers, believes in a violent disruption and destruction of the world and in the consummation, perfection and creation of the next world. Such beliefs generally include the human race surviving in some new form, and in a new age.


Today, the 2012 phenomenon has taken center age, and for at least the next few years any challenge or mystery associated with human life on earth will in some way be attributed to the 2012 phenomenon. Basically, the 2012 phenomenon consists of a range of beliefs and proposals that suggest that one or more transformative events will occur in the year 2012, with an emphasis upon December 21st (winter solstice) as the most significant day of the year. The 2012 phenomenon is not new and has been a part of human archaeoastronomical speculation since at least 3113 BCE, approximately measured in astronomical years. December 21st, 2012 is the last day of the fourth world in the Mayan Long Count calendar, the end of a 5,125-year cycle. Other pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures used similar calendars, and had alternate beliefs about the calendar's creation and purpose. Some of these include mythical creation dates, numerological constructions, and prophecies from extraterrestrial beings.

The Mayan calendar included calendars and almanacs that were used to determine what day it was, whether it was a civil or ceremonial (divine) day, what god ruled the day, and how well the crops might fare in a given cycle. It is important to note that the Mayan calendar, as it is called today did not originate with the Maya, but with their ancestors, the Toltec and the ones before them as well. One version of the calendar took into account not only the date, but also the influence of time upon the linear relationship with respect to the distant past and the far future. From a mythical starting point (origination), the calendar was capable of referring to, or predicting with great accuracy, the relationship of any one date to another, or to the calendar itself. That is how they arrived at December 21st as the End of the Fifth World. The Maya also kept track of lunar cycles and the cycles of other planets, most specifically that of Venus.

The Mayan culture and calendar has been a grand teacher for humanity, and a specific point of reference for spiritualists, New Age thinkers, futurists, and other students of life. The New Age interpretation of the 2012 phenomenon is strongly rooted in the Mayan culture, but divided in their beliefs. While some believe that the earth and its inhabitants (some or all) will undergo a physical and spiritual transformation that will mark the beginning of new era, others believe that the 2012 date marks the beginning of a destructive and apocalyptical time of great change in which humanity is further divided, challenged, adversely by nature and other forces, and vastly reduced in number. Both ideas continue to proliferate, producing offspring theories and conjectures that perplex, mystify and frighten logical thinkers and irrational theorists alike. Interestingly, the classic Mayan calendar does not suggest or predict impending doom or specific catastrophes of any kind. Even among modern Mayans there is little universal agreement about what, if anything, the date might mean or bring.

Attempts by academics such as astronomers and natural scientists to dispel 2012 theories and rumors have been almost completely unsuccessful. Contemporary mainstream scholars continue to reject apocalyptic forecasts, arguing that the date is largely irrelevant and that acceptable or available source material is scarce, contradictory and unsubstantiated. The intellectually elite liken fears about 2012 to those that surfaced around the year 2000, citing this reference as an adequate analysis of the phenomenon, and yet the phenomenon persists. Why?


Human evolution is largely based upon physical and psychological adaptation; a relativistic concept that explains collective leaps in consciousness as well as new eras or ages. Adaptation leads to changes in both belief and behavior, and assists humanity to push beyond the limits of rationality, which in turn allows humanity to solve recurrent questions about human ancestry and current problems of an environmental nature. Behaviors and emotions that are universal or at least cross-cultural tend to reflect the greatest results. Therefore, when large groups of humans begin to believe and act in new and different ways, even irregular and erratic ones, a new genetic and biological material is born, whose cognition leads to the expansion of all things, including a deeper understanding of the world(s) one lives in, the size and scope of the universe, and the individual's relationship to All That Is.

The ongoing effect of Hubble telescope's representations of the universe upon humanity is a living example of this adaptation principle. Consider for a moment how your view of the cosmos has changed. Hubble has taught humanity that extra-solar planets are quite common, and has put to rest the idea that our Sun is unusual in having planets. In fact, it would be fair to say that the earth is a relatively ordinary planet orbiting a relatively ordinary star in an ordinary galaxy, one of countless others in this universe within an even greater multiverse that will one day merge with the omniverse. Humanity has learned that it is not simply a privileged observer of the universe. It is part of the earth's biosphere, not above it, beneath it or unique to it. This understanding is an important key to other upcoming leaps in consciousness and evolution.


The onset of an evolutionary leap can be a difficult and inconsistent time for humanity. It creates large gaps that humanity must contend with including some, but not all of the physical and psychological anomalies that you are currently undergoing. A marked increase in melancholy and depression is one, as is a decrease in the stability of present-day and past memory recall, physical and/or sexual orientation, a worrisome concern for one's physical surroundings, a general sense of lack of everything from wellness to physical and economic resources, a bleak or obscure outlook of the future, increased fear, anxiety, and even panic over the normal challenges of life. While these are no more than symptoms of change, they are nonetheless taxing upon the central nervous system and upsetting to the personality self.

Evolutionary leaps also spark changes in the nature and structure of reality. Reality is what you call your existence upon the earth. It consists of everything that exists in your life or happens to you. Your reality allows you to feel authentic and alive. During an evolutional leap the future of your (this) reality is possible, but not necessarily probable, because you are simultaneously exploring other timelines, dimensions and potentials for growth. When the certainty of one future is not guaranteed other futures exist as possibilities. They become real, exist in the same moment as you do and operate under the same variable laws as you do. This is a very accurate description of what you are presently undergoing, and why the sky is the limit where your uncertainties are concerned.

Those with an ability to 'see' beyond the ordinary, as well as those who channel, interpret, or otherwise divine what remains hidden or invisible to others are not exempt from the pitfalls and gaps that exist in the present moment. This includes oracles, clairvoyants, mystics, philosophers, visionaries, as well as those who interpret dreams for themselves or others, and more. In fact, it could be argued that those who would assemble under this flag are even more susceptible to reality quaking than others. A reality quake is what happens to a reality that has been overly stressed, corrupted or compromised by another force, natural or otherwise. Such influences include, but are not limited to belief systems, unique crossroads and timelines, dimensions, new discoveries and revelations. Under the effect of these new influences, the first reality can no longer exist in its present form, nor sustain or uphold the original framework from which it was created. A quake brought about by one ore more influences has now compelled a modification of the original reality in part or in whole. The original structure, which now contains less of the material from which realities are made, can never be recovered or restored; it has been forever altered.

Where do prophets and prophecies come in? They are the glue that helps to fill the cracks in the cosmic egg. They offer bridges from here to there, if there is where you want to go. Your beliefs will take you almost anywhere, but it is always best to decide that for yourself, if at all possible. Like it or not, you are now on the fast track in the discovery and development of all of your faculties. It is time to put into practice all that you have studied and learned over several millennia of time. Allow those who thunder and quake that the end is near to collapse under the weight of their own words. Be led if you like, but not misled if at all possible. The end is as near as the next beginning. It is simply a matter of turning the page with an eagerness to experience what is next. I submit to you that change is inevitable and evolution unavoidable. Surrender the obsolete, embrace the new and anticipate the next experience with an open heart and mind.



At 03:08, Blogger Unknown said...

The Earth that I live in and am progressing into is one that needs healing and so I work to help it be healed. There are always scrapes and scratches on Gaia. What we can help, we are required by our understanding to help. Much of what can be healed is healed by the Great Consciousness that Creates this vision of Being.
Conversely I feel that if a person wants to or wills themself to be in a dying degrading world, they will inhabit that one. I will not. I was terribly worried in 1988 that the newly declared Green House effect was choking us. Pinatubo blew that year and cooled the atmosphere for 3 years.
OM in short, we stand every moment at the crossroads to a healed or dying Earth. Or at least an Earth much more degraded by us. I will not be willingly part of a hurt Earth. I respect Beings that are peaceful and resist destructive ones. I call on thinking Beings to help us all heal the damages we have done and most of all hold the Image of a healed Earth. Nothing is happening in the future or past, only now. Smile, feel the Love that is our essence. We win.


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