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Understanding Aspects and Walk-ins -- Kirael

Master Guide Kirael,
through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling

KIRAEL: The higher self will usually aspect itself into a trinity created of three aspects, although there is no guarantee of having any other aspects on the Earth plane at any given time. Spiritual seekers normally have at least two of their potential aspects on the Earth plane. However, when the higher self sees that a planet is about to undergo a new kind of shifting process, the higher self wants to garner as much knowledge of the experience that it possibly can. Hence, it arranges that all three of its aspects be on the plane at the same time. At a certain point, the higher self can decide to bring two aspects home to the Creator's Light and leave one on Earth, or it can decide to have all three on entirely different planetary systems. But most often the higher self will focus three aspects of itself onto a single plane simultaneously, forming a trinity light formation from which to learn. [See also Guide to the Unseen Self by Fred Sterling, 2002 Lightways Publishing.]

Aspect Transference

There are many cases in which the human soul energy has completed all it came to learn and it is ready to return to the Creator's Light, while still having a highly functioning body system. In these situations, the higher self will enter a new aspect of itself into the perfectly healthy body. This new aspect will have a whole new set of lessons to learn that will amplify the evolution of its soul family. Thus, if people awaken one day, feeling as though they are someone different, they likely experienced an aspect transference or a walk-in.

These processes can sometimes take months, even years, to complete. At other times, it can happen overnight. A walk-in transference can also occur during a traumatic incident in which the physical body becomes so overwhelmed that it chooses to shut down. What people might think is a coma could be the higher self that is transferring a new aspect into the body. When this occurs, the person has little memory of its past upon awakening from the coma.

There is another kind of walk-in, which takes places when the higher self can no longer motivate its human aspect to evolve. For example, this occurs if a human vibration gets caught in a repetitive lesson and chooses to re-enact its journey over and over. Then the higher self will place as many different possibilities as it can to break the spiral. If the spiral cannot be broken, the higher self has another option. The higher self can remove this non-evolving aspect of itself from the human embodiment and allow an aspect of another higher self to use the body. This special transaction will further enhance the journey of the soul family. [See also Kirael: The Genesis Matrix by Fred Sterling, 2001 Lightways Publishing.]

The Hierarchy of Energy

Now that you know the definitions of walk-ins and aspects, I will lay out the so-called "hierarchy" of energy involved in your journey when a walk-in comes in or when another aspect of your higher self exists either in this dimension or another. Your physical presence is the vehicle that gets you through this journey. It is connected to your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, your higher self's other two aspects, your higher self, your monad, and ultimately, the God Creator.[1] Just above your physical body is your spiritual body, and just above your spiritual body is your higher self-a beautiful journey of love and light that is in control of almost everything in your journey. Above the higher self is the monad, a beautiful ring of light that contains all of your disincarnate soul family. So the monad is between the God Creator or the Creator Force and your higher self. Aspects and walk-ins come from the monad through your higher self, which brings them into this journey. With that said, I believe you have sufficient groundwork for questions.

Q: What purpose do aspects serve in our evolution?

KIRAEL: Aspects, which are always part of your journey because they are part of your higher self, have different levels of awareness that help balance out your journey. Those of you who are going through the Shift in Consciousness are the youngest of your higher self's three aspects. When I say youngest, I am referring to the level of awareness or soul age. If your higher self has aspects that are space beings, say, one on Andromeda and one on the Pleiades, you would be considered the youngest aspect, because aspects from the other realms are generally more evolved than you. They are way above your awareness level here on the Earth plane, because they operate in a more unlimited capacity, having a much higher brain capacity. They are not restricted by the yin/yang journey, and their DNA is more expansive. If you have an aspect in Japan, who sits on a mountaintop meditating 22 out of 24 hours, or an aspect in Africa who is the queen of a remote tribe, it too will probably be much older and more experienced than you, because it will be more spiritually evolved.

As the youngest of your higher self's aspects, you have chosen the full third-dimensional journey, not only to experience the balance of yin/yang, but to age the soul and participate in this shifting process. When an aspect of your higher self incarnates on the Earth plane, it will reduce its power by acquiring the ego, or what we call the veil, and it will use only 10-12% of its brain, because it operates with only two strands of DNA. That's all you can handle on this third-dimensional journey of moving from fear to love. You came here specifically to do the third-dimensional journey, and your level of awareness has been lowered to enable you to experience this duality.

When the time comes for this Great Shift in Consciousness and you move from the third to the fourth dimension, the energy will be so overpowering that your higher self's other aspects will automatically cease to exist in their current form and will download their information and knowledge into you, expanding your awareness.[2] Although you are considered young vis-à-vis your other two aspects, you are not considered young in the larger picture. In the larger picture, you are considered medium-aged souls and you may fall into one of three categories: young-medium, medium-medium or old-medium. You have to be at least a medium-aged soul to get through the Shift.[3]

Q: Is the higher self in control of all of its aspects?

KIRAEL: Your higher self is the main force of this journey and when it splits off aspects and sends them to the Earth plane or wherever else it wants them to go, it's still in control of them. So it doesn't matter if one is an Earth aspect, another is in the Pleiades and still another in Andromeda; all three work with your higher self. Your higher self is listening to us now and interacting with its other two aspects.

Aspect Awareness and Vibration Levels

Q: What percentage of the higher self is an aspect?

KIRAEL: That is a linear question that cannot be answered. Your higher self's energy cannot be quantified, because no separation exists between you and your higher self and its other aspects.

Q: What determines an aspect's level of awareness? Does brain capacity have anything to do with the level of awareness an aspect has?

KIRAEL: An aspect's level of awareness has to do with its soul age, and its soul age is reflected in its choices through many lifetimes, not its number of lifetimes. For instance, an aspect who has spent most of its lifetimes in the aboriginal energy will probably be more spiritually evolved than an aspect who has had few such lifetimes.

With respect to brain capacity, as the human aspect, you have 10-50% of your brain power available at this time, yet most of you are using far less than 50%, more like 10-22%. At the time of the Shift in Consciousness, you will have 50-100% of your brain power available to you; whether you will use all 100% will depend on your own evolutionary journey. If you practice meditation on a daily basis, you will more likely be using a higher percentage of your brain power, because when you meditate, you can tap into your higher self and be at its level of understanding, which is 100%. You don't usually tap into that full potential because it's too taxing on your brain, which will shut down. A daily five-minute meditation throughout the day at different intervals will help you to get your brain accustomed to higher levels of awareness.

Walk-ins help accommodate a greater level of awareness because they are generally a higher vibration than the energy they replace. Most often the rise in awareness will unfold over time. President Obama is a walk-in at the apex of brain usage here on the Earth plane. He might be the smartest man in existence right now. You say, "Well, that can't be right. He can't be that smart, because he wouldn't be making as many mistakes as he's making." He's not making that many mistakes. He's doing everything he needs to do to get this Earth ready to go into the shifting consciousness. You just don't realize it yet.

Q: Are new walk-in energies always of a higher vibration than the previous aspect or soul in a body?

KIRAEL: It's pretty obvious that it is always a higher vibration. Why would your higher self go to the monad and say, "Come on down. I want you to get into this body and go backwards." The higher self would never do that. Your higher self is so filled with wisdom that it will send in a walk-in aspect that will expand your journey and enhance your evolution. You will find yourself having amazing conversations with yourself, and it may freak you out, so to speak.

Your higher self would never send you a lower energy, because it would be a terrible waste of time. It is a lot of work for the higher self to send in a new energy, and sending in a lower energy would cause the higher self to have to spend so much more time with you than it wants to. Although it is at your beck and call, your higher self likes to travel while you do your journey. If it sent in a lower energy, it would need to supervise your journey more and that would cut into its travel time. In the time of this Great Shift, when everything is being accelerated, sending in a lower vibrating soul would not enable the kind of growth necessary to facilitate your shift.

Recognizing a Walk-In

Q: How do we know if we've had a walk-in?

KIRAEL: If you have a walk-in, you will probably gain more brain power. Remember, the walk-in is higher vibrating, which means you will have something to work with in order to learn, and as long as you're learning, you will expand your brain power. So you might know things that you didn't before or you might find it easier to understand things that were once difficult.

To determine whether or not you've had a walk-in, you can also look for changes in yourself, no matter how subtle. If you have something that you'd like to change about you, and you get a walk-in, you will feel this need to change, because the walk-in is a higher vibration than you. You might wake up one morning and find that you like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, when you never have before; or you might look in the mirror and think, "I look good, but I'm fat. How'd I get so fat?" and suddenly you start working on your body, when you never have before.

If you have a walk-in and you know it, pay attention to your life for about six months. You will find that you're growing in knowledge, and understanding things you never have before. Of course, that also means that you will have a harder time adjusting to life, because you will be giving up old habits and learning new ones.

On the other hand, if you get up in the morning and think you'd like to change something about yourself, but you don't do anything about it, then you probably haven't had a walk-in. If you haven't had a walk-in, you will not experience those life-changing growth spurts and you will be happy to maintain the status quo, because you will be supporting your ego, not a walk-in.

The Walk-In Process

Q: Is there a standard procedure for walk-ins?

KIRAEL: The procedure is so involved that your third-dimensional brain can't understand it. Your higher self decides when you will get a walk-in. It knows how you will live, how long you will live, and what you need and when you need it. When your higher self decides to give you a walk-in, it has taken everything into consideration-your life purpose, your blueprint, how much you've accomplished, how well your body is, if you require more knowledge, and so forth and so on.

Let's suppose that one aspect of your higher self wants to go back to the monad to retrieve a completely new aspect or walk-in. Let's also suppose that you have a good body with plenty of light, but you've lived out your blueprint and you still don't understand a lot of the spiritual laws or concepts. Your higher self may decide that you can do more to raise your awareness level, and because your body is still in good shape, it will go into the monad and pull out a spirit that will expand your spiritual journey. Your higher self may also decide you need a walk-in when your journey is stalled because you are stuck in a repetitive self-destructive pattern.

When your higher self determines that a walk-in is necessary, your body must agree to the process, since it is the receptacle of this new energy. When the walk-in happens, you will be moved out of the way. Hence, you cannot be walking around or driving your car when you receive the walk-in. The entry of the monad particles can make you feel the loss of your original energy. Spiritualists generally take walk-ins well, but some do not and will feel the loss, just as those who are going through the Shift but don't have adequate spiritual knowledge will feel the loss. It is not easy for your higher self to get an aspect from your monad to embody as a walk-in. Those who are in comas or who have had strokes take walk-ins easier than those who are aware and in good health. The latter have the opportunity to resist the walk-in. If you resist a walk-in, your journey will be bumpy. There are exceptions to this rule. For instance, my medium had a stroke, and in the process, he took on a new walk-in from his monad, but it was a grueling process getting that walk-in into him, because he was and still is fighting it.

Once the walk-in is in the body, you may still have some of your old light in your body. If so, it was left there purposely by your higher self and we, the guides, work it out for you. That old energy is there to help you finish up and ease out of the prior journey. You don't need a walk-in to get ready for the Shift. Just keep the splinters coming in.[4] If you do get a walk-in, your higher self will usually make sure you retain all your old memories, etc. Every now and then, the walk-in is so strong that you will experience personality changes and even memory loss, but that is rare.

The Effects of a Walk-In on the Body

Q: Can we die from a walk-in?

KIRAEL: You can't die from a walk-in. One hundred percent of your life is controlled by the higher self. The higher self can reduce or expand your soul energy. It can take you out of this journey in an instant, either by death or de-particle-ization. Your higher self has that kind of power. It doesn't de-particle-ize your body, because it loves you so much and wants to give you all the time you need to do the journey. That's why, if appropriate, it uses walk-ins to extend your journey.

Q: What happens to our acquired knowledge, behavior patterns, etc., when a walk-in comes in?

KIRAEL: The new soul or walk-in will assimilate the knowledge of the leaving soul. The transfer of knowledge, memory, and even behavior patterns usually happens smoothly. I can hear an unspoken question among you. You want to know whether the knowledge transfer is a loss to the leaving soul. It is not. That acquired knowledge is part of the Akashic records and is recorded there for the leaving soul. Sometimes the amount of light the walk-in carries, and its choices, intent and purpose are so different from the original soul's that eventually the old patterns of behavior and personality disappear, sometimes quickly, but usually over time.

Q: What happens when the physical body is damaged and a walk-in enters? Does the walk-in heal the body or does the body remain in its damaged state?

KIRAEL: The new soul has the capacity to infuse new life into the body. However, the cells are part of the physical body and whether or not they rejuvenate or heal is within the domain of the physical body to handle. That is not to say that the new life force energy won't have some affect on the healing process. It will, but only the body knows how much it can or is willing to heal. If the brain is damaged and a walk-in happens, more than likely some loss of information will occur. How much healing occurs depends on the state of the brain, the body's healing ability, and the will and power of the walk-in. Many factors determine how much a physical body heals when a walk-in enters, and in each person, it will differ, depending on the circumstances.

The Role of the Higher Self in Aspect Transference

Q: Is there an average number of walk-ins in a human lifespan?

KIRAEL: No set number for walk-ins exists. You may get none, or as many as you need. It's up to your higher self. Twenty-five or more years ago, you didn't hear much about walk-ins, because no reason existed to bring them into this journey. You had plenty of time to work on the shifting process. Now the Shift is close and walk-ins are more prevalent. If you're a true spiritualist, you've probably had a walk-in.

Q: Does the energy of a walk-in come in quickly and fully? What role does the higher self play in getting the walk-in into the body?

KIRAEL: A walk-in could have been living in the monad energy for a hundred years. So, when it's picked to embody, it has to make a long journey to get here. When the higher self goes to the monad or soul family, it has to pick the right energy to get into you. Once it does, it takes that energy into itself and then negotiates it into this journey. The energy does not go willingly. It leans back toward the monad, because it wants to go back home, but when the higher self calls, the monad energy answers. The higher self is never turned down. When the walk-in gets here, even though it may try to back up a little bit, it won't leave the journey for which it has been picked. The walk-in wants to bring all of its energy in at one time, but the higher self will rarely let that happen. The walk-in will come in slowly to give you time to get used to its energy.

Me medium's walk-in is designed to slow him down some, among other things. The medium will complete healing from the stroke he experienced in 2006 in about 2011, assuming he continues to move forward in his journey. He has about a year and a half of healing still to go. He's not happy with that prospect. He wants to be whole now, but he has to learn to slow down, slow down his voice, etc. When he slows down, you will know that the walk-in has fully settled in.

Q: Does the ego play a role in these walk-ins and can it reject a new walk-in?

KIRAEL: If you're doing anything on this journey, it's approved and tolerated by your higher self. That means that your ego is part of your journey. No separation exists between your ego, your four-body process and your higher self. Your ego is the only reason you can be here in this dimension. Without it, you would fall apart. Your higher self has a firm grip on your ego throughout the four bodies. Hence, when new soul energy walks in, your ego is part of the picture. It still interacts in your journey. You cannot be over here without it and having a walk-in doesn't change that. Your ego can resist a walk-in, but it cannot eject it or stop it from coming in.

Learn to slow down your ego and be aware of what it's doing. You can work with your ego, but first you have to recognize when it is active. It is active when you are complaining about your journey. When you're aware of the ego, not only can you control it, but you can have fun with it. Having a walk-in makes it easier to control the ego, because the walk-in is a higher vibrational energy with a higher level of awareness.

Closing Statement

You are an aspect of your higher self as well as the receptacle for the knowledge of your higher self's other two aspects, and you are here to experience this Great Shift in Consciousness. Before you can move forward into the fourth light, you have to get your third-dimensional journey straight and the walk-in energy will make it easer to do that. Pay attention to your journey. If you are suddenly able to do things you never could before or if you are capable of being someone or something you couldn't be before, rejoice in the fact that you may have had a walk-in and go with the flow of that energy. Locutus of the Borg said it best in the Star Trek series: "Resistance is futile."

©Kahu Fred Sterling

About Kahu Fred Sterling

For more than 20 years, Kahu Fred Sterling has served as the exclusive medium for Master Guide Kirael, a seventh dimensional guardian spirit. He is the author of several books, including Kirael: The Great Shift, Kirael: Lemurian Legacy for the Great Shift and Kirael: The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating and shares his messages around the world via workshops, articles, audio recordings, and webcasts on Kahu Sterling is also a master healer and pioneer of the Signature Cell HealingTM modality.

[1] The monad is usually part of the ninth dimension and above.

[2] No two aspects of your higher self will ever come together in the same space; otherwise, the energy of the cellular consciousness would implode.

[3] True young souls are those beings who wantonly engage in negative behavior, such as killing, stealing, torture and terror. These souls cannot find or are unwilling to take in the light that is offered to them.

[4] Splinters are downloads of energy from your higher self, usually containing specific information required for your journey. The scope of a splinter is usually not as broad as that of a walk-in, but some splinters are big enough to be considered walk-ins.

The Great Shift ~ Kirael, Fred Sterling



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