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Psychology of Earth Changes -- The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
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An Overview of the Most Common Systems of Thought on Earth and How the Earth Changes Relate to Each Discipline

The Psychology of the Earth Changes

True psychology involves the study and practice of how to integrate the various aspects of the Self, and to do this, it is necessary to review what some of these aspects are and how they function. The two aspects most commonly addressed in psychology are the emotional body and mental body. The negative patterns within these two bodies are the primary factor to consider when examining what is keeping you from awakening fully to your enlightened Self.

We will begin this section by looking at the barriers and blockages to enlightenment, or what some psychologists call the “shadow self.” This ability to look at the shadow self is a vital stage of personal growth, and it would be completely unnecessary to even discuss this aspect if all of you had fully mastered this step. However, we can see by reading your energy fields that you have not completed this step, and so we will review some of the more basic elements of the barriers and blockages to enlightenment.

The Barriers and Blocks to Enlightenment

1. The Ego

The greatest mental barrier to enlightenment is the identification with old beliefs, conditioning and programming. This is the activity of the egoic self, the personality, the part of you that feels a sense of separation from the whole. The egoic self is a necessary part of being in a physical body on Earth. The teachings that suggest eradication of the ego are erroneous because all of you need to have personal boundaries and a sense of self in order to communicate and function on the Earth. However, as you well know, the ego can get out of hand and take over the soul's perception to the point where the soul identifies completely with the Earthly self and forgets its spiritual purpose and mission. We will not go into an exhaustive dissertation on how to get the ego under control. Chapter 4 of this channel's book, “Life On the Cutting Edge,” does a pretty good job of examining the intricacies of the ego and how to transcend egocentricity. We will, however, discuss the issue of emotional states, and particularly, fear, since this unresolved aspect of the psyche plays a vital role in how souls cope with the Earth changes.

2. The Fear of Change

The fear of change plays a dominant role in the consciousness of the masses of humanity. This manifests in many ways, including denial regarding the Earth changes. The “business as usual” syndrome is widespread, especially in those countries that put a strong emphasis on acquiring material wealth.

As stated in Life On the Cutting Edge, underneath the fear of change is usually the fear of the unknown, which is similar to the fear of death. Yet humanity is certain to perish if it does not change, so herein lies the “Catch-22” type paradox. The psychology of clinging to the past, even if it is unsatisfying and even depressing, stems from the repression of the original experience of the fall, or the densification into matter of the soul. When souls first descended into matter, the experience was so traumatic that any subsequent change was viewed with extreme anxiety, lest the experience be repeated. Souls opted for the relative comfort of knowing what to expect in life, even if it was unfulfilling.

The primary difference now is that change is imperative. The course most of humanity is on can be likened to the sheep prancing right off the edge of the cliff. Most of the human sheep already have one foot hanging off the precipice, or to use a similar analogy, the human deer are frozen in the headlights and the truck is moving too fast to stop. Your fears must be faced, but from a position of identifying with the higher self, the soul essence. The light of truth must shine into the fear in order to dispel it. Original cause issues (fear of another fall) must be worked through using psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and other techniques, such as timeline healing.

Emotional Issues

The greatest barrier to happiness and well-being, especially during the turbulent times now manifesting on planet Earth, involves the emotional issues of the Self. As stated above, psychology generally includes the study of the mind-body connection as well as the emotions, but for the next few paragraphs, we will focus primarily on the emotional self as the main player that determines psychological health.

To review, there are three basic “negative” emotions: fear, anger and sadness. Regardless of the cause of these emotions, they must be loved and accepted in their existing state before they can be changed. They must be felt completely before they can be transformed. Resisting or suppressing emotions is what causes psychopathic behavior and all manner of violence. In a later part of this section, we and this channel will reiterate the two steps necessary for healing of emotional issues.


Most addictions, both what is termed “substance” and what is termed “process,” fall into the category of emotional denial. Life on Earth, as you all know, is very challenging, and dealing with buried and suppressed emotions is not easy, despite the myriad of psychotherapeutic approaches being offered by your so-called experts. Most humans would rather “shop till they drop” or engage in sexual adventures, or fill up their consciousness with new strategies for increasing their monetary wealth, than deal with uncomfortable and “messy” emotional issues.

Therefore, a lot of humans turn to substance and process addictions as a way of avoiding looking at negative emotions. Most addictions offer a temporary “high,” followed by a let-down. The let-down stimulates a craving for the high to be repeated, and the vicious cycle begins. Addictions can be overt or subtle, depending on the level of repression and denial. Many people do not even realize they have addictions. While we could devote a whole volume to the subject of addiction, the reason we brought up the subject is because it is often addictions that keep you from seeing clearly what is taking place and what is coming on planet Earth.

What would happen if you gave up your addictions? It is quite simple. You would be forced to deal with your negative feelings, including the fear of what is to come on Earth. You would face your problems and look them square in the face, and as a result of giving full attention to the situation, you would find the solutions. Yet you must become aware of the problem before you can find the solution, and that is why we have included a section on psychology in this book.

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