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Kryon on Iran

PAGE 100 - Published in 2007

Kryon on Iran:
"Watch for two things. The timing of these I cannot give you, for this is up to you and your free choice. Call this a prophecy if you wish, but it will only happen if you follow the energy of potential that is here as we speak. Watch for two things politically on this planet. (1) Soft revolutions. You can define this term any way you wish. Soft revolutions in two important countries. One is China. One is Iran. And they are going to trigger a change of consciousness - against all odds - an alignment for peace with the rest of you. Watch for it. It's inevitable if you stay on this track. (2) Then there's the big one. A change in the Middle East, in Israel, right in Jerusalem. Watch for this. The unexpected.* (3) Eventually, you'll see a younger person arise who we have spoken of before [in Israel], although not soon.

It's happening, but in a way that is hidden for now. Can you celebrate with me, even though you can't yet see it? That's what's really happening. You can't see it on your news, but it's there. Can you say, "It's well with my soul"? "

Excerpt from Beyond the veil, the illusions and confusion, published in
2008 - Ariane Publications - An interview with Kryon - French language only.

Kryon's information about Iran. "There is no difference in the prophecies of doom and gloom regarding Iran than those regarding the Soviet Union. In fact, the mechanics are identical. Back then, the Russian people were not the enemy, but their dictatorial leadership was. When the leadership dissolved, you may notice that there was no "end battle." You might notice that it happened from within, and that the Russian people were the ones who brought it to an end. They were the wise ones, and were the ones who took it upon themselves to change history, using the light from all the others on earth who joined them in this endeavor of peace. No battle, no death, no bomb. and the west was left in amazement.

The people of Iran are very wise. Many of them are young. younger than the average age of your civilization is. They don't have the number of older ones you do, so they think differently. And rather than being all radical and ready to vaporize themselves in some kind of final battle for their God, many are instead silently wondering how to bring their leadership into check, but still hold on to their faith. Many wish to create a situation that might bring them abundance and a more peaceful life within their region. Make no mistake. They are not allied with the west, or about to be. That is not their desire. They love their own lineage and their own prophet. But they wish to change the idea that they are all disposable martyrs, led by their older ones who seem to be ready to gamble and take them to the brink of destruction.

They have the kind of resources in that small land to bring wealth to almost every citizen there. Their wisdom, therefore, is that of the peacemaker and the industrialist. Their great prophet taught them UNITY, and yet their governors are seeking division at the highest level. and against the karmic lineage of the planet (Jews). These citizens of Iran are viewing the foolishness of their leadership and there is much fear among them that they will lose their lives and their country. and they may be right if they do nothing. So here is the free choice again."

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