Monday, February 08, 2010

You Create From Your Event Horizon

What is the connection between reality, perception, creation and black holes?

1. Relativity : "space-time" and "mass-energy"

Einstein's E=mc^2 reads "Energy content equals mass content times the square of the speed of light" and thus places energy and mass on the same level.

People speak of space-time because space and time are so interlinked. In the same way we can use the single term "mass-energy" because mass and energy are so interlinked. Same for "electro-magnetic".

In the physical field, if I am Here and you are There, then automatically a little bit of my time will look like space to you. A little bit of my energy will look like mass to you. A little bit of my electric field will look like magnetic field to you.

2. The Restless Vacuum

Everywhere in the physical field, mass-energy is vibrating between a mass state (particles) and a pure energy state (electromagnetic field).

Going from the mass side to the energy side is a radiation. Going from the energy side to the mass side is a contraction. When radiation and contraction balance out, then IT is just fizzlin' and sizzlin' in a state of All/Nothing, without becoming anything in particular and without removing anything in particular.

3. Virtual Particles

Going from the energy side to the mass side, you can think of a ZERO (energy) splitting in a PLUS + and a MINUS - (matter particles), and then the + and - particles finding each other again, almost immediately after splitting, and canceling out again into the ZERO re-establishing the energy content of the vacuum, which is filled to the brim.

The + and - particles are called "virtual particles".

4. Matter creation

When we "avoid" the canceling out of + and -, then the particles remain in the physical field and we have effectively created matter. How to do this?

a. the black hole

When a virtual pair (+,-) appears right next to the Event Horizon of a black hole, then one particle (+) may fall into the black hole, and the other particle (-) will move away from the black hole because it has lost its (+) partner. There is no cancelation and from the outside it looks like the black hole is radiating particles (Hawking radiation).

What the event horizon does, is thus to locally SPLIT the balanced zipping and sizzling of the full vacuum, and make it into a constant SOURCE of matter creation.

b. perception

Now consider that the act of observation is the only reality. That the act of observation SPLITs the integrated point-state into this AND that, where for example "this" is the observer and "that" is the observed.

The act of perceiving does the very same as the black hole's Event Horizon: it SPLITS the null-state into an actual polarity, a DIFFERENCE between this and that, a difference that can be perceived. Perception creates the difference. Observation creates reality. Black hole Event Horizon creates matter out of vacuum.

So when WE perceive, we are using our own black hole powers, we shift the balanced null-state into the direction of our imagination, we activate our very own Event Horizon and produce just that: an EVENT.

I AM = the "EYE" IS

With Love from the Black Hole Sun,
Koen Delaere

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At 11:49, Blogger Ishwar said...

I really like this article. However, although my concious knows exactly what it means and how to make it work, my ego takes a bit longer to understand this topic.
At the same time, when I think about it... I guess that in a way, I could say that my concious is my black whole and my ego my perception... and I just need to balance both out.
Does this make sense?

At 02:02, Blogger Mitch said...



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