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Ascension --Angelic Council of Light

Subject: June Angelic Reading - Ascension Update

June 5, 2009

We have talked about this before, but feel we must speak of this in more detail. It is time. Many of you have been asking us for a long time now, whether or not you will be moving into another realm of being, or, to be more succinct, an evolutionary process called ascension. Of course our answer has always been "yes". We are now ready to give a better picture of what that is and what that will look like.

In what you call your past you have considered ascension to be a process attached to your religious beliefs. Many of your religions have examples of this, such as in Christianity when your man called Jesus ascended. In this experience you saw him as disappearing from your view in humanity and "ascending into Heaven". From our perspective, he attained a vibration that was too high to remain physical and simply appeared in a realm that supported that vibration. It was not religious to us, but a simple example of interplanetary, multidimensional physics.

Humanity right now is raising its combined vibration. It will take approximately 2.5 of your earth years to reach a vibration that will allow you to make a shift from that physical experience to one of a higher vibrational one. Will you still be physical? Yes. The reason for this is that you will be reaching a vibration that is just over half of what your men and women who have ascended have attained. AND, as we have said before, this time your Earth will be ascending with you.

To reach the point of non-physicality, you must attain a vibration that is beyond the ability to remain in a physical state. Your man called Einstein knew how this worked; he called humans "Frozen Energy". By this he meant that the lower vibrations of energy become mass, and thus, visible to the human eye. It can be touched and felt, smelled, tasted, heard and seen. At the higher end of the vibrational spectrum these senses become useless.

The part of you that remains in a lower vibrational experience can be explained by using water as an example. Water in its neutral state can be sensed by all five of your physical senses. You can swim in it, bathe in it and drink it. It feels cool as it rains upon your heads. Take that water and slow its vibration down and you can see and feel it turn colder and denser. Sleet. Slush. Ice. The more you slow down the vibration, the more dense and cold it becomes. Take that same water which is now ice and raise its vibration. It becomes water once again. Raise the vibration again and it turns to steam, vapor. It disappears from your view. Does the energy of the water disappear? No. It simply condenses and comes back down as rain, completing the cycle. It is much like your cycle of birth and death, but we will leave this subject for another time.

You are physical AND you are the energy that we see from our perspective. You are the higher vibrational beings that we see as spirit. In your experience of life in physicality, you must lower your vibration to a point where you are experienced as such. This does not mean that the energy you are disappears, it simply means you are not equipped to see that with your human eyes as they were designed.

This is changing. Many of you can already see what you call "auras" around each other. This is simply a matter of seeing the energy that is you beyond the physical part that is slow enough to hold the vibration of physicality. Many of you are discovering you are able to work with the energy fields. Many modalities have been introduced to you that enable you to do so. Reiki was one of the first. This is a version of what your man Jesus was a master. There are many more that are being used and there will be many more as you become more aware of the energy that you are.

This energy and your physical bodies are not separate from each other. They are one and the same. It is your experience of them that make them seem to be different. You think you are a physical body. We will change the wording to remind you that you are not ONLY the physical body, but also the energy that allows it to become physical. Without the energy that is you, there would be no physicality. There would be no energy to manifest as physical.

For the ascension process to take place it will be necessary for humanity to experience itself as more than half energy, and less than half as physical. This is what is happening as we speak. In approximately 2.5 of your years, all of humanity will have reached this level of understanding. As such, you will be able to experience something no human has ever experienced. You will be doing a process we call ascension WITH your bodies in tact as physical.

When your other models of ascension such as Jesus ascended, they had reached a vibration that could no longer be seen or experience as physical. You will not be reaching these levels, but a level between that and where you are. This level will be more than half energy. Your physicality will remain but you will no longer be able to hold it in the old vibration of hate and war and violence.

To do this it was imperative that your world ascends with you. You will not see it as disappearing from your view because you will all be with it when you make this next step in your evolution. As we have said before, between 7-7 and 10-10 of this earth year, 51% of your world will be able to "hear" these words. When this happens the collective vibrations of these people will automatically begin to change the vibrations of themselves and those around them. As this begins to gain momentum it raises others, much like a snowball rolling down hill becomes a giant mass of snow by the time it reaches the end of that roll.

What will the experience of life be after the grand move? All we can tell you from this perspective is that is will be different, but that you may not recognize it from yours at first. Because you are doing this first as still physical and second with your physical world with you, it will not seem as if you have moved at all.

Many of you will begin to see subtly differences. Your old ways of conflict will no longer be acceptable to you. This is already happening upon your world as many of you reach the midway point in your evolution. War is no longer an acceptable option to conflict. Other ways will be found. There are those of you on earth that say it will never happen because it has always been. We tell you that is not true. Those of you who prefer war will be in the minority and will be diluted into the larger whole of love and light.

We also cannot tell you what it is like to see from a higher vibrational perspective, but we can tell you it will be greatly different. You see in three dimensions: up, down and sideways. You will be adding a few that will not be translatable from here to there. This will be vastly different, but because you are all going to be experiencing it together, at the same time, it will not feel like a big change until you look back at it and see the change from that perspective.

This brings us to time. Will that be different? Yes. Your experience of it will shift to a more "in the moment" experience, but you will still be physical and as such have a linear perspective of it.

As we said at the beginning of this message, those on your world who experienced ascension could no longer be physical as they had passed the vibration that would allow this experience. It could be held for short times and they could be seen for short periods of time in your world, but they could not hold their vibration low enough to hold the physicality. You will not be doing it that way. You will all be ascending together when you reach a point just beyond half-way to "God Consciousness", or what you call "Christ Consciousness". Those who ascended before reached full God Consciousness and could no longer be physical in that experience.

We hope this helps to clear up a lot of questions we have been getting on this end. We know it is hard to describe where you are going when you have no reference to compare it to.

Know that you are loved beyond your earthly measure and are seen from here as the whole, beautiful light beings that you truly are. You can be no less, but you are allowed to experience it as such while you are there. It is a wonder-filled experience and do not think for one millisecond that you should rather be here than there. There is a reason you are there and it can be the most reverent, beauteous experience we can imagine.

Remember, we here are not physical and are not able to experience what you do……….the feel of a flower, its smell, its touch – the feel of its magically soft petals. The touch of another human being. Do not think of one better than another – just different.

It is with great honor and love that we take our leave this day of your time. Live well. Love well. BE who you are in all that you do for you truly are more than that physical body. You are Spiritual energy having a physical experience upon your world. Live it in LOVE.

The Angelic Council of LIGHT



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