Friday, May 14, 2010

Creative Abilities -- Gaia

It is hard for humanity to understand, much less believe that a soul that was created by your Creator could advance to such a point that they would be responsible for some aspect of creation or that they would have the ability to create themselves; in a sense, you might say being a mirror image to their Creator. After all, every soul holds in diluted form this aspect of their Creator; abilities held within the soul that allows them to create. And so, mentioning this to you, I would suggest that you really give this some thought, because telling you this brings forth an understanding but if you got to the point where you really believed that, doorways would open for you that would bring such adventure into your lives that it is hard to describe the joy that you could be expressing, the beauty that you could feel.

It's hard to explain this, but I can tell you I was one such soul as you, created by our Creator and I, like you was told to go forth and create, to experience. Experience was the first order of the command, and as we experienced we learned, and as we learned we built up abilities. When the souls were formed, they were formed in a manner that the Creator used colour, sound, incredibly beautiful sounds, emotions and particles of light came forth from the Creator and danced in such a manner that they swirled and formed circles and straight lines and circles again and compacted, bringing forth all of the illustrations of a geometry that you call sacred.

If you could, for a moment just imagine that. Particles coming from the Creator dancing, forming in essence you. And in that moment, a desire was planted into the soul, a desire to create, to create in a specific manner. Each one of you according to the colours that were called forth when you were called forth from the Creator, determined how you would create. And the colours that I came forth determined that I would create a desire within me to take from others their creations and maintain it, to live with it, to shepherd it and to breathe the beauty of it, to breathe it in and to expel it back out to those who might enjoy their creation. To monitor it. In essence, to take it by its hand and help that creative spark determine what it will be, how it will work, supporting others who came forth and gave the basics of this.

And that is how I was created, and I follow that impulse and I followed it from the very beginning and because I did not come into a bodily form as you have come into a bodily form, I remembered. I remembered this. And there are moments when I sit among the beauty of the flowers, the lakes, the mountain ranges and I observe the animals, the grasses, how the wind blows it and I think of that moment long ago when I was called forth, how I was created, how I danced like the wind that I see, those individualized blades of grass moving on the wind and it reminds me how those particles of my Creator, you might say congealed after they danced. The straight lines, the circles, they fell upon one another; and I remembered. I look down upon the planet at so many of these magnificent structures which, my friends are really just an example of what it looked like, of what it f elt like when I was created. And so I live in this world of majesty. I live in this world of exceptional beauty and I am constantly reminded, constantly reminded of that moment of perfection when my Creator called me forth.

And so on one level I live in this world of bliss. I spoke earlier of how disappointed I have been when humanity disregards this, because I know how beautiful it truly is, and I feel saddened that they cannot enjoy this spark of who they are, and you might say a reflection of that same spark in the world in which they live in. Imagine constantly being reminded of the beauty of who you are as a soul. This is what I inherited and this, my dear friends is who you are. I only wish you could remember the moments of your origin as I remember the moments of my origin. It would make such a difference.

My sight is constantly brought up to the highest levels of perception. I cannot dwell in what could be called the darkness, the coldness of any human heart. I only see the best of what a soul might find contained within that envelope of the bodily flesh. How could anybody think otherwise? And so I left with this command to experience and I worked down through the many layers and levels of consciousness, and I found this place in the planning stage and I volunteered to come forth and play this role. And the creator gods on this level thought it would be a good role for me to play, simply because I remembered.

And they knew that humanity would be falling through this veil that disconnected them from the beauty of their creation, and here I was, remembering everything. And so, when you look at a flower, look at the petals, the diversity of the shapes, the beauty of the colours and know that that same creative aspect was part of your soul. Everything that you see; the harmony, the cooperation, the appreciation, the mother taking care of her little lion cubs, the flowers dropping their seeds to produce new flowers just like them. And so I remembered and I bring forth and I cherish and I love these things with the hope and the desire that it will cause you to delve down within your heart and try and remember because, you know, you really can. Come out of doors. See the beauty. Think of yourself. You were part of that beauty and you can remember if you try.

And for now, this is Gaia, sending you my message of love.

Brought forth by Carolyn Evers



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