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Scientific Method -- The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

An Overview of the Most Common Systems of Thought on Earth and How the Earth Changes Relate to Each Discipline

Greetings, dear Creators, we are the Founders. Before we go into detail regarding the helpers of your beloved Earth, let us reiterate that the changes taking place on your world can be viewed from several different angles. In your educational system you have various fields of study, each with their own limited perspective, prejudice and method of accepted research norms. For example, the events taking place as you approach the year 2012 can be described using scientific method, anthropological data, philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, religion, spirituality, biology, genetics, technology, sociology, economics, and politics, to name a few disciplines.

Our viewpoint, which you could accurately say reflects a very direct observation, since we are outside the veils that cloud your perception and since we have a thorough understanding of many of the above-mentioned fields of study, depends upon the use of your limited vocabulary and terminology. If these messages are later translated into many different languages, which is likely to be the case, some of the original meaning, already lost due to the veils around your world, will be further obscured. Of course, a few of the ideas will be more eloquently expressed after the translation into different languages, as there are some words in other languages that have no corresponding equivalent in the language currently being used (English).

Although much of what is being discussed crosses the boundaries between several of the disciplines, the one we are most focused on is the scientific aspect, utilizing some elements of what you call superstring theory, quantum physics, Einsteinian relativity and Newtonian mechanics. This is because most of the other disciplines (with the exception of religion) can be accommodated within this framework. That said, let us briefly discuss the implications of what is taking place on your world from the viewpoints of the other fields of study. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list and that many other angles of explanation in addition to ours could be equally valid.

A Brief Further Discussion of the Scientific Method

If you are able to carefully document the changes taking place within the physics of your solar system, and within the biology of your human form, you will notice that radical change is already taking place.

Your DNA is not only changing, but the entire structure of your physical form. Eventually, you will become silicon-based beings instead of carbon-based. Your physical bodies will become immortal and impervious to environmental influences. It will appear to your empirically based scientific observations that radiation reaching Earth from distant quasars is mutating the genetic structure of humankind.

You will observe your own sun behaving erratically and producing unusual bursts of EM waves. The background frequency of the Earth will continue to shift. As your magnetic poles fluctuate, your weather patterns and climate will become more and more erratic.

Most of your scientists look for cycles in data in order to explain what is happening. While the cycles we have described are valid and there are many smaller cycles also affecting the changes, the so-called experts will be at a loss to explain a lot of the phenomena being observed.

A great deal of your researchers depend on funding received from sources that would just as soon not have you become aware of the changes. They will feel threatened if too many people discover that the whole solar system is undergoing radical change. Therefore, they have censored and suppressed many important facts that back up and validate the material in this book. This is especially apparent in the anthropological data that is considered acceptable and that finds its way into your textbooks. Below, we have detailed a few of the facts your history books did not tell you in school.

Anthropological Data Documenting the Changes

Many of the celestial events that are scheduled to occur during the next 100 years on your world are documented in the writings of your ancient civilizations (ancient to you – not to us). For example, the fly-by of a comet, translated by this channel as Annanhutak, but given various other names, is shown in pictographs by some of your former civilizations. Its orbit is approximately 10,500 Earth years.

The appearance of Nibiru, the rogue planetoid with a 3600-year orbit scheduled to make a close approach to Earth around the year 2030, is documented in your Sumerian writings. This particular planetoid contains a ninth density civilization often called the Annunaki. They have visited Earth during some of the planetoid's passes through the solar system. In your Christian Bible, Nibiru goes by the name of Wormwood. It has also been called Planet X. Although you have some well-respected scholars giving out information on Nibiru, they are often ridiculed by your mainstream scientists.

Although evidence of Atlantis and Lemuria are disputed by your scientists, there are fossilized records indicating the presence (and destruction) of these colonies. While some of the ice ages and massive Earth changes that befell these ancient civilizations can be attributed to the ending of precessional cycles, the researchers are confused by the fact that some of these eras came to an end as a result of invasion by unfriendly ETs, or destruction and decay from within human civilization itself.

Furthermore, hard evidence of humankind's ascent and fall during Atlantis and Lemuria is made difficult to document by the fact that most of the buildings and human remains left behind are buried under hundreds, if not thousands of feet of silt, debris and rock that lie on top of thousands of feet of ocean water. Nevertheless, many discoveries have been made and subsequently suppressed by your mainstream media (which is bought and paid for by those who wish to keep the masses ignorant so they can retain control of the general populace). Some of the land masses currently above sea level on your world were part of Atlantis and Lemuria, and occasionally, some remains from those civilizations are unearthed.

There is a large body of evidence suggesting that humanoids walked upon your Earth many millions of years ago. These are not simply ape-like humanoids that are purported to be the precursors to homo sapiens, but modern-like humanoids with almost identical DNA to your own today. Upon request, this channel can furnish a bibliography of reputable scientific research that supports our information.

In some of the ancient writings, there are prophesies detailing a future event that mirrors the prophesies of your more modern psychics and seers. Once again, in order to keep this treatise as concise as possible, we will not go into detail as to who is prophesying what, but leave that to you and the channel to discuss, if applicable. We will say that hardly a year goes by on your planet where there is not some major archeological discovery, yet most of them garner a short article on the inside back page of your “respected” scientific journals and newspapers.

Many discoveries show a blatant contradiction to the “accepted” theories, so these finds are dismissed as mistakes, or the data is attributed to faulty equipment. The ruins recently discovered off the coast of Japan clearly show a civilization existing there over 35,000 years ago, yet how many of you hear about this in your magazines and newspapers?

As stated in The History of the Earth (included in the first e-book), there have been civilizations on your neighboring planet Mars for millions of years. If you do research on your Internet, you will find numerous high quality photographs of artificial structures and implements on the surface of Mars, yet your mainstream scientists vainly try to explain these away as natural features. A little common sense and basic knowledge of science will tell you that wind erosion does not create perfect right angles and geometric precision, yet this is what you are being told by the media.

You have an expression on your world, “Out of sight, out of mind.” A corollary to this would be, “People only see what they want to see.” The evidence of civilizations millions of years old, as well as an enormous body of evidence documenting the visitation to your planet by ETs over a similar time period, is available to anyone who can look without bias or prejudice. This channel and others can furnish you with specific documents and data if you desire.

The Philosophy of Change

From a philosophical viewpoint, the advice, “know thyself” is paramount. It has been suggested by some of your visionaries that everything exists within the Mind of God, and that as humankind goes deeper into the nature of the Self, God will be discovered, along with the answers to all current and potential questions. In order to see beyond the limitations inherent within the disciplines being covered in this section of the transmission, you need a clear and quiet mind, a mind that utilizes modern language in order to convey ideas and principles, but is essentially free of the traps, conditioning and programming that keep one locked into a limited perception of reality.

The greatest barrier to true perception is the distortion offered by the part of the mind that thinks it already knows the truth. This is the greatest obstacle on the spiritual path.

There are aspects of the truth that will forever lie beyond the ability to intellectually know and understand. Words are pointers. They only describe the reality that lies beyond them. Nothing contained in this book is the truth. It is only a description of various aspects of truth that are relevant to the coming years upon your world.

In order to perceive truly, souls must be completely free of the dominant “position” of the so-called authorities of your world (and of other worlds). As we move into our discussion of the role of ETs and ascended beings in the drama unfolding on Earth, it is essential to keep an open mind, examine the evidence from as unbiased a position as possible, and not blindly believe anything we tell you or that anyone else tells you, regardless of how many letters they have after their names, or how many years of experience they have. While it is true that researchers with a lot of experience are more likely to have valuable information in the areas of science, sometimes those with little intellectual knowledge can be the wisest in the true sense of the word.

Up until now, this transmission has been largely dealing with the realms of science. We realize some of our students on Earth are not particularly savvy to scientific method. A philosophical and spiritual approach is now called for. You may be one of those human beings who FEELS things without necessarily being able to perceive very well mentally.

Wisdom is very different than knowledge. You can have a lot of facts about a lot of things and be lacking in wisdom. Knowledge is linear, while wisdom is nonlinear. Knowledge is acquired gradually and empirically, while wisdom comes spontaneously and instantaneously. That said, it takes a mature soul to be able to give and receive true wisdom. There are no shortcuts. The truly wise on your world are those that can step back from all disciplines and schools of thought and simply perceive the big picture of what is taking place. Although this treatise will likely be helpful to both linear and nonlinear persons, it cannot be a substitute for direct experience. Only direct experience brings wisdom and enlightenment.

The events occurring on Earth over the next 100 years will challenge the belief systems of almost everyone. The ability to let go of cherished ideas and concepts, including those fostered by science, will be paramount in the understanding of what is to come. Those who hold fast to outdated beliefs will undoubtedly reject this body of work as the ravings of a lunatic, whether or not they believe it is a collaboration between the channel and the entities transmitting the information.

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