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Psychology of Human Relationships -- The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

An Overview of the Most Common Systems of Thought on Earth and How the Earth Changes Relate to Each Discipline

The Psychology of Human Relationships

Nowhere does the psychology of denial show up more clearly than in your human relationships. While some of you seem to be reasonably happy with your intimate partners, most of you find a lack of true happiness and fulfillment in this department. A lot of you have been asking this channel and our other channels what will happen to your partners during the Earth changes. Some of you are afraid your close family members and spouses will not make it through the transition from third to fourth density. Others of you that are planning to move into fifth density have the perception that your partners will stay stuck in third or fourth densities. As stated numerous times by us and this channel, you cannot force anyone to change, especially when you have demands and expectations placed on them by your ego.

Each of you must follow the true desires of your soul. If your soul path is different from your intimate partner's, then you must face the fact that perhaps you will not make the journey together. Consequently, you must face any unresolved emotional issues around separation, abandonment, rejection, loneliness and such.

The biggest psychological issue we observe in your relationships is the desire to control and manipulate your partners. This is often subtle, but can be quite overt as well. You go into your relationships with expectations and demands, and when your partner is unable or unwilling to fulfill those expectations and demands, you become upset and disillusioned.

Your desire to avoid being alone, or your craving for love, can cause you to attempt to decide for another what his or her path should be during the Earth changes. Each soul must make its own choices as to what path to take as the changes accelerate. It is up to each of you to love and accept those close to you in an unconditional manner. This is accomplished by first loving and accepting yourself unconditionally. This channel and others offer a variety of psychological techniques for clearing the emotional body, ego, and the demands and expectations you place on others. You will find the path to ascension arduous if you do not clear these issues in the most expedient way possible.

Listening to Your Body

We, the Founders, will assist you in any way we can, but we will not turn this dissertation into a therapy session. Your physical body is your ultimate therapist because it lets you know when you are in balance and when you are not. Your emotional body is a close second in this regard. If you are unsure of your psychological state, then tune into your physical body and find all the places that do not feel light and happy. Congestion, pain, numbness or discomfort of any kind is an indication that there are unresolved issues. They may be simple and straightforward, such as when you ignore your body's comfort because you are too busy pursuing a mental obsession. You can even be mentally obsessed with truth. If you have been ignoring your body, you just need to become more aware of it and how it interfaces with the rest of you. If there are emotions attached to body pain and discomfort, then these need to be addressed by giving them full attention and then asking for assistance from your God Self and helpers. The psychological healing section below will assist you in this regard.

Techniques for Healing the Emotional Body

Ask to be shown exactly what you need to do to clear your emotional issues. Perhaps a therapy session or support group is called for; perhaps it is something you can resolve on your own through greater love and self-acceptance. Usually when there are unresolved emotions it means you are not listening to one or more parts of your Self. You are in denial. You are suppressing (and even repressing) some of your desires because you have a belief that those desires are wrong, or cannot be fulfilled, or should not be fulfilled.

Sometimes you must return to basics and ask the various aspects of the Self, “What do you really want?” Then LISTEN carefully and attentively for an answer. We are not saying this will be easy. For example, your spirit might be prodding you to work in the cities helping souls through the transition, but your emotional body might be afraid of being in the cities and might feel unsafe. If that is the case, you will need to explore your unsafe feelings and communicate with them. The core negative belief, “I'm not safe,” will color your entire perception of the Earth changes and likely make you fearful of what is to come. When you are in fear, you cannot think clearly and make wise choices. So clearing the fear is an essential step in the healing process.

There are a number of ways of clearing your fears, and they all involve completely facing the fear. The simplest technique is to become aware of all of the facets of your fear by noticing how it feels in your body, where it is located, what it is telling you, what it looks and sounds like, what its texture is, what its color and pattern looks like, etc., then breathing deeply and bringing God's Limitless Love and Compassion into the area that feels fear. This channel has a technique whereby he has you put your fear into a golden ball of light and send it up to God.

When you have cleared your negative emotional patterns, you become aware of the essential Self beneath the layers of psychological barriers. It is then possible to listen to the wise, all-loving, all-knowing voice of your God Presence. This voice will guide you in the direction that is for your highest and best soul growth, happiness and well-being.

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