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Psychology of Soul Growth -- The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
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An Overview of the Most Common Systems of Thought on Earth and How the Earth Changes Relate to Each Discipline

The Psychology of Soul Growth

This channel has a section in his hardcopy book, “Life On the Cutting Edge,” that describes the process of personal and spiritual growth. To review quickly, he states that there is a four-phase process in the acquisition of physical and spiritual experience.

Phase 1 - Revelation

The first phase of the growth process involves a period of revelation or transmission of information that comes into the mind of the seeker, usually in a new and unexpected manner. Traditional psychologists would call this “insight.” Suddenly you can see things in a new light. You have an “a-ha” experience. You become open to something completely new and unknown to the conditioned mind. This is often a very joyful experience and is called “satori” in some Eastern philosophies.

Phase 2 – Disillusionment and Purification

The revelatory period is usually followed by a period of disillusionment and discomfort. The new information will undoubtedly clash with existing belief systems and emotional paradigms. This is where a lot of traditional researchers get stuck. They have become addicted to the “normal” way of thinking about things, and now suddenly they are being asked to give all that up in favor of something that sounds outlandish and fantastic. You can recall how the establishment of ancient Europe reacted when they were told the world was not flat.

If the soul who reaches the stage of disillusionment has made an intense commitment to seeking the truth, he or she will usually get through this period of discomfort with relative ease, but nevertheless, it is this phase of the growth process that gives rise to the adage, “two steps forward and one step back.”

This phase of the growth process involves the need to purify and cleanse the self of all barriers to growth. In order to fully integrate the new experiences, it is necessary to examine all that is in the way of being able to open completely to the new energies. For a time, it will seem as though things are getting worse, because a lot of “stuff” will be coming up to be healed. This is one of the reasons things seem to be getting worse on planet Earth. All that is false must be revealed before it can be healed, and so this stage of the growth process is often a movement away from denial and into a facing of the realities of the “shadow self.” This means examining all the places that have been hidden in darkness and repression. It means shining the light of truth into the darkest corners of the psyche.

The path of the soul is often depicted as a stairway to heaven. The part of the steps going up represents the revelatory experiences and rapid awakenings, while the flat part of the steps represents the purification and purging of the old self evident in phase two, and also what this channel calls the consolidation phase, or phase three. Consolidation means that the aspects of the Self that have rapidly expanded in awareness must wait for the slower aspects of the Self to catch up. For the moment, however, let us stay with phase two of the growth process.

During the second phase, the temporary enlightenment initially experienced seems to go away and the old patterns seem to return. This “step back” could take the form of old thoughts rearing their ugly little heads, just when you thought you had completely cleared them. It could be an old hurt or resentment coming up at the least appropriate and convenient time. It could be something embarrassing that you said in public, or something that brought up an old feeling of shame.

You might observe yourself “knowing better” and yet falling into the same habitual pattern over and over again. Perhaps you have acquired an addictive behavior that you want to clear and know you can clear, yet it seems to take you over just when you thought you were getting free.

There is a lot of residue from the old egoic self that still needs to clear for most of you. Remember, after entering into the density of form, it took thousands of years for you to descend further into darkness and ignorance. Lifetime after lifetime, you became more and more enmeshed in the density of the third dimension. So it is unrealistic to expect everything that is holding you back to magically disappear after saying a few affirmations. It is unrealistic to expect to be completely free of negativity after 20 or 30 years of personal growth.

The world you live in is dominated by negativity. Since the recent Dispensations began, the number of positively oriented people living on your world has increased from about 20% to about 25%. Although progress has been slow from the point of view of an average human lifetime, it has been phenomenal when you consider that up until now during the history of Earth, only about 300 souls have physically ascended. The five percent or so of humanity that has moved toward the light since the recent Dispensations began represents millions of souls that might still be wandering in darkness otherwise.

You have a saying on your world, “In order to go where you want to go, you must start where you are.” This may seem very basic, but a great many of you have refused to look fully at things as they are. You have an image of how things should be and when they do not fit your model, you get upset and resort to various psychological manipulation processes in order to justify your position. The most simple of these is just plain denial. Until you can acknowledge and accept the way things are, including all of your imperfections, you will not have the clarity and energy necessary to make real change.

The second phase of purification and disillusionment is often called the “dark night of the soul” in some philosophies.

Phase 3 – Acceptance

The third phase of the growth process involves self-acceptance. This is where you accept all aspects of your experience as perfect, despite the imperfections. Once you stop fighting with the aspects of yourself that seem to be holding you back or moving more slowly, an amazing thing happens. Those parts of you begin to grow and change as well. This means totally and completely feeling whatever it is you are feeling, without trying to escape or avoid it. We are not suggesting you wallow in it or move into dramatics as a way of getting attention and sympathy. However, you must be willing to be with your experience. You must be willing to give 100% attention to what you are experiencing.

For example, all of you reading this are in human bodies (unless a few ETs have managed to obtain copies). Your human bodies are most likely manifesting imperfections in some way. Sure, you know about instantaneous healings, so-called “miracle” healings, and advanced psychic and intuitive powers. You know you are One with God. You know you have a whole universe helping you grow and evolve. Yet hardly a day goes by when you don't fall into one of those “human foibles” the channel talks about. It could be a sore knee or stiff lower back. It could be a head cold or cough. Perhaps you just feel low energy at various times throughout the day.

This channel has a two-step formula for pyschological healing:

(1) You must fully feel, experience and accept whatever is taking place within you and in your life;

(2) You must be able to detach from your drama and view it from a higher perspective.

Once you have become fully present with your experience, then it is time to expand your awareness until you are able to view the drama from outside of the process. This is the detachment spoken of in the second step of healing. Going into meditation and simply watching the drama of your life as it unfolds is the key.

As stated in this channel's prior work, if a soul indulges too deeply in the first step and is unable to become detached, he or she is often referred to as a “drama king” or “drama queen.” All of you know someone who constantly emotes and displays a great deal of passion and pain, yet never completely resolves the issues at hand.

Conversely, those who detach without fully feeling and experiencing what is taking place are the “ivory tower intellectuals” who spend most of their lives talking and thinking about things and rarely experiencing them. These souls are often called “space cadets” or “airy-fairy dreamers.”

You cannot overcome and transcend this world by denying it, or pretending you don't feel anything, or by trying to go beyond your humanness. Once you completely accept your humanness and work with it, your spiritual Self will give you the tools that are necessary in order to truly transcend the limitations of the 3D world. By acknowledging and accepting ALL the aspects of your Self, you are in effect bringing all those aspects to the table where real decisions can be made.

Phase 4 - Integration

The last phase of the growth process involves the bringing together of all the aspects of Self so that they are functioning as one complete whole. When all of your aspects are working together, you are invincible, unstoppable. You can move mountains.

There are various techniques for achieving soul integration. This channel's “conference room” technique is one example. This is an exercise whereby the different parts of the self meet across from each other around a conference table and each aspect gets to express its view of the situation, along with the airing of any fears or doubts that need to be cleared. Once the various aspects are able to reach a consensus on the way to proceed, real progress is made.

The first step to soul integration involves becoming aware of the different parts of the Self. This is why we have included a fairly rigorous analysis of the emotional and mental bodies in previous paragraphs. The more clearly you examine the Self and its various aspects, the easier it will be to know exactly what each aspect wants. Many times a specific aspect just wants to be loved and accepted, or at the very least, acknowledged and listened to. As you go through the Earth changes, it is important to listen carefully to every aspect of your psyche, including your so-called “inner child.” Actually, you have many “inner children.” Each has a voice that needs to be heard and accepted, even if you decide not to follow the advice of that voice.

There is a lot more we could say about the psychology of the Self, but we must move on at this time to another related subject.

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